Drink, swine! On the most amazing rules of behavior at the table

In Thailand, the fork and a spoon are served on the table at the same time, but are not used as Europeans are used. The device with the tooth is needed exclusively in order to shift food into a spoon, and then send to the mouth. Interestingly, Thais for a long time did not use cutlery at all. They appeared in homes only at King Mongkut in the XIX century, thanks to his politics of rapprochement with Europe. But despite the fact that since that time has passed more than a century, in some provinces still eaten in the old man – with hands.

Fish sign

Turn over in the subway fish when eating is like installing empty bottles on the table in Russia. In China, at the table, it is customary to separate the upper layer first, then the skeleton and only after it is taken for the bottom layer. There is an ancient belief: if you turn over the fish, the boat will be turned over during the next fishing. And nothing that on boats on the sea is no longer floating, everything goes on cars! Who knows, suddenly believes applies to land transport? Observe the admission, of course, not all but it is.

Without hands

Steak, Salad, Pizza, Sandwich, Friesy Potatoes. You know what unites these dishes in Chile? What is accepted by a knife and fork. Hands – nor! In this country, the etiquette rules are much more formal than in other South American countries. Therefore, if you decide to run into the catering establishment to eat a sandwich, do not be surprised, seeing how people are digging with knives and forks. Take a sandwich in your hands, of course, no one forbid. However, remember, you risk not only to earn the oblique views of other visitors, but also go. Huge sandwiches with meat slices, tomatoes, lettuce leaves and other fillings, generously arched by mayonnaise, not so simple.

Brazilian Time Out

In the churrakarii – Brazilian restaurants, where they are preparing on the grill, – you need to keep yourself in your hands, so as not to die from the increment with an empty wallet in your pocket. The waiter will bring you new dishes until a token, which lies on your table, turn the green side up. If you turn over to the red face, the waiter will understand what you need a gastronomic timeout.

Tea on the bottom

Weekly welding – a terrible sleep of a steppe. Worse can only be bags. Tea in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan – Something more than just a drink. Any meal opens and ends, they meet guests, during the day and in the interruptions between meals it can be served separately, and every time you will be wound up fresh. And if you came to visit and you got a gland, in which it is nalo a little less than half, do not think that the owner greaders. During the conversation, the guest will be able to drink hot tea and do not burn. So tea on the bottom is care. But the complete dye, on the contrary, means that you should not linger.

Coffee – Stop

Drink, swine! On the most amazing rules of behavior at the table

Coffee in Middle Eastern countries is always preparing the owner. He pours the first cup, "on a sample", the second – the most respected member of the company, then distinguishes the drink to the rest of the guests. Abandoning coffee – it means to insult the owner. And not to offer a guest cup – challenge the came.

Drinking coffee is accepted slowly, periodically drinking with a glass of cold water, because according to tradition it is prepared very strong and without sugar. Keep in mind: While you will serve the owner of an empty cup, he will fill it into it. And refuse how you remember, not accepted. Stop the process and you can not offend anyone in two ways: turning the cup or gently shocked it from the side to the side.

Look under the feet

The popularity of the restaurants can be judged not by reviews on TripAdvisor, but by. Musor under his feet. Think, the cup fell! Do not lift? Paper, plastic spoons, napkins, sacrament bags – All this never prevented Spaniards to enjoy a cup of coffee. Note "The more garbage, the more popular place" worked and will always work. Interestingly, in Sidrillas – bars specializing in Sydra’s rosary – on the floor you can find traces of a branded drink, as its remnants are taken to splash in special holes in the floor, and just on asphalt. Be careful not fall! Learn also than the most distinguished Spanish habits from Russian.

Previously, "My Planet" talked about the features of etiquette in other countries. And from this article you will learn where you can send the plates, cheered up from ridicule of waiters and shook out in the vest Barmen.

Drink, swine! On the most amazing rules of behavior at the table

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