Dreams of Siewstigonsk

Drawing grandmothers of the city of Vytzonsk Tver region are cutting on their vintage bikes, cozy wooden houses are drowning in greenery, on the local market you can buy environmentally friendly and always fresh fish. There are three hotels in the city, a picturesque berth for taking boats, a museum with an interesting collection of once a prosperous county city and a berry wine plant, celebrating his century this year. But the main chip of the city, which appeared here under the sad circumstances and, perhaps, that is why there is no way "Found", – Flooded Old Town, the place is mysterious and therefore attractive. Having such a potential, some European city would have become the capital of regional tourism, and with a skillful approach to creating an atmosphere and positioning in a short time, it would be for the international level.

Imagine a tour: first on a wooden raft or a junior boat you are in rubber boots go to explore the Old Town of Evregonesk, flooded during the construction of the Rybinskaya HPP in 1939-1941. With warm weather, you can even immerse the water – the necessary equipment for snorkeling and diving is the organizers of the excursion.

You will be able to see the remnants of old all-pin temples, imagine how the square and city garden looked. During the Walking on the water, the fog is steal, the guide shows old photos and tells the bikes and legends from the life of ancient city. Part of his stories – historical facts prescribed in the textbooks and the chronicles of the city, part – memories of local residents, part – invented by the guide of the "horror". Look to discern that it will make a greater impression on sentimental tourists.

Then you go to the local lore museum, where you tell you in detail, from which house, the family of one or another thing was obtained. And if for the truthfulness of the story lacks proven information, the majority of tourists are more important in history than its accuracy. Neatly decomposed on the shelves, but the faceless artifacts will definitely lose against the background of living items filled with history, sprinkled tragedy. The worse the jewels raised from the "Titanic"?

Unfortunately, our nearest story, and even less unlucky parts of it are interested in us much less than the air period of crinolines and fans. What happened in Suretonsk is the tragedy not only a separate city, it is the tragedy of our country, partly heroic, but, of course, the dark spots of our story. And not to repeat mistakes, we all need to know and remember this.

Please forgive the author for the worn, but on the topic of the deceased city, as if sad it was, you can build an interesting tourist product. You can invite divers, arrange underwater photo shoots, to be friends with flooded cities of Austria and Brazil, arrange an exhibition of underwater photos, invite artists.

The ruins of the Trinity Church are separate and in its own way a unique landmark. They are so sad and picturesque that acute needs in their restoration, in my opinion, no. But in order to maintain this sad beauty, it is necessary to work to prevent further destruction.

In Rome, many ruins use as sites to meet with art. And now imagine a warm summer evening in the city of Navones, the murals on the walls of the Trinity Church are highlighted by a soft light spotlights, chairs are placed in the windows, along the carpet tracks in the fabric cases, in the improvised silence hall – they give excerpts from the Russian operas or is the church choir. Tickets to Parter paid, but locals can bring chairs with themselves and placed all over the perimeter of the church. A little indeed, outside the territory, a summer buffet, where a crooked syrup cockerel cocks are offered for small guests, and adults can enjoy cranberry juice and fish snacks.

Cranberries in the city of Navigonsk is a separate topic. In 1914, a merchant Yerofyev was founded here by a very monk winery, which for a long time was called "cranberry" on the main type of recyclable raw materials – cranberries purchased from the local population. All Of the XVI century was a major fair center, and coming here merchants especially loved the famous berry wines, the recipes of which were carefully kept and transmitted from generation to generation. In the Soviet years, the volume of products has been constantly increasing: there were not only fruit wines, but also cranberry juices, extracts, dried berries for the confectionery industry and a collection of license bags. Cranberry, brusarial, blueberry, rowan and even cherry wine could deliver a lot of pleasant moments to any gourmet.

A modern team of plant staff invites consultants from Europe, invests in the development of tourism, carries out products to international exhibitions, builds berths for receiving boats and hotels to accommodate tourists. They call cranberry wines with Latin letters and during tasting offer Italian crackers and French cheeses. They even organized the "Cranberry" festival, where there were drummers, singers, dancers from Moscow, but … there was no cranberry.

Obvious, it would seem, the thing about which, unfortunately, is often forgotten: when organizing any event, you should always put yourself in place of those people you want to see in this event. Do you make this event for the locals who have enough to cross the threshold of the house, or for tourists who go to you on six to seven hours and, before deciding where they will hold a long-awaited vacation or precious weekend, conduct a thorough marketing research all offers on the tourist market.

Such tourists will always make a choice in favor of the most unique tourist products. They will not go for the thirty lands to listen to the performers whom they can always hear in their city on any dance floor. They want to surprise someone to know something to understand. They do not need a standard urban holiday program, they need uniqueness.

Dreams of Siewstigonsk

Unfortunately, in the race for modernity too easy can be captivated by copying European traditions and minimize domestic identity. After all, according to the minimum laws of logic, at the Cranberry Festival, what can and need to surprise, so it is the cranberry itself, which should be a lot, a lot. Cranberry at the festival need to be sold, distribute, arrange contests, run and swim.

Each house in Navonsk to decorate cranberry sprigs, to make a master class on the preparation of cranberry pies, and then the competition "eat cranberries for speed", hold an exhibition of young artists and photographers "waving cranberries" – and let them express with the rest of our time and ambiguity on a given topic. Guests must be exactly sure that so many cranberries they will not see in any other city of the world. At the cranberry festival, the culprit of the celebration must be mine in one corner, interfere with sugar in the other, taste in the third. Young owners invite to compete in the preparation of cranberry dishes, and then arrange a massive tasting. Read a lecture on the useful and dangerous properties of cranberries, invite gardeners from Poland, Canada and Belarus to exchange experience in cultivation of the famous berry. That is, to make the festival with modern, dynamic, metropolitan, but at the same time the final cranberry.

Tourists in Evregonsk will go because there is a unique production of berry wines, which during tasting, besides the wines themselves, they will be offered eight types of drying and nine types of rags. Because only in Evways, they will be able to taste 15 varieties of cranberry itself, taste seven types of cranberry jam, visit the plantation on which this cranberry is grown, and even on their own raspberry on cranberries and vice versa.

And do not hide the fact that production is not international, but the essential. On the contrary, you need to protrude on this to the whole country. It is necessary to be skillfully invest in marketing, develop a clear strategy of positioning and actively promote the brand. Great people became famous not when they copied others, and at that moment when they threw the challenge. Yes, our wine is from Evsegonsk, and it is the best of its kind, the French copies us, we are jealous of the Portuguese.

Just imagine, as it were perfectly looked at the shelves of expensive grocery stores 100 percent natural wines without flavors and dyes from native cranberries in beautiful, stylized for merchant antiquity bottles. Agree, with the current developments of events, such a move will definitely give the brand of elitism.

And when we stop hiding for a faceless wrapper of a pseudoglyan, when we reveal the potential of our talents, when we can qualitatively and beautifully imagine themselves as we are, – then the fame of the merchant city of Navonsk to the whole of Russia will rise and it will only be the beginning of the success story. Do not be shy.

Dreams of Siewstigonsk

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