Drawing Prague Non-Stop

We advise you to gather in Prague, "mobilize", so as not to miss a moment of time and do not regret the lost opportunities.

In the Czech capital you do not have to miss a minute

The easiest and cheap way to visit Prague is to buy a ticket to travel agency. But even if you prefer to travel individually and build a program at your own discretion, it is reasonable to assign concern for organizing travel professionals.

And then, after telling friends and acquaintances about Prague, it was possible to say with pride: "Was saw, I tried!". So, we offer you.

Everyone who comes to Prague is amenable to charming this magic city. In Prague, you can come an innumerable number of times and in each of your arrival to find out something new. You will see the protected corners of the Old Town Square, the Jewish city, cobbled by the courtyard of Prague Castle, will feel the silent solemnity of the spins of the Cathedral of St. Vita and sad festivity religious lament.

In the morning fog, the city of Beauty Vltava resembles a fantastic theater decoration. In the heart of Prague, the old city, blossomed knowledge and trade. Here was the beginning of a local international culture. On the other coast of Vltava in a small country, the city has a completely different face. Here they settled mainly workers, cabins and fishermen. But still a small country was built up "in the shadow" Luxury residence of rulers. Exquisite palaces of aristocrats, monasteries, churches and the cathedral focused on the top of the Hill of Grads. We must all dominate the castle, former for thousands of years the residence of the ruling dynasties.

With the onset of twilight Prague envelops a romantic haze. Illuminated by the light of old street lamps, the city invites for a walk through the streets. Cozy "Pivenitsa" Manyat, calling to go and drink a mouse-other, and then the third fragrant, velvety beer. Neither consider the varieties of Czech beer that you can try here: you can find beer of solar-golden, amber-honey, chocolate-burgundy, red-bugs and in black colors. Many beers have their own brewery, where you first get to know the brewing process, and then try this wonderful drink from barley and hops.

You can go to one of the numerous wine cellar, where you will serve a great local wine with Czech dishes: fragrant grilled swine knee, spicy thick walking with sour cabbage and squeezes.

. Relax and get down

Be sure to go to Karlovy Vary! This famous Czech resort treats not only with its mineral sources, but also an excellent natural location, friendly atmosphere. The biggest advantages of Karlovy Vary include the fact that people get a pleasant feeling of protectedness from the problems of turmoil. The charming architecture of the colonnade, the murmur of the sources, the sweet smell of local waffles, the music of the resort orchestra, and above all this – the affectionate atmosphere of mutual understanding between walking with the circles in the hands of people.

Drawing Prague Non-Stop

Prague offers its guests a variety of cultural entertainment. Any other capital in this regard is not easy to compete with it. During walks, you will probably hear the coming from churches and old palaces of the sounds of the organ, violin and piano. Daily selection of classical music concerts is very wide.

Many interesting performances go to Prague theaters. Them in Prague more than twenty. In theater "Image" and "Latern Magika" You can enjoy excellent musical producers with a colorwoman, a pantomime and inimitable humor.

Prague is famous for both jazz traditions. In numerous jazz clubs you will get acquainted with unusual improvisation and excellent Czech vocals. The number of places where you can listen to jazz or rock music is constantly increasing. Prague discos are very democratic. Here are having fun and dancing not only teenagers, but also the numerous public, which far "per. ". Owners of nightclubs in the Czech Republic, following fashion, hurried to complement traditional dance programs striptease.

. Go shopping

Prague – Paradise for buyers! All over the world, high-quality Czech glass and dining room. Fancy variety of forms, rainbow shine of unusual colors, silver and golden shine, ornaments of flowers and garlands, lace abstract figures on the surface of products – at the sight of a glass store literally disassembled eyes. Handmade jewelry, dolls in traditional Czech outfits, T-shirts with the image of a brave soldier Schweika or (for intellectuals) Kafki, a national wood thread, antiques, engraving, paintings can be purchased not only in art salons, but also directly on pedestrian zones. Usually, tourists are bought in local stores. Everything is in a row: clothes and shoes, leather goods and household items. This is a simple explanation: the goods that in the West have long been related to the category of expensive, here in Prague, relatively cheap.

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