Down the Great River

Russian man on a cruise liner, furrowing Nile space, – Bird flying, rare. Our tourist is hard to tear off from a raised deck chair on the beloved beach in Hurghada or Sharm El Sheikh. But the inquisitive Europeans, Americans and the Japanese, on the contrary, celebrating the sides in the sun prefer a breathtaking journey through the Great River. He who did not see the Nile, considered, was not in Egypt.

Most often, the cruise begins in Aswan. From the airport of travelers brings straight on the ship. The next few days they have to hold in a floating hotel with a real five-star comfort. Snow-white beauty is a few decks. Upper – open, there are a swimming pool and jacuzzi, so it is possible to not worry about the African tan: while the ship sails from one city to another, you have time to tan the daughter. The main thing here is not to overdo it and do not forget about sunscreen. On another deck there is a restaurant. Feed well and varied: in one day they offer a rich buffet, to another – high-quality European cuisine, and then arrange a national dinner with local delicacies. Floor Below is a disco with the bar, where in the evenings is never boring: the people dance, participates in contests and simply talking, sipping ice beer.

And there is something to talk about: After all, the ship reminds Never Ark, which only no – representatives of all races, many countries and peoples. For a couple of days, everyone has time to make friends and learn a lot of new. On the last elections in the United States better than others will tell a high African American. Fragile Japanese women will share their kitchen secrets. Shoust Hindu teach how to make big money in Bombay. Israeli Citizen from the former Odessans will pay in a vest about his hard emigrant destiny. We want to do not want, you will have to spend polytinform on the topic "Is Putin’s terrible, as they write about him in the Western press". Well, then a couple of broken Mexicans, distant from politics, will teach the entire cheerful company to the correct use of tequila.

Trade city Aswan

As long as the ship stands in Aswan, tourists manage to explore the city and its surroundings, and the most advanced is to fly on the plane in Abu Simbel. In this place, located 320 kilometers from Aswan, is perhaps the most majestic monument of Egypt. The temple built by Pharaoh Ramses II, cut down deep into the rock, and its facade decorate four giant twenty-meter statues. About the excursion to Abu Simbel It is worth taking care in advance: order tickets in Moscow and be sure to schedule an extra day for it, since the cruise program is saturated to the limit.

Aswan – the city is unusual: here the fertile Egyptian valleys are completed and the desert nubia begins. Since the time of Pharaohs, it was a wonderful trading place. From Nubia to Siena (so-called Aswan in antiquity) were brought gold, elephant bone, granite for grand buildings and dark-skinned African slaves. Modern city also lives trade: Egyptian and Nubian markets are full of goods. Slaves, it is clear, not yet traded, but gold, spices, local red tea carcade, fruit and all sorts of souvenirs – the sea. And prices for fragile figurines, papyrus and clay vases – two times lower than Hurghada. By the way, the current name "Aswan" Coptic means "market".

Eternal love Isis

It is worth getting off the ship to the shore, as with a dozen local "taxi drivers", dressed in galoba, long white clothes, already happily mashed you with your hands. Sitting into a luxury carriage, barked by a pair of horses, you can start a sightseeing tour. Running, he is a guide, at full English tells about local attractions. For example, about the granite career, where the unfinished obelisk is located, who wanted to erect in his honor the Queen Khatsepsut. But a gigantic forty-meter monument (his weight reached 1267 tons) and was not separated from the rock, since he cracked while working.

The stroller makes his way through a narrow streets, past shops with multi-colored strolls (merchants are ready to immediately fulfill the belly dance, just to lure the rich buyer in the shop), past the teahouse, where, sitting on low pillows, men reck out hookah, past the mountains of fragrant melons. On a hill over the city there is a big mosque, from there an amazing view of the river, on the island: there, below, on blue water alternate sliding lightly as a features of felluckers Arab boats with white oblique sails. Tourists love to ride on the fellows: Five people are seeded in one boat and put on the spotlighting along the picturesque Island of Elefantin, past the Mausoleum Aga Khan.

Down the Great River

The next morning travelers is waiting for the sacred island of fillet, where they shot down in the sky column-lotus of the beautiful ancient temple of the goddess Isis. The wife of God Oziris Egyptians read especially: once a year every resident of the country had to make pilgrimage to the island of fillet. Isis, madly loved her husband, was able to assemble the remains of the dead Osiris, scattered throughout the earth, and resurrected him. The cult of worship of this goddess existed here for a very long time: the last priests left the fillet only 535 of our era. The temple is surprising well preserved, and this is despite the fact that during the construction of the Asuan dam, it was completely disassembled and moved to a new place.

Aswan dam itself – the attraction is no less significant than the monuments of the pharaoh dynasties. This is a grand construction (in the body of the dam might fit 17 pyramids of Heops!) Rid Egyptians from constant drought and hunger. In honor of the builders of the dam, Soviet engineers and workers, even built a monument – Giant Stone Lotus on the shore of Lake Nasser.

Two days later, the cruise liner leaves Aswan and go down the Nile. First stop – com-ombo. Past rows of shopping benches Tourists rise to an unusual double temple. There are two temples on side here, one is dedicated to God-Falcon Mountain, the other is God-Crocodile Seau. The ancient Egyptians believed that the falcon wings were protected from damage and other troubles, so they portrayed them over all entries in the temple. And God crocodile was considered the creator of the world and answered fertility.

Still half a day, and the Edfon seems on the shore. To get to the famous monument of Ptolemyevsky dynasty, you need to use the local "Taxi": Retribute to the place for ten minutes. Temple in honor of God Mountain – the second largest after Karnak. The entrance to it is guarded by the magnificent statues of falcon from black granite. Before the temple there is a sacred place where the mountains are symbolically reborn to life every day. Women who are pregnant or want to have a child come here for the blessing.

A small hat in Esne, where the temple dedicated to Khnume, God from the head of the ram, and again downstream – ahead of the Luxor travelers. The ship easily overcomes the gateways on the thresholds and the next day mooring to the shore. To see all the beauties – Luxor and Karnak temples, Colossus Mnemon, the valley of the dead with the famous tomb of Tutankhamon and the Tsaritsa Khatsepsut temple – you will need at least two days.

Down the Great River

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