Dragon Bridge ; The symbol of the revival of Dananga

Considering the special place of mythological dragon in the culture of Vietnam, it is not surprising that Dragon Bridge (Dragon Bridge) was built in this country. The bridge was not just another easy crossing, but a symbol of the revival of one of the Vietnamese cities.

Dragon Bridge in Danang. Photo Credit: Daniel Mennerich, Flick

The abundance of bridges in Danang may well provide him in the future, the title of "City of Bridges". Powerful design joined halves Danang, tight stitching the fabric of the modern city. Among rich selection bridges, perhaps the most characteristic, it can be called a Bridge Dragon.

Spanning the Han River Cầu Rồng it paves the shortest way from Danang International Airport to the main arteries of the city. Although grandiose design sizes are clearly visible in the photos, here are some numbers for a full perception of the painting: the length of the bridge is 666 meters, width 37.5 meters. It has six lanes and two pedestrian sidewalk. But the most unusual is that the traffic on the bridge runs along a huge dragon like moving across the bridge.

View from the. Photo credit: Tuấn Nguyễn 0907.7777.68, Flick

In the evening, the dragon illuminated weight LED lamps are like lights are reflected in the mirror of the river. At the weekend the same from his mouth spectacular fire erupts.

Dragon Bridge Weekend night. Photo credit: georgeekman, Flick

why dragon

The bridge was designed by the American architectural and opened in 2013 for the anniversary of the Vietnam War and the date of the release of Da Nang. The design of the bridge was inspired by the legend of the dragon, the Ly Dynasty, ruling Vietnam thousand years ago.

Why Dragon? Because Vietnam is considered to be the progenitor of a dragon and a lucky creature. Why Lee Dynasty? The fact that Vietnamese folklore, dragons are constantly mutated. changing external ; their images can be found in the form of a crocodile Dragon, cat Dragon Dragon or levo. Also varied and magical properties assigned to them.

So, during the reign of the Ly Dynasty, the dragons were able to influence the weather and ensure a good grain harvest. As a result, we could bring wealth and prosperity. And in his mouth holding a gem – symbolizing humanity, generosity and knowledge.

In addition, the dynasty of Lee attributed the legend of the Yellow Dragon, which was the governor, when he endured in Vietnam capital to a new location. Newfound capital immediately renamed Thang Long (soaring dragon). In modern Vietnam it is the city of Hanoi.

So, this literally long symbol of Asian prosperity has also become an ideal way for a rapidly growing city.

Dragon’s head view directly from the bridge. Photo Credit: James Aitken, Flick

Fire show on the bridge

Every weekend, after sunset, the bridge is preparing for pyrotechnic show. Shortly before 9 pm, roads overlap and people flock to the dragon. At some point, as it believes this Terrible creature, the dragon with the roar erupts huge, fiery clubs and hissing water vapor clouds. The spectacular spectacle equally delivers pleasure and residents of Dananga, who often lead to the show of their children and travelers it turned out here on the weekend.

Dragon Bridge; The symbol of the revival of Dananga

So, it would seem a lucky object of urban infrastructure, thanks to a beautiful idea, became a bright highlight of the city.

The Han River Embankment in the center of Dananga, has changed markedly over the past decade. There have been a lot of cafes, restaurants and non-moving shops. To pass the time before or after the show you can have a cup of coffee in a street cafe, admiring the beauty of sparkling in twilight bridges.

Good to know

  • Fiery show passes on Saturday / Sunday in the area 9 o’clock in the evening.
  • Dragon "Blows" with fire three times and a total of 10 minutes long.
  • On the eve of traffic to the bridge is blocked, so you need to be in advance.
  • The staircase leads to the bridge, but during the show it is overflowing, so it will be more comfortable on the shore.
  • From the Bar of the Da Nang Riverside Hotel, a good review of the dragon head and if you can take a table there, the ideal view will be provided.
  • Following the fire, the dragon releases couples, so it’s better not to stand next to his head, unless you plan to take a shower.
  • River cruises are held in the Dragon Bridge area and from the boat is also a good view of the bridge.

Fire show from a cafe court. Photo Credit: Tai Van, Flick

Dragon Bridge ; View from Danang Riveride. Photo Credit: Booking

How to get to the Dragon Bridge

Dragon Bridge Da Nang is located near the Cham Sculpture Museum in Danang. GPS coordinates: 16.061252, 108.227019

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