Draclowskaya cuisine

Romanian proverb says: "What dreams sparrow? Of course, about cornpage". The proverb arose when in Romania began to be widely used to prepare various corn dishes. And the main dish of it – Mamalyga – became a business card of Romanian cuisine. Although other meat dishes are distributed in the country.

The most popular dish of Romanian cuisine can be called MIC – skewers of pork and beef, which is prepared on the grill or coals. Experts argue that all attempts to prepare MIC at home are doomed. It’s all about the art of stuffing, from which the cutlets are made, soak on coals. Michi is usually eating without a side dish, necessarily with mustard and drink beer. The most famous and beloved in Romania beer "Uzzuz". In Romania, various soups are also loved, called the general word Chorba. For example, Chorba de Burte – In essence, the usual beef broth with small pieces of meat, sliced ​​by stripes. Prepare this dish is easy, although there are very complex recipes for cooking chorba, in which vegetables, cabbage and lemon juice, greens, sour cream and pork are used. Transylvania – the most mysterious and well-known region of Romania. Mainly, due to the life and activities of the Count Dracula, the legendary medieval ruler. In transylvania, they like mainly meat dishes from pork and lamb. Prepare their workshops than lead to the delight of foreign tourists traveling by "Draculovsky" Mesam. Especially for foreigners, local residents bake a whole ram in clay. There is a legend that the cooks of Draculas prepared this dish for him, with the only difference that the captives of the graph were used instead of rams. Tasha Baran will crack, deceive the clay and lay for a couple of hours in a specially dug hole, in which hot coals are flawed, mixed with spices and herbs. A pit on top fall asleep the earth and wait, telling terrible stories from the life of Dracula. And then the ram is removed, break the clay case, the finished meat is cut and served tourists. They say a ram in Draclowers – something fantastic.

No less delicious and ram on a spit – a popular dish of local residents on holidays and weddings. I wash your lamb or local, very good wines, or Cuisika – Romanian moonshine of a high fortress. It is in transylvania that is preparing the best and strong tsuik, a kind of a kind of polenki (fruit vodka). And if the Palenk Fortress rarely reaches 40 degrees, then the tsuik pulls on 55-60.

Draclowskaya cuisine

The best tsuik is preparing from plum (it is called – Slovevitsa). Black plum, the main ingredient of the drink, it is difficult to collect, so the plumant is expensive – $ 15-20 per liter bottle. Drylovitsa is stored in oak barrels for at least three years and has an oily yellowish color. However, more common zucchi from pears or apples. Try Romanian vodka as well as Transylvanian cuisine, you can in a very curious restaurant Count Dracula Club, located near Piazza Unery, one of the squares of Bucharest. In this restaurant, three large halls: medieval, transylvania and hunting. In the last of them, visitors are offered sulfur dishes, moose, pheasant, hare and even a bear. Gourmet served roast from bear paws, arguing that this dish loved all the same Dracula. Abundant food is drunk "Vampire" thick ruby ​​color resembling blood. But the most interesting is the local entertainment program, which is not designed for nervous visitors. Closer to midnight in the restaurant there is a mourning music, carrying from all the gaps. The coffin cover installed in one of the halls opens with the creak, and the Count of Dracula himself appears from there – in Fraka and with huge teeth. It comes to visitors, kindly wanting them a nice appetite. Dinner with the main vampire costs $ 20-25. The restaurant is very popular, and a table there must be ordered in advance.

On the Black Sea coast, you can recommend a restaurant "Kalul Balan" ("Light horse") Located in the resort Neptune Olympus. There is a full lunch with beautiful white or red semi-dry wine "Katnari" or "Murfatlar" worth only $ 5-10. In addition to the dishes of Dracular cuisine, they love barren in Romania (infusion of bran), papapashi (cottages with sour cream), Sarmal (Romanian cabbage rolls) and papropash de vibel (meat with red pepper and flour dumplings). And if Sarmal came from Turkey, then Mamalyga – the original Romanian Kushanye. It is well suited to those who observe various diet. Freddie Lukin, head of the representative office of the Ministry of Tourism on Romania in Moscow (cm, shared the Mamalig Recipe. below). But the main dish in sea resorts is of course fish and seafood. In Romanian waters (both on the Black Sea and in Danube), sturgeon, Beluga, Som and Pike. Fish can be caught even in the center of Bucharest. This is how, they say, and passed last year the winner of the World Cartoon Championship. A certain resident of the capital caught in Danube on the usual carp fishing rod weighing 25 kg. For which he received a prize of the sponsor of the championship – new "Mercedes". So faith after that the ecologists claiming that the edible fish was translated in Danube.

Draclowskaya cuisine

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