Donuts in Thailand for sweet tooths

My friend, the owner of the countless number of discount cards and coupons, calls me the other day and offers a choice: ice cream or donuts? Oh, the opportunity to spoil the figure today can not be avoided. I have already told you about ice cream ice cream, now I share information about the donuts Mister Donut and Dunkin ‘donuts.

Donuts Mr. Donat and Dankin Donat

There are and cut donuts never been in the traditions of Thai residents. In 1955, two Americans Harry and Bill stopped a joint business for their own coffee shops and donuts. Harry founded Mister Donut, and Bill – Dunkin ‘Donuts. Step by step donuts captured countries and minds of people, seeding to Thailand. Now they firmly entered the diet of Thais. In the shopping centers and markets sell donates of local production. Of course, they do not reach the original donuts to taste, but are in demand.

Pokenuts and donuts Mister Donut and Dunkin ‘Donuts have become trend in young people. Very fashionable now having a mirror in the form of donat-rings, a bug with a smiling cookie or a key chain with a huge donkey. On the second floor of the Central Festival shopping center in one of the kiosks, you can purchase similar souvenirs.

Why Mistter Donut and Dunkin ‘Donuts donuts are so popular in Thailand and in the world? Yes because they are delicious! Try rings that burst on your teeth, and sweet hares from Mister Donut, donuts with icing and bagels with Bavarian cream from Dunkin ‘Donuts. Both networks compete with each other, conducting various promotions, inventing new types of baking and drinks. Dunkin ‘Donuts For Valentine’s Day released donuts in the form of charming hearts. And in the summer of last year, Mister Donut came up with a promotion with small donkeys in the form of Japanese sushi and rolls. In addition to donuts, rings, balls, Danish, Bagelov, Muffins, and other sweets in the Mister Donut and Dunkin ‘donuts cafe, you can enjoy drinks: Sweet soda, various types of coffee, cervical and cocktails. Perhaps, before the variety of Starbucks, both cafes are far like Starbucks to a large selection of donuts.

In hypermarkets of shopping centers Tesko Lotus and Big Si, of course, also sell donuts from their own confectionery, but their taste is so far from the original. In my opinion, they are generally inedible.

Donuts in Thailand - Mister Donut, Dunkin Donuts, Kristen Kreme Phuket Guide

NEW! Donuts Crispi Crim

But that is not all! A few years ago, the first in Thailand Krispy Kreme shop opened in the Bangkok shopping center SIAM Paragon. As in any capital, Bangkok is carefully monitored for fashionable novelties and various discounts. Hundreds of Tists rushed on the day of opening at the Siam Paragon Shopping Center, where the first customers were allowed to order donuts for free. Therefore, the queue was lined up in front of the door of the shopping center incredible, and the very first happy customers came to the door of the store still deep and slept on the steps. Even after the end of the gifts, the turn remained, because it is so fashionable to try trend donuts on the first day of the opening of the store, walk along the shopping center with a box to envy surrounding. By the way, empty boxes could be purchased in a couple of hours in the nearby MBK shopping center. Even to our office on Phuket sent several donuts Kristen Kreme to and in our village wishing to evaluate these divine sweets. I steadily kept the opportunity to be in the trend and damage your figure, so I can’t say anything about the taste. We’ll have to go to Bangkok, there since the last of my visit appeared so much interesting.

While the whole world is sick in veganism and molecular cuisine, in Thailand you can sway your sweet desires of donutics from leading global manufacturers. Look for them in all shopping centers of Phuket. By the way, while I, choking saliva, wrote this article, found that Dunkin ‘Donuts has opened a coffee shop in Moscow last year. Now even in Thailand it is not necessary, although here is undoubtedly much more pleasant. Bon Appetit!

Donuts in Thailand - Mister Donut, Dunkin Donuts, Kristen Kreme Phuket Guide

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