Down head

No answer. I’m looking for my husband for 10 minutes and start to worry. In addition, walking through the forest, crushing his head and not sacrificing the roads, not very easy.

From time to time, citizens arise in the same as me, defensive helmets, carbines hang from insurance belts. They look at me with understanding.

From above hears moan. At an altitude of about 20 meters, tightly clutching into rope swings, my husband hangs. Merchant and Soul of the Company, Fearless Swimmer and Desperate Racer looks like miserable sausage.

– I’m stuck on the fifteenth … how many others left?

… but we just passed by. Searched "Fabulous beauty waterfall" (so promised a guide), which local residents are called for some reason "Cascade British", And they came across this Park Adventure: Ship Pines (for which the Genoese has won Corsica at one time) and the wooden platforms, ropes, crossbars, swing, rope bridges and grids at different heels. People worked on the trunks, jumped from branches on the branch, balancing on the ropes, laughed and crushed. We wanted to immediately join this funny flock.

We were given helmets, showed how to handle safety belts and explained that all tests are divided into a degree of increasing complexity of 4 levels: green – the easiest, for children. Yellow – a little harder. Blue is even more difficult. And finally, black – for real tarzans.

– You will go on black? – asked me George.
– Well, of course! – I replied cheerfully, hoping that I didn’t have enough time on. All all the time was allotted, the organizers assured that this is more than enough.

I dragged a four-year-old daughter on green, Georgeo went to warm up on yellow.

I never saw my girl such a concentrated! She crawled on a rope staircase, like brave ant, balanced on a rope, inflated from diligence cheeks. And never smiled!

– Baby, do you like? – I was worried.
– Yes, Mom, – she answered seriously, looking at one point.

Tarzan’s jump was to the last test at this level and the most difficult. Before us, a thick aunt, judging by the accent, from Marseille, inspired the subtitle teenage daughter with his example.

– You see, it’s not difficult! – said aunt, almost falling off with a hanging bridge. – the main thing is not to be afraid!

She has been standing on the platform seven minutes and held the rope. Tear away from the support and rush to the emptiness she did not have enough spirit. For us grew up. All the green level got up.

– Mom, people are waiting, – timidly reminded the tete fragile daughter.
– I understand, – the fat tend to say. It did not have to go. Get away from the distance without jumping, it was impossible.
– Madame, do not worry, I’m here, – gently reminded the instructor standing on Earth. He had already passed on the radio of a colleague, standing at the beginning of the green level, so that he helped the people at the start.

And the woman jumped. If I had a camera, I would shoot it in Rapid: she flew smoothly and looked like Valkiria. Brown hair fluttered by shoulders. The grid stopped this magic flight, catching the lady in his arms. Valkyrie’s eyes glowed by delight.

A few minutes later, I also experienced a crazy delight, flying 100 meters in a tarzank – the final chord test of blue level. Now the beautiful Mediterranean sea was on my knee, and I was ready to fire and water. Where you have a black level?

… my husband hung at an altitude of 20 meters and swinging in the wind along with pines.

– I’m stuck on the fifteenth. How much is left?

On "Fifteenth" meant that he passed 15 black-level tests. There were no less than twenty them. He was still to overcome a long log, hanging on his hands; People from one trapezium to another and descend on the rope from the height of the six-story house.

I felt that I should lie.

– Left? It seems two.

Again Zagripyev, he moved forward. Before the earth he got squeezed as lemon.

– Do not go there, the woman is not under power.

Down head

But the courage is already fought my heels. I rushed up the Indonesian staircase (almost a vertical trunk with jar-steps) and stepped onto the rope. And then the voice of the instructor rang out:

– Madame, we closed.

How to get

From Paris by Air France to Ayachcho. Before the north coast, Corsica can also be reached by ferry from Marseille and Nice. Further on the car. Rent an average of 40-50 euros per day.

Adventure Park Vizzavona Parc Aventure is located in the vicinity of the city of Wizzavon, at the foot of Mont-Dor Mountain (2389 m) in the center of Corsica. Entrance to the park right on the highway No. 193 leading from Ajaccio in the court. From Ajaccio about an hour and a half by car, from the court – 30 minutes. Park is open every day from June to September inclusive from 9.00 to 19.00. V "high" season entrance tickets are better to order in advance (bodies. +33 495 37 28 41 or +33 685 03 19 90). Adult ticket worth 20 euros, children’s (from 4 years old) – 12 Euro. Groups from six people are provided discount. Do not forget to dress at the sports!

What else to view

Park is located in one of the most beautiful forest arrays of France. Through it, the famous pedestrian trail of GR 20, introduced into the world heritage of UNESCO. It is 200 kilometers of winding mountain road, stretched from the north to the south of the island, for each turn of which a stunning landscape opens. She alone is worth a trip to Corsica. Of course, to pass the path completely, we need a certain experience, equipment and, of course, time, however, and a simple walk is very pleasant here. In the Viczavona area – just that site that is available to pedestrians of all ages. "Cascade British" – also the landmark of the national scale. This, of course, is not a niagara waterfall, but still a very beautiful mountain river, which flows along a huge white boulder, like on a giant staircase with railings from shipboards. Above the flow – a plurality of lagoon with purest water. You can sunbathe, swim or arrange picnics.

What to eat

Despite the fact that Corsica is surrounded by the sea, eat there more often meat than fish. Corsican ham and sausages – one of the best in Europe. Try Figatelli – Swine liver baths stuffed with eggplant meat or cabanage in seasoning of forest herbs. Not far from Vizzavona Parc Along the route number 193 there are many roadside home restaurants with terraces, from which wonderful views of the surrounding mountains and the valley are opening. Kitchen there is simple, without delight, and inexpensive – 20-30 euros per person without drinks.

In Ajaccio: U Licettu. Plaine de Cuttoli – 20167, bodies. +33 495 25 61 57. Located on the hill and all dries in colors. Fed tasty and satisfying. It is worth trying home ham – just melts in the mouth. Lunch will cost 40 euros per person without drinks.

In Propriano: Le Tut Va Bien Chez Parenti. 13, Avenue Napol&# 233; ON, bodies. +33 495 76 12 14. Party – the name of the owners of the restaurant, which keep it since 1935 (literal translation of the name – "Pientsi everything is fine"). Wonderful port view and always fresh fish. 45 euros per person without drinks.

Bonifacio: Stella d’Oro. 7, RUE DORIA / VILLE HAUTE /, TEL. +33 495 73 03 63. Home cooking, delicious figatelia.

Down head

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