Dragon cradle

«At first there were the sea. Then the mountains appeared. They fell in love with each other and gave rise to the oldest state of Vietnam» — so reads a legend about the emergence of one of the most exotic countries of the world, the same contradictory and complete contrasts, as well as its true nature

This legend has many variations. One of the most mystical tells about how one day the sea dragon lacquered Long Kuang took the wonderful Fairy AU to. And they were born a hundred sons. But since the Dragon was the master of marine elements, and Fairy — the daughter of the god of the mountains, the young people could not agree on where they live, and parted, dividing children equally.

Each of the parents taught their children what he knew himself: the mountainous inhabitants began to grow sugar cane and breed silkworms, and the plain — sow grain. After the death of the Dragon Father, the power in the country, which was then called Vanlang, took his senior son in his hands and founded the first local Hung dynasty. According to legend, it happened almost three thousand years before the Nativity of Christ. Would rule the heirs without any problems until today, if it were noted at one of the 18 kings to organize a spirit contest «My beautiful daughter marries the smartest and worthy».

The loser in love from the neighboring country did not sentence this resentment and bequeathed descendants to erase Vanlang from the face of the earth. Request this later for many years I was able to fulfill his grandson of the Academy of Sciences of Zyong Vyong: The enslaved country was renamed Aulak and immediately began to build the walls of the new city of Koloa fortresses. However, overnight, all the buildings were invariably destroyed… Then the golden turtle Kim Kui came to help the new ruler, which even today in Vietnam in a number of other mythological characters: she said that the hill chosen for construction was engaged in an evil spirit that takes the appearance of a simple chicken. And only after the Academy of Sciences of Vodgi calendously caught and flawed the evil bird, concluded.

Chinese folk cunning

On this help the golden turtle did not end — She gave An Zong Vodga Magic Crossbow, who immediately produces a hundred arrows, who helped aulak to win the long-awaited victory over the Chinese Empire Qin.

The Chinese did not bother such a lesion and decided to conquer Aulak — Love affairs again intervened in international politics: one of the Chinese generals managed to marry the heir of Aulaka her son by Chieua Yes, who destroyed the magic arbelt, taking his power from the state of the Academy of Sciences.

As soon as the amulet has not become, the Chinese troops invaded the fortress. Aulak’s unfortunate ruler flashed his daughter, and he himself drowned in a pond.

This reservoir and today are shown to tourists, it is only 20 kilometers from Hanoi.

Cusaria Yes, who betrayed his spouse, immediately united two states and began to rank with true Vietnamese. In further politics, he strongly supported the Vietnamese people and defended his interests before the Han dynasty.

It was the Chieua yes, she proclaimed himself not by the king, but the first emperor of the ancient Vietnam, who was referred to.

The history of Vietnam can be told infinitely, looting among the testes and undeniable facts: Continuous Wars with China, dependence on this country in length in a thousand years, acquiring his own state with the assistance of the dragon (do not even doubt, French colonialists who captured the country from the south, here!). It is she who allows you to more fully feel and understand the modern lifestyle of this state, closely related to its rich and mystical past.

French bouquet

Would Vietnam Chinese, if not French: Starting to win the southern lands of the country, they could hardly stay in China with difficulty. That is why in Saigon, renamed Ho Chi Minh City in honor of the first president of Northern Vietnam, there are Paris Square, and their Notre Dame (or Saigon’s Cathedral of Our Lady), and in Mountain Malate, tourists show a mini-copy of the Eiffel Tower.

Ho Chi Minhine is exclusively going for the sake of historical monuments and shopping, and in between excursions and purchases, one of the magnificent parks is worth visiting here. From the midday heat can be hidden in the underground village, which is located in the area of ​​Ki Chi. Tunnels in a few floors here were dug up with Vietnamese partisans almost with spoons, they stretched from Saigon almost to the border with Cambodia and played a significant role in the liberation movement: the fastened and broadcast enemies could not walk where the little Vietnamese was glad. Even today, tourists with excess weight to climb on all fours on the underground village is unlikely to succeed. However, many entrances and Lases have been expanded specifically for the convenience of visitors. Despite this, not everyone can get on the excursion: "It’s very attentive to find a secret entry into the underground city among a variety of vegetation", — The joke that every Vietnamese guide is regularly voiced in these places.

About the past militias in Ho Chi Minh City reminds the palace of independence — At different times, French officials lived in it, and it was here that the final truce was signed between the Northern and South Vietnam.

As for Shopping — In the most densely populated and large city of Vietnam, you can find markets for every taste: on some one worth walking and penetrate the local flavor, risking to try grasshoppers on the skewers, others are completely presentable and can easily drag your luggage weighing all sorts of necessary and useful things. It is believed that even if you are not a shopaholic, the night Saigon market is worth a visit for the sake of full immersion into the world of modern Vietnamese.

«You will be Buddha?» «I will be, yes!»

Temple complexes in Vietnam So much that in one vacation everything will not work around, and the statues of Buddha occur here as often as the monuments of the father of the Nation Dragon Lac Long Kuan. Therefore, regardless of which the resort you relax, to arrange a meeting with enlightened will be easy.

Among the variety of sculptures of the Buddha is still allocate two: a lying, 49 meters long, is located in a large temple of Bang Tin Ca («House clean Nirvana») on Mount Taju, or Small Mount, not far from Phanthet (40 kilometers), and white stone Buddha, sitting in the lotus position, behind Long Pagoda Dream in Nha Trang. By the way, the height of the statue reaches 14 meters, and those who will overcome the rise on the sightseeing platform (150 steps), expects a stunning view of the sea. To complete the acquaintance with Vietnamese images of the Buddha, you can get to Wang Tau (which means meaning «Ship bay»), where over the cave with the fountain «Three wishes» Smears his thick, laughing and happy statue.

There is also worth a visit to the Amusement Park on Mount Nuyon and ride along the cable car to capture the city panorama from a bird’s eye view.

By the way, if at the entrance to the temples you will be offered some postcards, assuring that they are input tickets, do not believe the local "Representatives" — Visits to Vietnam temples are mostly free.

You also do not need to pay for rides in the park on Mount Nuyon — only the input itself is paid.

Vertical holidays

Beaches of Northern Vietnam, thanks to windy weather and good waves, a suitable place for kaitsurfing. However, in Mecca Kaiter Mui, it is not always possible to enjoy these elements carefree — Things too wish to ride.

According to water-active tourists, a little pleasant in such a catter — You are afraid not only to go under the water itself, but also to fall on a neighbor or swimming people.

Dragon cradle

Another conventional minus of the beach holiday in this country is sifted: due to the fact that the entrance to the water is mostly flat, the sea can «run away» from tourists for considerable distance.

If you are going to relax with children, then swim and sunbathe in North Vietnam best on the Islands of Fukuok or Kondao; On the mainland you will be more suitable resorts of South Vietnam, especially Nha Trang. In general, in Vietnam it is worth going with the baby, because the children here are home and pay family holidays much more attention. In addition, boring children in Nha Trang will not be: water parks, amusement parks, numerous reserves, zoos, oceanariums and exotic entertainment such as, for example, an excursion on an elephant or a visit to the island of monkeys — Here is the shortest plan for essay «How I spent the summer this winter».

Beaches in Vietnam for the most part sandy, with long and gentle entrance to the water. According to experts, on the beaches of the southern Vietnam Typhoon and strong waves happen much less often, therefore, depending on the goals of rest — Only tan and bathing with children or water sports — It is worth considering this feature of Vietnamese resorts.

Swan, cancer and… RAT

No one is a secret that the main dish of Asian cuisine is rice. Vietnam in this sense did not exception — without rice locals do not think their existence. Often in the cafe you can even bring additional free servings instead of bread, for example. As the main dish, absolutely everything is eaten, more precisely, all: not only beef, pork or chicken, but also cats, dogs, pigeons and even rats.

You think this is the limit of exotic? No! A real cultural shock covers at the sight of street food, which in incredible quantities sell in different markets and in any crowded places. Here you will meet and bugs, and grasshoppers on the skewers — Some insects offered can even move… Suddenly someone from tourists such a dish will have to do? It is for this and the calculation — The Vietnamese themselves do not really complain such food. Cobra or Crocodile dish — It is quite another thing, it is a real local delicacy.

Brief list of required sample dishes of Vietnamese cuisine: Hanoi beef and rice noodle soup «FO B», rice «Som» With any additives, rumbal pies with meat «Ban Bao», Analogue of Pizza «Ban Heo», Pelmeni for a couple «Ban Kuon», Rice noodles with seafood «Bans haley Tom» and «Chai» —Rarse paper rolls with filling at your request.

After tasting grasshoppers and other components of authentic national cuisine, try local French baguette —He satisfies the tastes of even sophisticated tourists from Paris.

Vietnamese Spirit

Shopping in Vietnam can be both global (clothing and shoes) and symbolic, but souvenirs from this country will certainly stand. For example, produces a furyor tincture with the uncomplicated name Snake Wine — This is a bottle with alcohol and snake holds for the tail of the scorpion. Non-drinking friends and native you can buy tea «Thai Nguen» or local varieties of coffee — «Nguyen Chung» or «Copy Luvak».

Since oyster farms are common in Vietnam, here you can buy jewelry from natural pearls in symbolic price; Also pay attention to the jewelry and decorations of silver.

Tourists are very popular with all sorts of silk products: in Vietnam on silk products still make a hand embroidery, in addition, here you can buy a breathtaking silk fan or order a picture embroidered on a silk canvas.

The most symbolic souvenir from Vietnam in all senses — These are slippers-flip flops. Popular worldwide shoes was invented exactly here — So why not spend on a new couple of just one dollar? No less famous, but not so practical cone-shaped hat made of palm leaves: if the flip-flops can still be worn, then Non’s hat is useful, except for to complete your image for the Vietnamese party. By the way, why not? After all, one of the most popular social networks is prohibited in Vietnam, which means that you will definitely be missing with friends. That’s the reason for returning to be in silk pajamas and a new headdress and add close to your Vietnamese traveling to the Spirit!

Dragon cradle

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