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In one of the solar warm autumn days, I suddenly decided to take care of the upcoming vacation for the next year and went to the travel agency to the manager who had already become almost another. My thoughts were clear, well formed. I knew exactly what I want. But I wanted (however, as always) not much: first, to relax the way I have not rest, secondly, to visit where I was not yet and, thirdly, to see what I I have not seen yet. Manager of the company – "Kalach Current", knows his business and not to scare it with my desires. Some time later, I was invited to the agency to discuss travel options. There was not yet a nutritional cup of strong aromatic coffee, and I already knew the route of my new tour. Details of the trip are stipulated … 11 months left to meet with a dream.

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Yekaterinburg – Helsinki – New York – Miami – Cape Canaveral.

We are on the spot!

Cape Canaveral. The hotel from Miami airport was safely reached by taxi. In the courtyard deep night. Hotler, a charming young man in a matter of seconds in numbers in the room, a huge soft bed takes us into their arms, somewhere outside the windows are heard the noise of the surf, in a couple of hours – dawn. I do not know if the ocean is waiting for us, but I waited for a meeting with him long 12 months. As soon as the sky of the solar disk appeared on the horizon, run to a meeting with a dream. Legs are buried in white warm sand, light breeze fluttering air pareo, transparent air … like him a lot here! Hello, Ocean! We will be together for 4 days! Early morning. We go to get acquainted with the hotel. Compact-cozy, with unobtrusive service standing on the ocean. Buffet, and menu of 7 sets of dishes to choose from a fixed price are offered for breakfast. Rooms The hotel is huge, with a set of necessary equipment: iron, ironing board, dryer, refrigerator, LCD TV, machine for cooking coffee, air conditioning and other "joy of life". Beach – multi-kilometer wide strip of clean white sand, with occasional bodies of Americans undressed under the tender sun. Ocean – University. City – the resort is clean and deserted. The main means of movement is a car, but on a quiet streets of the town not so much. But many greens, fountains, recreation areas. In walking distance – a huge supermarket. "Relax Territory", which is how I want to call this place.

Space Center. Of course, the Kennedy Space Center – Main Sightseeing At Cape Canaveral. On the territory of the cosmodrome there is a guest complex, which includes several exhibitions, museums, two cinemas – Gemini IMAX with six-Russian screens and sound systems, various excursions. Guests of the Center (tourists, t.E. We) Moving on buses (shuttle), inside which are installed TVs. Buses make three stops. On each of the stops you can spend any amount of time. On the way, we show the center of Apollo / Saturn-5, one of the three Saturn-5 lunar missiles remaining in the world (the main exhibit of the complex), the starting platform, the station "Peace", "Garden of Rocket" (the collection of "historical", which served their own , missiles in the amount of 8 pieces). For an additional fee, you can dine with a real cosmonaut; On special equipment and training stimulants, having experienced a "Cosmos Conqueror Costume", to experience all the delights of gravity (1/6 of the earth).

The cosmodrome is surrounded by forests and swamps. It is not surprising that in its territory a huge number of different types of animals. Some, by the way, willingly positive in front of the movie cameras. Among the local inhabitants of alligators and laminanine in the Red Book.

After a tour of the cosmodrome, the excursion bus delivered us back to the guest complex. Six-hour excursion came to an end. Finally, by knocking a face with a finger a piece of stone from the moon, drinking in a cafe on a cup of fragrant, surprisingly delicious coffee, or a special "cosmic" ice cream and "Martian" sweets, bought a couple of unique souvenirs, we return to the city. The excursion was cognitive and very voluminous according to. Honestly, I do not like any kind of technical exhibitions and exhibitions of technical achievements, but the space center that became an exception impressed.

Trip to Orlando. The trip to Orlando was scheduled for their homeland. The only one, not to the end, without deciding that we would like to visit there. Understanding that Orlando is a city of entertainment and to choose anyway, we shift the solution to the problem to the child (that’s how it wants). Decision is made! From Cape Canaveral to Orlando a little less than an hour by car (in our case – a taxi). Enter the main tourist street of the city – International Drive. Well-groomed parks, shops, cafes, restaurants, hotels … The city is drowning in greenery. Beautiful, as if from a fairy tale, building; proteins-beggars; Funny buses, more similar to children. City with a special atmosphere. City-holiday! The city in which I want to return and spend there … I understand, – honeymoon!

Museum Ripley "Want to believe, you want no" (Ripley ‘S Believe IT Or Not). There is an incredible collection of strange and unusual items. The museum is founded by Robert Ripley, who gathered his collection, throwing up 198 countries of the world, looking for all the wonderful and paradoxical. ChanNIBAL Skulls, Mermaid Skeleton, Fluffy Fish, Portrait of Mona Lisa, made of 65 types of bread, Sculpture Marilyn Monroe, was blinded from 264 thousand one-dollar bills, a copy of the "secret evening" on the rice grain, the smallest in the world’s card, decoration in the eloquent sewing ear Needles, a collection of night pots … That’s certain – you want to believe, you want no!

"Inverted House". WonderWorks Entertainment Center (Miracle Factory) was built in 1998. The creators of this original building were not too lazy to come up with a legend for their brainchild, explaining his unusual position. Allegedly, this three-storey mansion was carried out as a result of a tornado, once was a research laboratory. And he was not at all in Florida, as now, and in the area of ​​the Bermuda Triangle. Inside the building there are many incredible attractions. Attractions include hored winds (imitation of speed up to 65 miles per hour), earthquake of force ************* on Richtera, Titanic exhibition (good, that I am not very superstitious) and many others Entertainment.

Having received a lot of positive emotions from visiting museums and walks around the city, jumped into the most discerning shopping center. Returned to the hotel late in the evening with a sense of accomplishment and a full trunk of gifts for yourself. Ride succeeded!

Four days spent on the "cosmic coast" Florida was enough to understand – this is the perfect place to unity with nature, calm relaxes. In addition to the database of the US Air Force, surrounded by forests and swamps, which constitute the territory of the Merrit-Island National Reserve, there is still a huge number of natural parks and reservations. Lagoon Mosquitoes and the Indian River – a place of rest of avid fishermen, surficists and just lovers to relax in nature. Even to swim here even extreme.

… One of the beautiful island traditions of Florida – Sunset meeting. The era of her birth is rooted in the romantic sixties. People go to the beach in advance, sit face to the sun and enjoy the beauty of nature. And one more unforgettable spectacle is the ocean liners overlooking cruises, on one of which we have to make our enchanting journey ..

Carnival Dream – Dream Carnival

Tightly breakfast, trying along the Russian tradition "on the track", say goodbye to the hotel’s welcoming staff, sit down in a taxi and after 7 minutes we are in the port of Cape Canaveral. Our dream carnival (Carnival Dream) is already visible on the horizon. Only a look at this snow-white miracle made rapidly beat the pulse. Flipped forms in the classical embodiment of shipbuilding. Our dream looks just amazing!

Carnival Dream does not rush to the board of passengers that are thirsty, like our Russian landing, feel the salty taste of sea air, all the luxury of life on board a five-star hotel and exciting impressions from swimming towards the shores of Sunny Paradise. Registration leaves no more than 10 minutes.

We sail away from the shores of America, wishing you good luck and seven feet under the keel.

The sun caresses the wave, ahead of the limitless horizon, everything is filled with an irresistible feeling of flight. The multi-torrent ship is moving quickly and rapidly.

"Wow …" – it was the first sound, uttered by us as soon as we crossed the atrium threshold. Liner is similar to a small city with its infrastructure. And it can be compared to the floating palace! He is luxurious and elegant. In the center of ******* there is a large lobby, there are several promenade with shops, bars, casinos, restaurants and cafes, which in the dark day are highlighted with original neon backlight.

And the liner can be compared with a huge fashionable floating resort, where recreation and entertainment do not stop for a minute.

I must say that in the first evening I never managed to cover all the "sights" *******. And run forward, I will say that I understand now those people who remained on board ******* and did not go ashore during stops. They have enough life and entertainment on the ship itself.

Food is perhaps the most pleasant and fascinating side of our seabed. Customer service on board Carnival Dream (I do not run these high words) built into the rank of art. Power is included in the cost of the cruise (the system is "all inclusive"). In the total menu, vegetarian, children’s and "*********************************. The collection of wines offered to dinner is very extensive. (For those who are interested: more information about the ship is here, on the portal, in the "Cruises" heading: "Welcome to the board or meeting with a dream").

First stop – region of pirates of past, tropical waterfalls and ancient culture of Maya. In the port of us was supposed to meet a personal guide, but did not happen. Sit down in a cart, harnessed by the old klyach and "rush" deep into the island.

Cozumel – The largest, fabulously beautiful, surrounded by a rocky coast, snow-white beaches, lagunis, mangrove thickets and coral reefs, settlement of Mexico. Capital Cozumel – San Miguel, the only city on the island. Sights of the island can be divided into 2 parts: "land" and "sea".

Home "Land" island’s landmark, located in the south of San Miguel National Marine Park – this is the eco-park, and the Botanical Garden, and Restored Maya Ruins at the same time. **************** The Punta Sur National Park (Punta Sur National Park) is deserved, as well as the ancient Maya ruins in San Hervasio. Church of San Miguel de Cozumel, public watches dating from the beginning of the 20th century in the center of the main square, Benito Juarez Park – the embankment, built in 1935, and much more.

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Another Cozumel: with a warm casure of the sea, crystal-transparent waters, known for the whole world of beautiful coral reefs and rare black corals. The other island is not less popular. It is called – Women Island. Comfortable sandy beaches, numerous coral reefs. Many on the island and historical monuments. Among them are numerous ruins of prayermen who remained from the Mayan civilization and the remnants of the pirated manor. According to the legends of the sailors here, in Cozumel, there was one of the bases of the Pirates of the Caribbean and the refuge of the famous Sir Henry Morgan. Island of riddles, charm and mexican bright color. What a pity that we have only 7 hours for dating him! Hooked. Returning to the ship. Mixed feelings walk on the subconscious, as if I did not give to watch the end of some kind of beautiful, and most importantly, a very interesting movie … Well, that I got a reason to return.

Second stop in Honduras. Roatan Island (Roatán) – The largest and most popular island with green hills, fabulous sandy beaches, coconut palm trees and a unique reef system, which is a continuation of BELIZA’s barrier reef. Diving, snorkelling, walks on kayaks here are truly unforgettable due to the wealth of the underwater world. But this is not the only wealth of the island. Island Roatan is also a tropical paradise, which is home to Iguan and the huge community of tropical birds, including Tukanov and Scarlet Ara.

Two cruise terminals were built on the island: Coxen Hole and Mahogany Bay.

MAHOGANY BAY (Dixon Cove) is used mainly, Carnival and Princess Cruise Lines. It was in this port that our ship was mounted. Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Lines, and Princess Cruise Lines, come to the Coxen Hole port. Before our landing accommodation, the problem of choice arose: to visit the sights of the island or relax in the style of "Bounty". Deciding that the butterflies, iguana, parrots, exotic tropical birds, as well as local Aborigine-Garifuna from "exemplary" Garifun – the villages at the moment are not very interesting, chasonnel chairs and the sea. Seven o’clock Noschelania! In anticipation of full idleness, we go to the exit, on the path of the following follows, listen to the beautiful English speech of the captain *******, informed from the speaker. We have surprise?! We at the Coxen Hole port?! Stop and already "catch" every word of the captain. In the Atlantic Ocean, a new tropical storm ISAAC (Isaac) was formed. In Mahogany Bau – the strongest hurricane with tropical shower. In Coxen Hole – full calm. However, if Isaac changed someone’s plans, then only our. Ladil has not been canceled. The only inconvenience arose when it was necessary to return to the reception and buy a tour of the "Beach Day", because the beaches on Coxen Hole are located about 30-40 minutes from the port.

Only plunging into the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea, you forget about everything, hobbling with your desires. Sibertism and romance came together in one small point of the planet. We leave the island, leaving in our memory the incredible impressions of nature in the style of "Bounty". Wind wanderings drive us towards new adventure. On the expanses of the Atlantic Ocean, the tropical storm of Isaac is gaining strength.

Belize. A small state in Central America, which occupies the southeast of the Yucatan Peninsula on the coast of the Caribbean Sea. In the north borders with Mexico, and in the east and south – with Guatemala. Is a former British colony.

In Belize, a huge number of beautiful beaches with delicate white coral sand, coastal flows are well suited for drift diving, and wind speed on the coast, as if specifically, is designed for surf lovers. Among the diving professionals, the Blue Hool-Neshnl Park National Park is popular, where there is a large blue hole – the water-filled carcass cave with stalactites. Barrier Reef, Certainly, – Home "Maritime" Tourist attraction. The best place for dive with the aqualung is considered to be the coastal waters of Ambergriz Island, where next to the island can be observed for skates, moray, barracks. As well as Lighthouse Islands Reef and Reef Gloveris.

And, of course, the most important attraction of the state Belize – Palaces and Temples of the Great Civilization of Maya, an invaluable historical heritage. "Conquest" Pyramid has become for me the main event of the summer. I embarrassed – one of the brightest events of the whole life! Another desire associated with Mexico appeared ..

Last stop in a cruise. Costa Maya – Once the main trading port of the Maya Empire. Now it is one of the main ports of Mexico, located in the south of the Yutakan Peninsula. Disappeared civilizations, lush tropical forests, blue lagoons … And again we are standing in front of the choice: watch the ancient city of Maya Chakchoben lost in the jungle, go on a tour dedicated to the modern culture of Indians or, swinging in a hammock and listening to the noise of the surf. Chose the latter. And not because Lena won. Just a little earlier, it was decided to purposefully devote one of the holidays ************** to get acquainted with the ancient culture of Maya.

Cruise approached the end and invited us to go ashore. But our journey continues.

Ocean! I’m back! I hope you’re waiting for me?!

Miami. August 25, 2012. Miami met with lead clouds and torrential rain. Isaac confidently and with a rigorous speed approached the continent. We met. August 26, 2012 19:45: The state of Florida is beginning to prepare for evacuation. Tropical Storm Isaac became the main newsmaker in the USA. On his background, all other news, including the National Congress of the Republican Party, where the ex-governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney must be officially announced by the presidential candidate, who considered Russia enemy number 1. Television tells in detail and shows what formalities must be observed to avoid losses. Shops, parks, cafes, restaurants and all entertainment facilities closed. People sits on homes. Only police cars patrol the streets of Miami. Miami and Fort Lauderdale airports are closed, over 650 flights are canceled. August 28, 2012 – life continues! Isaac "Gone". On the Miami coast, peace and tranquility reigned. We have two and a half days. A lot or a little – I do not know. But neither the ocean, already calm and so desirable, nor sunburns obtained as a result of a long stay in the sun in an attempt to bring a bronze tan in Ekaterinburg, not the "harbor" of the soul as events of the previous 2 days. A modest desire to see what I have not seen yet, turned. Next time I will be careful with dreams.

Miami – London – Helsinki – Yekaterinburg. We’re home!

Summer ended, the holiday ended. Somewhere, for thirty lands, in the evenings, the ocean storm, and the White steamer goes into swimming to the distant shores with new passengers. But a dream remained, a dream of a new enchanting journey. Tomorrow I go to the agency ..

Dreams, Caribbean, White steamer -, United States Blogs and travel notes for tourists on tourist

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