Drunk on board or costs Duty Free

What wishes each other crew, sitting on the plane? Of course, of course! But it is not limited to, they also think their fingers and quietly think about themselves: only all the passengers turned out to be sober.

From lovers to gain in flight airlines carry serious inconveniences. Troubled adventure crawls are annoyed by fellow travelers, wearing flight attendants and even penetrate the cap. Apparently, they want to handle whether the plane has deployed from the course.

Sometimes the behavior of the deboshirov passes all the frames of the permitted, and they simply do not reach the destination. So, this year the aircraft next from Moscow for the Phuket was forced to sit in Tashkent due to the fact that a drunk man beat passengers, rustled conductor, and the crew and threatened the physical violence at all.

It was not fortunate for those who flew on February 18 from Moscow to Burgas. Then the drunk passenger did not just crossed the surrounding, but also tried to intervene in the work of the pilot.

The audience in the languages ​​was the case when a couple of years ago, students following Russia in the United States under the work program&Travel, decided to celebrate this event and got it so much that … Rasked the plane. How it managed it still remains a mystery, but they never got to America. In order to safety, the main captain unfolded the aircraft and put it in his homeland.

The most drunk flights

Most often, "alcohol incidents" happen on the so-called "resort" flights. Whether from excitement, or on joys from the upcoming vacation, immediately after registration, many straight are sent to Duty Free and begin to celebrate departure already in the aircraft. Early "noted" about thousands of passengers of Russian airlines have time.

Most often, people flying to Cuba and Thailand. Apparently, the prospect of relaxing in countries with free nravami relaxes travelers so much that they lose control over themselves before arriving at the destination. On domestic flights the most problematic city &# 8211; Vladivostok.

Interestingly, fines in Russia for violations of order on board relatively not big. Punishment for "ugly" behavior is from 500 rubles to 5 thousand. For comparison, Italian and Netherlands airlines are fined for drunkenness in an airplane for 500 euros, and in the UK will have to pay 2 thousand pounds of sterling.

So, looking at the airspace colleagues, Russian air carriers are planning to increase fines for lovers to hurt.

Drunkenness boy! But how?

Solve the problem of drunkenness on board is not so easy as it may seem at first glance. Since last year, large airlines break their head over this issue. Someone offers to increase fines, someone to equip airplanes with special belts and plastic handcuffs to contain highly riveted passengers.

There are supporters of closing shops of duty-free trade DUTY FREE. The owner of Aeroflot, Vitaly Savelyev, went even further and suggested entering black lists of passengers.

Some countries of the European Union, USA, Canada and China, and China, are already maintained by the practice of doing such lists, so many air carriers supported the initiative of Aeroflot. Some Russian airlines are already conducting their checkelling lists, but they do not make passengers who fell there by Persons "Non Grata". Saveliev insists on the legislative approval of the black lists, which will not allow the "culprits" on board for 3-5 years.

One thing is planned, the other is to realize. Until this is possible due to a difficult legal registration procedure. If a similar law is accepted, it is not entirely clear how it will act in practice. After all, to deny the flights for 5 years – too hard measure towards a person, once a member of superfluous. Moreover, it is a direct violation of the right to freedom of movement.

Aerial rescuer

Drunk on board or costs Duty Free

Flight attendants are trying to calm the swollen passengers, exercising in eloquence. Usually, the verbal arguments do not reach, because they do not have the right to use physical strength.

Many airlines will be advancing for expanding the official authority of the crew members. However, it is unlikely that the fragile flight attendant will cope with a rouse man. The first one understood the company Transaero, the aircraft of which accompany employees of their own security department.

Nevertheless, even such air rescuers can affect the violators of calm only psychologically and, if necessary, to protect passengers from Buyanov.

But the presence on board the security officer does not always suit air carriers. These are the additional costs that can be avoided if the airport workers are more vigilant. In fact, they want to get rid of drunken, stuffing him on the plane.

Duty Free Wheel

It’s no secret that alcohol tasting purchased on the eve of Duty Free. At the same time, the airline even wanted to collectively fight against this "evil", but the meaninglessness of these attempts is obvious. The closure of duty-free shopping stores is not beneficial neither by the air carriers themselves, nor the airport, nor, naturally, passengers.

The prohibition of drinking alcohol on board already exists, but as practice shows, it is nothing more than formality. Employees of some European airlines take alcohol before entering on board and return by arrival.

But what is good for Europeans, it is not always suited by the Russians, who under the power of drinking a bottle of whiskey right in the waiting room, then get together with the forces, go through all the zones of control and with a calm view to sit on the aircraft.

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