Domor National Park in Indonesia &# 8211; Unique prehistoric attraction

National Park Komodo &# 8211; History and description

National Park Komodo is not inferior to other popular attractions of the world &# 8211; Egypt’s pyramids, Acropolis in Greece or the Pisa Tower in Italy. This place is ideal for extreme rest: if a favorite movie was in childhood ; Jurassic Park ;, in Indonesia, you can find yourself on the other side of the screen. And we are not talking about some scenery or artificially created fear room &# 8211; In the park, Dinosaurs live (the most real major predators, melting danger for humans).

Landmark is in the heart of the Small Stern Islands. Part of the National Park Domodo is located on the western segment of Flores Island, close to which numerous small islands are scattered, famous for the rich underwater world. Herbal hills of individual islands and islands smoothly rises from the bluish water of the Sea Flores. Slender palm trees are growing on the shore, and mountain hills are covered with foggy forests.

This national park was created in order to protect the giant ; Dragon Komodo ;, the largest live lizard in the world. This lizard looks as if she came out of prehistoric times. Relic has a better reputation. Often about the dragon say that he attacks people, so he was attributed to the death of many visitors to the island. However, in fact, these warana are not attacked by a person. Dragons of the Komodo, who live on the islands, eat Padalu, as they have a very sensitive silent and feel the smell of decomposing flesh at a distance of 10 km. However, the dragons can still bite the victim (their saliva poisonous), as well as inspire the righteous anger with one just &# 8211; impressionable tourists here better not to walk.

What to see in the park Komodo Tourist?

National Park Komodo is interesting not only by dragons, but also many other wonders. Here coexist the fauna of two continents, because the islands are located in the transition area between the Eurasian and Australian fauna. Many wild animals, such as boar, deer, Timor monkeys &# 8211; Right from Asia. But also there is a number of different Australian reptiles and birds, such as a gray cocadium or tabon living here. What uniquely is worth seeing if you came to the island and desperately want to enjoy the local nature?

  • Representatives of the animal world &# 8211; Especially interesting during bird flights, as they choose the dresser as a transshipment point;
  • vegetable world &# 8211; rich and beautiful, which is only worth the Arnold flower with a diameter of over 1 meter and thickets of mangrove forests;
  • Candy tree &# 8211; His fruits are inedible, but the bold tourists are happy to try juicy fruits, to taste similar with prune or raisins;
  • Domor National Park in Indonesia; Unique prehistoric attraction
  • Pacific Fire Ring &# 8211; Volcanoes of the Komodo, to which hiking excursions are organized, and with a successful situation, you can even go down in Zhero (I remind you, volcano &# 8211; acting).

If the delights of wildlife will be bored, go to the village of Moni on the island of Flores &# 8211; In addition to volcanoes and lakes there are thermal sources, picturesque temples and even a small water park with attractions for children and adults.

Animal world in the park Komodo

Raisin Park Komodo in Indonesia &# 8211; The oldest reptiles, who, as the guides assure, do not carry threats to a person. But, nevertheless, if they for a long period of time can not find any decompanying carcass, they can attack a goat, buffalo, horse or boar. Saliva dragon poisonous, because it contains bacteria that cause death sepsis. The busting animal slowly fades, and a lizard is chokingly observed for several days of his painful death. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that although they feed on the Padalu, the Dragons of the Komodo are still predators, and it is necessary to know, going to the tour of the park.

Free movement on the islands where the dragons live, is officially prohibited. Therefore, today Tours in the homeland of Varanov are performed under the guidance of experienced and very cautious guides who know the behavior of these animals. Lizards here, however, do not differ in huge communities, because the park is in one of the most arid regions of Indonesia. Cost of excursion to National Park Komodo with Bali rather high &# 8211; Paying about 250 dollars per person for a trip to a duration of 2 days and 1 night, however, there are more budget options, but ; not turnkey ;, with a price tag from 100 dollars.

Park Komodo &# 8211; Best time to visit the reserve

The rainy season in the region lasts from November to March, and during this time it rains so hard that this is enough to feed the tropical forests on the mountain peaks. January is considered the rainy month, so it’s categorically not planning to plan a trip for this time &# 8211; Roads blurs, cataclysms are impaired on the island, and most excursions simply not available for tourists. It should also be borne in mind that the islands will have to get on a boat &# 8211; The presence of wind and waves will greatly complicate the situation, and the unjustified risk is absolutely not needed here.

If you want to visit the islands, which are part of the Komodo National Park, select a drought period that reigns from May to October. The temperature here at this time is about 32 degrees Celsius. Accommodation on the islands of Komodo, Flores, Rinca and Padar &# 8211; These are affordable bungalows, tourist cabins and other very simple numbers. The cost of living is very democratic &# 8211; from 1 000 USD Overnight in a rapid guest house near the park, truth, there are luxurious options &# 8211; Resort hotels with price tag Over 25,000 rubles. per day, but this is, of course, on a wealthy amateur.

Domor National Park in Indonesia &# 8211; Amazing place on the planet, where prehistoric predators who lived in many years before the appearance on the Earth. Of course, the reptiles today lost the former power and no longer look so much horror as before, but definitely deserve attention. In addition, it will be possible to see not only dragons in the park, but also exotic birds, incredible plants, acting volcanoes that can be climbed without fear. This is a paradise for extremals, those who do not tolerate banalities and want not to be easy to soak on Indonesian beaches, but to charge adrenaline and spend a holiday on a full coil, for sure to remember.

Domor National Park in Indonesia; Unique prehistoric attraction

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