Doors Korean House

Today I would like to devote our conversation. Doors. Yes, it is the doors that in Korea, as in any other country, constitute an important and characteristic part of any building.

In the old days, the door in the Korean houses looked very peculiar, and they were not at all went to the Russians. In the residential premises, the doors were not distilled here, as in Russia, but shifted to the side. Usually, the Korean door represented a lightweight wooden frame, which was saved by translucent washed paper, and slid along the wooden guide. Internal doors were also always executed. We are familiar to us, and not shifting doors in ancient times could only be seen in the economic premises. In addition, the rich estates in old Korea were usually eliminated by high stone fences, so it was possible to enter their territory only through massive wooden gates. It is curious that it was next to the goal in the old Korean landlord estate, a small extension was often located for a restroom, as well as a conmar, in which they could leave their horses who came to the estate or visitors. However, all these fences and gates were not so much to help in the event of a robbing attack (the robbers here were relative rarity), how much just protect the life of the estate from prying eyes. In general, looking at the paper (in the most spent sense of the word) Korean doors, I often think that their fragility itself speaks about the life of old Korea more than a different historical essay. These doors could only appear in a calm country that almost did not know theft.

And now in the poor Korean houses or in a small rustic lavchon, you can often see traditional wooden doors that slide on a special guide. Of course, the windows inserted in the door, and not a wool bumuit. However, the shift doors, nevertheless, have become rare in our days. It is curious that the richer one or another store, the less chances to see in it the traditional shift door. However, in a certain sense, the tradition made a new round, and in the most expensive Korean stores now install glass sliding automatic doors on the photocells that themselves open before the visitor. Sometimes even in honor of the visitor and music plays!

However, the main doors are probably the entrance doors of the house or apartment. In modern Korean houses, the entrance door is usually metallic and, always, single. I do not assume to say 100 percent, but for all the lifetime in Korea, I seem to have never seen a double door. In it, perhaps, there is no particular need. Korea, however, not so hot, as often think in Russia, but still there are no severe frosts here. In winter, the temporatura usually holds around -5 about. Do not fear in Korea and thieves: crime here is one of the lowest in the world. Nevertheless, in the entrance door can often be provided for both eyes – for any, as they say, the case, and in the homes of more expensive instead of the eyes, a small black and white television cameras are increasingly installed. At the same time, doors with several locks in Korea almost did not have to see.

Doors Korean House

In addition, and exterior doors often do not lock. I would even say that when the owners of the house, the doors are most likely not locked. In the summer, probably, even in Seoul in apartment buildings in most apartments, the doors not only do not lock on the castle, but also remain open at night – so cooler. However, more than once I had to hear the complaints of the elderly Koreans on the fact that both in Seoul theft recently began to meet more often. However, the arguments that the elderly aunt here lead here, when they talk about "Lack of morals", can have Russian to call only a smile. Usually such a aunt says with a sigh: "In our time and doors in Seoul did not lock, and now, when you leave the house, the door must be turned on to the key. Not those times not those. " Recall that these complaints about the newly important need to lock the doors to the key, leaving the house, are heard in the city, which and in the population, and surpasses Moscow.

Internal doors in modern urban homes are usually wooden or at least a tree. It is curious that in Korean apartments I almost did not come across simple and smooth wooden doors. As a rule, the door is decorated with carvings in Korea, and even put bizarre metal handles on them.

However, even in the cities, most people live in apartments, but in their own homes. Log in to a fence-beyond high fence area around such a house can usually be through a very solid gate. Wooden gates have long disappeared, and in most cases the gates of Korean houses are now made from an openwork metal lattice, but they still look quite thoroughly.

Doors Korean House

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