Drinks in Thailand: What is necessary to try on vacation?

Drinks in Thailand are distinguished by their diversity, in particular on all drinks that serve in restaurants to Thai dishes, you can write a separate dissertation, so in this article we will focus on those drinks that are sold in stores, are distinguished by incredible tastes and use unheard of popularity.

Typical Thai Drinks

In this country, it is often selling cold coffee in bottles. For example, typical can be called the Latte of the "Coffio" brand, which manufactures OISHI, – it will especially like coffee lovers. Sold in small plastic bottles, the volume of which is 230 milliliters, it tastes good, so if you have gotten used to a typical drink for Thailand, then surely you will often buy it, especially since "Coffio" is only about 20 battles. In addition, it is worth trying:

  • Coca Cola brand soda &# 8211; Actually, there are no differences from the domestic drink, except that you can find an assortment of tastes. For example, Phanto with watermelon, forest berries, tropical fruits, but also in Russian stores such jars are also sold. Price &# 8211; about 15 battles per piece;
  • Energy drinks &# 8211; Thais drink them liters, so you can try Lipovitan D for 12 baht, it is an elite drink with vitamins. True, consider that when problems with the heart it is not worth drinking it;
  • Fruit Mixes and Freshi, manufactured in the presence of the buyer &# 8211; Different with incredible taste, 100% natural composition and low price, total from 5 baht per cup. Only for the sake of juices from fruits can already go to Thailand.

Often in stores can be found "b-ing", which manufactures Singha, and, if you believe the label, then this drink contains vitamins. However, it is not very tasty, practically does not refresh, he is wegemated and sweet. Costs about 14 batt.

National Thai Drinks in Local Stores

In local shops, you will probably meet various drinks made from soy milk – there are quite a lot of them in Thailand, they are inexpensive, but they do not differ in some kind of special taste and refreshing effect. As a rule, they are slightly sweet and enough thick. Be sure to try coconut milk directly from the young coconut, as well as sugar cane juice &# 8211; Pleasure costs 50 butt.

In addition, very often in stores there are various chilled tea, in particular, the Black Tea Break tea, very sweet, even a shit, because of which it is impossible to drink often. Also widely widespread tea Oishi – it is produced in several tastes, but the best one is best, this tea is acidic and sweet taste, it refreshes very well. In general, Thailand drinks are a special study, as they differ from exotic and originality.

Alcohol in Thailand &# 8211; What to try tourist?

Drinks in Thailand What is necessary to try on vacation

Thailand is famous for high-quality and inexpensive alcohol &# 8211; Of course, these drinks on an amateur, but even if you do not like noisy companies and discos until the morning, you can simply taste the bottle in a relaxed atmosphere of the room. In the top of popular and tasty alcoholic beverages in Thailand entered:

  • Thai rum Sang Som &# 8211; high-quality and inexpensive drink that can be taken home in the form of a gift, as it is sold in beautiful packaging. Worth a bottle of 0.7 l. from 270 to 300 baht;
  • Temples Blend 285 &# 8211; The fortress is 35%, you can drink in its pure form, and you can dilute with a stake or another soda, as Thais do. Bottle costs up to 300 baht;
  • Beer Singha, as well as other beer drinks &# 8211; Different with low fortress (up to 5%), light taste, boils at local plants. Price &# 8211; About 25 Batt for a bottle of 0.5 l.;
  • Cocktails Thailand &# 8211; There are so many of them here that it is simply not possible to try to try all cocktails for vacation. Inexpensive is Breezer with an abundance of tastes and a price of 50 butt, you can try other options.

But wine in Thailand, just say, not perfect, it is inferior in quality to other drinks, domestic manufacturers here not to honor, price tag &# 8211; About 200 Batt. If you are not gourmet, in general, you like it, if you prefer high-quality wine, look at brands from Italy or other European countries.

How much alcohol can be taken out of Thailand?

Alcohol &# 8211; This is a worthy gift for friends and relatives, especially if you do not know what another gift can be presented. You can remove from Thailand to 3 liters of strong alcohol per person, up to 5 &# 8211; with a surcharge of 10 dollars per liter. Up to 5 liters can also be imported to Russia.

You can buy alcohol in the duty-free trade zone &# 8211; Prices are not much different from market in resort cities. Make sure that the cork bottles are made not from ivory &# 8211; Her export from the territory of Thailand is prohibited by law.

The best bars of Thailand &# 8211; Top 5 Thai establishments

In Thailand there are several thousand establishments offering nightlife. You can try local cocktails to enjoy dancing and music before dawn in such bars as:

  1. ADHERE THE 13TH &# 8211; The best cocktail bar in Bangkok, works from 6 pm to 12 o’clock in the morning. Middle check &# 8211; 500 butt, the interior is interesting, impressive live music, as well as the abundance of snacks and local tea, which so like guests;
  2. Majestic Bar &# 8211; Located on the beach to Lanta, the prices are already higher, the average check is 800-1000 Batt. But here serve excellent cookies, delicious broth, excellent mango mojito and daiquiri. Works up to 2 o’clock in the morning;
  3. Cru Champagne Bar &# 8211; Another Bangkok bar serves exotic oysters, excellent champagne and a large assortment of cocktails. From the snacks you can try birds and seafood. Middle check &# 8211; 900 batt;
  4. THE BEER MASONS &# 8211; Bar works in Tao, I liked ginger tea, craft beer, cider and apple krambl. The doors are open to 12 nights, the middle check is around 700 Batt;
  5. Cocktail King &# 8211; In this bar on Samui, serve excellent beer, mojito, Pina Kolada. I also recommend to try coffee with ice and rum &# 8211; Decent and inexpensive. Receipt &# 8211; About 800-1200 Batt, also here are preparing good snacks and pizza.

However, there are so many cereal places in Thailand that everything is simply not possible to list them. Explore reviews, check out the range and go to meet the adventure without fear of experiments &# 8211; Rest promises to be unforgettable!

Drinks in Thailand &# 8211; This is, first of all, fresh juices, natural frists, coconut milk, as well as local tea and coffee. If traditional Thai drinks do not make a proper impression, try alcohol &# 8211; rum, beer, whiskey, they are pleased with affordable prices and excellent quality. Several bottles can be taken with you in memory of the trip or as a gift for friends &# 8211; This is a universal present regarding age and your relationship.

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