Druskininkai (Druskininkai)

Druskininkai (Druskininkai) – Resort town in the south of Lithuania, located on the banks of the Neman River, approximately 127 kilometers south-west of Vilnius and 10 km from the border with Belarus. Population – 15,869 people (2010).

For the first time Druskininkai appears in written sources in 1563. At that time it was a small village, while at the end of the XVIII century, the healing properties of mineral springs were not confirmed by a personal doctor of the Grand Duke Lithuanian and Polish king Stanislav Augustus. After that, the place was announced by the resort and was equipped accordingly – the hospitals were built and the parks were created, where vacationers could walk after the procedures.

Already in the 1st half of the XIX century during the resort seasons of Druskininkai became «Summer capital» Lithuania, where the local rested and intelligentsia.

In the time of the USSR, 10 sanatoriums operated here, in which about 400,000 people rested every year.

Today, Druskininkai is the oldest and largest Balneological resort of Lithuania. The city has a hospital, sanatorium and spa hotels that provide a wide range of wellness services.

The resort of Druskininkai is attractive by the waters of different mineralization and therapeutic peat mud, effective in the treatment:

– diseases of the musculoskeletal system;

– diseases of the cardiovascular system;

– respiratory diseases;

– diseases of the endocrine system;

– diseases of the peripheral nervous system;

– diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;

– chronic diseases in the aggravation stage;

– Active stage of tuberculosis.

Grūto Parkas Park
– Private park-museum located near Druskininki. Was founded in 2001. There is a collection of monuments by the leader of that era (Lenin, Stalin, Marx and Others), who were in various cities of Lithuania during the USSR and dismantled after his decay.

Also in the exposition of the Museum Park – samples of visual propaganda art (posters, slogans and much more), samples of military and other techniques of that period.

In the park of the Rostio there are cafes and mini-zoo.

Park Park Website – Grutoparkas.Lt

Water Park Druskininkai (Water Park Druskininkai)
– opened in 2006 and is the largest in the region. The complex consists of three buildings connected by each other:

Druskininkai (Druskininkai)

In the first building – Bowling and Billiards, Cafes and Restaurants, Cinema, Children’s Play Rooms, Winter Garden, Nightclub and Congress Center.

In the second building – 20 diverse baths: Russian, Finnish, Hamam, ancient Roman, as well as a magnificent recreation area.

The third building is a water park, an area of ​​9000 m² – there are numerous pools, swimming pools with waves and artificial beach, a children’s pool, a vortex bathtubs, cascades and massage waterfalls, water slides, a seating area with a "wet bar", a restaurant and much more.

Water Park Site Druskininkai – Akvapark.Lt

Adventure Park ONE (One Nuotykių Parko)
– Located on the territory of 3 hectares in the park of Druskininkai on the banks of the Neman River, just 200 meters from Druskininkaya Water Park.

The park is focused on active recreation lovers – its 10 tracks offer more than 70 different competitions and 18 extreme attractions, including a unique 400-meter highway, stretched over the river, as well as numerous floating bridges and swinging trees ropes.

Adventure Park One Suitable for people of any physical preparation and any age.

Site Park Adventure One – OneNuotykiuparkas.Lt

Forest Museum Echo (Girios Aidas)
– was founded in 1971. The museum occupies a rather large park area, where carved sculptures of wood and metal, stuffed animals and birds. The museum is very interesting, the main building has the original architecture, and witch, gnomes and other characters from fairy tales are hiding in the trees.

Snow Arena Druskininkai (Snow Arena Druskininkuose)
– Indoor year-round winter entertainment complex, occupying area 8 hectares. The complex is designed for 1000 visitors – skiers and snowboarders.

Druskininkai (Druskininkai)

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