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Dresden is incredibly beautiful and interesting. Most tourists come to it just one day from Prague or Berlin, but the city deserves much more attention. If you are going to spend a few days in Dresden, it is very important to choose a good hotel, which will not only be comfortable, inexpensive, but also conveniently located. Most booking systems offer more than 250 hotels in Dresden, as they do not get confused and choose the best? We present you our selection of hotels in Dresden, and we will also tell you about the hotel, in which they stopped, and why they chose and booked it. Below is a convenient content content that will help to quickly navigate the price and location of hotels Dresden.

Dresden: hotels in the city center

If you are traveling in Germany without a car, then the most convenient option to stay at the hotel in the center of Dresden. The very center of the city is, of course, the old town in which the most famous sights of the city, for example, the famous Zwinger and Opera Embrel.

Aparthotels Münzgasse An Der Frauenkirche – from € 60 per day

The small Aparthotels Aparthotels Münzgasse An Der Frauenkirche is located in the heart of Dresden near the famous Terrace Brulya and Church of Frauenkirhe. The hotel offers modern rooms with free Wi-Fi, for more money, the hotel organizes airport shuttle and breakfast at the restaurant nearby. Excellent location and relatively low price make this hotel one of the best in its class. Price from € 60 per day.

Aparthotel in Dresden

INNSIDE by Meliá Dresden – from € 85 per day

Another excellent hotel in the center of Dresden is located next to the Museum of Fine Arts Albertinum. The hotel offers its guests not only stylish and modern rooms, but also a free spa with two saunas, steam bath and fitness center. For an additional fee, you can order a transfer to the airport, breakfasts and even parking for your car. Price from € 85 per day.

Hotel Innside by Meliá Dresden

Aparthotel am Schloss from € 60 per day

Next to the Dresden Museum of Transport Located a small four-star hotel Aparthotel Am Schloss. The hotel offers guests a small one, but cozy apartments with everything you need. It offers free Wi-Fi and a beautiful rooftop terrace with which you can admire the old town. For an additional fee, you can organize breakfast and delivery to the airport. Price from € 60 per day.

Aparthotel Am Schloss

Hilton Dresden – from € 100 per day

Of course, the selection of hotels in the center of Dresden could not bypass the big network of Hilton. Moreover, Dresden Hilton provides not only high-quality service, but also quite affordable prices. The hotel is located in the heart of the city near the Church of Frauenkirche. Restaurants, Spa Center, Gym, Swimming Pool, Bath and other good stay attributes. Price from € 100 per day.

Hotel Hilton in Dresden

Cheap hotels in Dresden

The concept of an inexpensive hotel has its own, but personally we are inexpensive at hotels in which the price for one day does not exceed € 50. Fortunately, Dresden is not the most popular city in tourists, so even in the season you can find budget options.

Ibis Budget Dresden City – from € 40 per day

Ibis Hotel chain is very popular in Europe, Dresden Hotel Ibis is one of the most affordable. For a small price, you get a comfortable room with all the amenities, but the most important advantage of Ibis is the fact that it is in the very center of the city: just 5 minutes walk by the famous gallery of old masters and the Elaba Embankment. Price from € 40 per day for Double Room.

Hotel Ibis in Dresden

Days Inn Dresden – from € 46 per day

Inexpensive, but a good Days Inn Dresden Hotel is located near the center. In walking distance from him there is a Dresden Zoo, to the old town a little more than 2 km on foot or 10 minutes by public transport. It offers comfortable rooms with free Wi-Fi, there is a free public parking, which you can leave a car. Price from € 46 per day.

Cheap hotel in Dresden

Apartment-Ferienwohnung Dresden-Briesnitz – from € 44 per day

Unfortunately, inexpensive hotels in the center are not very much, so tourists with a limited budget have to choose more distant areas of the city. One of the excellent options can be Brisnitsky district. This is a very quiet area with low-rise buildings, mostly a private sector with small household hotels. Apartment-Ferienwohnung Dresden-Briesnitz has only 4 rooms that have everything you need, plus it offers a kitchen where you can cook myself. The city center is only 5km, on public transport is no more than 20 minutes. Price from € 44 per day.

SchiffSherberge Pöppelmann – from € 36 per day

Hotel Schiffsherberge Pöppelmann is not only among the cheap hotels in Dresden, but is one of the most unusual. The fact is that the hotel is located on a vessel moored on the Elbe. It offers original rooms, free parking and WiFi in a restaurant. Unfortunately, the originality has its own minuses – for budget cabins Bathroom Total for all guests (its own bathroom is only in the suite from € 60). Walk to the old town will take about 15-20 minutes along the embankment. Price for Double Room from € 36 per day, Single – from € 23.

Unusual hotel in Dresden

Best hotels in Dresden

When detecting good hotels in Dresden, we turned to various tourist portals on which numerous guest reviews and evaluations read, and then chose, in our opinion, the four best hotels of Dresden.

Hotel Suitss in Dresden – from € 130 per day

Hotel Suitess Zu Dresden is the best not only in our version, but also the authoritative edition of TripAdviser puts it in the number of best hotels not only Dresden, but also all Germany. The five-star hotel is located in the heart of the old town near the famous Church of Frauenkirche. All rooms are equipped in the style of the XIX century, but despite marble in the bathroom and tapestries on the walls, they look very stylish and have all the modern technique. The hotel has only 25 rooms, which creates a sensation of a good home hotel with luxury services: personal driver, spa and exclusive breakfasts on the roof. Price from € 130 per room for two.

The best hotel Dresden

Swissotel Dresden – from € 130 per day

Swissôtel Hotels & Resorts is always an indicator of high quality of service and comfort. Hotel Swissôtel Dresden Am Schloss has no exception and right occupies one of the leading places among the best hotels in Dresden. The hotel is located in the historic part of the city very close to the residence Palace. It offers stylish rooms and a SPA center that is located in an old basement. The hotel has a restaurant serving traditional Saxon dishes, and a bar, which, on tourist reviews, makes the best alcoholic cocktails in Dresden. Room price – from € 130.

Bülow Palais – from € 125 per day

Unlike most popular hotels, a chic five-star Bülow Palais is located on the opposite of the old town of Elba. The path to the historic center takes only about 15 minutes. It features luxurious and elegant rooms, fruits and fresh presses are offered for everyone. As additional services there is a large SPA center, a gym and a restaurant CAROUSSEL, which is awarded the star of Michelin. Price from € 125 per day for Double Room.

Hotel Bülow Palais

Hotel TaschenbergPalais Kempinski – from € 140 per day

Kempinsky’s hotel is also among the best hotels in Dreseden. It is located in the historic part of the city, next to the Dresden castle. It features comfortable and spacious rooms, on-site restaurants and free pools. As additional services, guests are invited to visit the SPA-salon, gym and sauna, but it should be borne in mind that this is a hall at the hotel, and not a full fitness center, so the sports area is small. Price for Double Room from € 140 per day.

Dresden Hotels - Downtown, Districts, Prices, Photo

Kempinski in Dresden

Hostels in Dresden

Cheap hotels This is, of course, great, but what to do tourists who have a budget is completely limited to the maximum that they are willing to spend at housing, just a couple of dozen euros? In this case, it is worth looking towards hostels, the price of them is significantly less, but at the same time will have to put up with neighbors by number. Please note that often hostels in Dresden are beneficial for single travelers, as they are fluctuated in the area of ​​€ 15-20 for bed. If you are together, you can look good and find a separate room at the hotel for € 40 (see. Section Cheap hotels Dresden).

Hostel Lollis Homestay Dresden – from € 17 per person

Hostel Lollis Homestay in Dresden surprises with its bright and unusual rooms. It is located in the Youth District of Neustadt, which is famous for its bars and clubs. The hostel offers its guests comfortable rooms, free Wi-Fi, a kitchen, complimentary tea and coffee, washing and drying machine, as well as ironing facilities. Every Wednesday and Sunday for all guests are organized free dinner, and on Tuesdays – Mulled wine. The city center is about 3 kilometers, near the hostel there are public transport stops. Price for bed in a five-bed room from € 17, for a private double room from € 47.

Original hostel in Dresden

Elbe’s Hotel Dresden – from € 18 per person

Another good hostel is located near the Japanese Palace and Train Station Dresden-Neustadt. The hostel has both communal rooms and private rooms. The historic center of the city is just over one kilometer, the pedestrian walk takes only about 15 minutes. Guests can enjoy free parking, WiFi in public areas and breakfast at surcharge. Price per bed in a six-bed room from € 18, Quadruple – from € 20, Private rooms – € 70.

ELBE’S Hotel Dresden

A&O Dresden Hauptbahnhof – from € 15 per person

Hotel A&O Dresden Hauptbahnhof offers one of the lowest prices for rooms in shared rooms. The hotel is located in the Zyudfortadt area, close to the railway station Dresden – Hauptbahnhof and Dresden Zoo. Guests are offered both communal rooms and private rooms. All guests have a large game area where you can enjoy the game billiards, table tennis or football, and if you are lucky, then both game consoles (judging by the reviews, they are busy all the time). Price per bed in a six-bed room from € 15, Private Double Room from € 50.

A&O Dresden Hauptbahnhof

Our hotel – Zum Nussbaum in Bersnet

During our regular trip to Europe by car, we have a dead brake pads, so we were forced to look for the nearest service and wait for the necessary details for several days. We had a booked hotel in Dresden, but it turned out to be exactly at the opposite end of the city from the car service, which took the repair of our not quite standard for Germany VW Polo. So despite the penalty for canceling the reservation, we had to look for something nearby, preferably not very expensive. For help, we turned to the service staff, who advised us the Zum Nussbaum hotel in the Brisnitz area. We are gullible people, so agreed, and never regretted. Hotel is excellent, the owners are beautiful, the area is very quiet and calm. The only minus is remoteness from the center, on public transport 15 minutes, but before the tram stop still needs to be reached, and this is another 10 minutes. In general, a detailed review of the hotel Zum Nussbaum we already wrote, Therefore, I will not repeat.

Hotel Zum Nussbaum in Dresaden

Book a hotel in Dresden

Online booking systems offer many hotels in Dresden, and not to be confused in choosing, you need to clearly understand your goals and, depending on them, choose the desired area:

  • Historical Center and Main Attractions – Old Town (Altstadt)
  • Club Life – Neustadt
  • If you want a quiet provincial life – Cotta or Brisnets

Main Attractions Dresden is Museums (Gallery of Old Masters, Hygiene Museum, VW Museum, Military Historical Museum, Museum of Transport, Green Archings and others). If this type of rest is not for you, it is quite possible to manage the sights of attractions in one day, and on the second to go to the city of Maissen, which is located in 30km from Dresden. It can be admired by antique castles, churches and buy the famous Maissen porcelain. You can go to Maissen by train or make a romantic walk on the shoe along the Elbe. But we will tell about the city of Meissen another time, if you do not want to skip, then subscribe to our newsletter and do not switch!

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Dresden Hotels - Downtown, Districts, Prices, Photo

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