Dream work: how to become a tourist agent disney

Love for films and other Disney products, knowledge of the little things about thematic parks and passion for planning – these are the main criteria in order to become a tourist agent of Media Conglomerate Disney.

On this "Dream work" Travel agents Days are told to people about everything related to the company, and help guests choose and book a trip that will leave an unforgettable impression.

How to Be Tourist Agent Disney

Sue Pisatarero (Sue Pisaturo), owner Small World Vacations (SmallWorldVacations.Com), the leading travel agency Disney, has observed the development of the industry in the last 25 years. She shared tips on how to become a disney tourist agent, and what should be aware before starting a new "magic" career.

How to become a drug agent disney

There is no one-sole way to get such work, and the requirements and expectations change depending on the standards of the agency, goals and location of candidates for the vacancy. Some potential agents consider the vacancy as a part-time job and want to work part-time to plan trips for their friends and relatives, while others are counting on a full bet.

In any case, most agents work remotely and do not represent physical reports to the office. In the US, many travel agents work as independent contractors, so it is important to get acquainted in advance with applicable local, state and federal laws and rules to ensure their observance.

How to Be Tourist Agent Disney

There are curriculums such as Disney Knowledge College (College of Disney Knowledge) and special modules for company travel agencies that will help deepen their knowledge of the directions of work disney, but, according to Sue, the best preparation is a personal experience. To give little advice and plan travel to others, first you need to get acquainted with all offers yourself: visit theme parks, relax in the resorts, try dishes in restaurants, go to a cruise with Disney Cruise Line or Adventures by Disney and visit aulani, resort and spa Disney in Hawaii.

Disney’s travel agents are responsible for feeling that the guests felt that the most atmosphere of magic and fairy tales and received only positive emotions, so they should be aware of news and company trends. It is too good to say that most agents choose this career path because they themselves are disney fans, and want to help other guests to survive those magic moments that are no longer found anywhere.

In search of a suitable agency

After familiarization with the basic rules and requirements, candidates need to find a suitable agency. DISNEY travel agents provide travelers services, booking their trips, and the company pays the Commission to the Agency. The agency, in turn, discusses the division of the Commission with Agents.

Some agencies expect agents will find their customers themselves (many use social networks to promote their services), while others provide potential customers direct agents.

There are a lot of tourist agencies, so Sue Pisatatou has provided a list of several useful issues that candidates should ask their potential employers.

Dream work How to Be Tourist Agent Disney

Fees: whether the advance payments are charged, and if so how much they make up? Learn about any other fees charged by the Agency from agents, including training and train training.

Contracts: Is there any compulsory sales plan? Is there a contract with an independent contractor and how long it lasts?

Support agency: How long your agents work in the agency? (The answer to this question can be a good performance indicator by the Agency.) What kind of support is the main office? Does the Agency of Potential Customers or Agents are responsible for their own sales? Will the Agency provides assistance in marketing on social networks, following the rules and restrictions of Disney? How often can agents pay the established commission, and which payment method uses the Agency?

Commissioner Vacation Organizer Disney

Information about the agency: Does the agency have the status of an "authorized recovery organizer of Disney (Earmarked Authorized Disney Vacation Planner)", and if so, then at what level is? (Levels: Bronze, Silver, Platinum and Diamond.) Is the agency a member of other professional associations? Did the agency participated in any trials with agents, guests or suppliers?

It will also be useful to search for the agencies in the Internet and view their pages on social networks.

At the moment, the world is still on the way of restoring a pandemic, but people are already starting to plan trips after the end of quarantine, and then they will certainly need the assistance of an experienced agent: on booking tables and tickets to thematic parks before notification of new health and security procedures. Disney’s tourist agents should be aware of all new events and trends to prepare guests to a great holiday even on the background of the changes that occurred.

Dream work How to Be Tourist Agent Disney

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