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In the city of Dubai, there is the first metro on the Arabian Peninsula. Russians, he is surprising, because we used to call the word "subway" only underground rail transport system. The metro of the city of Dubai is above the ground, and trains pass along the overpass.

In the subway Dubai there are only two small segments that pass underground. The first is on the red line from the Burjuman station (crossing with a green branch) to Deira City Center station. The second underground area is on the green branch, starts at the OUD Metha station and continues to ABU Baker Al Siddique station.

Not all stations are put into operation, some are still built, on some work on finishing and decorating.

At the time of writing this article on the green branch, the two last stations are not working, it is Al Jedaf and Creek stations.

The last three stations of Jabel Ali, Jabel Ali Industrial, Energy do not work on the red branch. Also closed Stations Jumeirah Lake Towers, Nakheel, Sharaf DG and First Gulf Bank. Stations are put into operation gradually, by the time you read this article, most likely, the list will decrease.

Some Russian tourists are not very well read on Latin, so we have prepared a transcription map in Russian titles of all stations. If the screen resolution of your computer is high enough, use this page, we posted the same card with a resolution of 1400×1056.

At the end of the article there is a map with an indication at which station are the main Attraction Dubai city.

Probably, you noticed that the scheme contains zones 1, 2, 5 and 6. You ask, where zones 3 and 4? The answer is simple, they are, but the subway on their territory has not yet built. At the time of writing this article (October 2013), only two branches were commissioned at the Dubai subway. Red and green branches are already functioning, but not all stations are still completed. In total, it is planned to build six branches in Dubai, violet, blue, gold and pink branches will be built. These branches will be in the 3rd and 4th zone.

Before entering the Metro Dubai, you will have to buy a ticket.

For the passage of the subway, red tickets or replenished cards are used, there are 4 types of tickets and cards.

We will immediately disappoint those who want to save, the passage system is arranged so that if you are in the subway Dubai on any of the tickets, then you will not be able to enter the second person on the same ticket. You have to buy a separate ticket for each person.

First Card red (only some kind of pale). Its easier to buy in a special vending machine. You choose the number of trips and stations (from which to which you need to ride), make a fee, and you have a card in your hands. You can drive N times on the route Station A – station B (or vice versa). Station A and station b can be changed, it is done only at the checkout. The ticket itself costs 2 dirhama, this is the board only for the ticket itself. If you do not know the course, then we recommend our article about money in the UAE.

Second map Silver color (although more like gray). This is a replenished card, costs 20 dirhams, of which 16 in the account. The tariff is calculated automatically. Most convenient payment method. We do not recommend buying red cards at all, they are too uncomfortable.

Third Card Golden Color (although more like yellow). This card works in the same way as silver, but gives the right to find in the VIP zone of the first car. About her we will tell below. The most interesting thing is that it costs the same 20 dirhams, and 14 remain in the account. We highly recommend buying it at least once.

Fourth Card Blue (I don’t know exact color, we have not seen it). It is intended for pensioners, students and disabled. Personal map.

Prices for travel are shown in the table below. Prices are in the dirhams of the UAE (AED).

If you look at the map, you will see two stations in the "zone 1", and, theoretically, it would be possible to drive through two zones. But, while it is not possible, since these stations are not yet open. When they open, travel rates will be introduced through two zones.

It is possible to buy a ticket for the whole day, it is a pleasure of 14 dirhams (16 dirhams, taking into account the price of the red ticket itself). There is a red ticket with a VP-access, sometimes sometimes or for a whole day. There is such a pleasure of 28 dirhams (30 dirhams, taking into account the cost of the Red Ticket). Pay 30 coins and ride with VIP access all day, or just buy a one-time ticket with a VIP access at a double price.

At the end of the conversation about the payment of the passage, we will tell good news. If you drove a day in the amount of 14 dirhams, then further write-offs from your card no longer produced, that is, you can ride for free.

After buying a ticket you are waiting for another difference between the Dubai subway compared to our. In our metro in the center there is a platform, and the trains are suitable for her edges. In the Dubai subway, the trains go to the center. You will have to choose which platform to go. Next to the arroders of the directions are the end stations, a good reason to take advantage of our card.

Choosing the desired platform, you will find another unpleasant moment, in Trains in Dubai Metro, very large intervals. In the rush hour, the interval is 3 minutes, and at the usual time 5 minutes. For the passenger of the Moscow metro, it seems very unusual.

Trains in the subway automatic, however, it is very popular, almost all new metro in the world are built on this principle. Perhaps someone from readers it will be "in the wonder", we saw automatic trains in Taipei, Shanghai, Uhana, Barcelona, ​​a list of such trains Long.

Dubai City Metro Archive -

In the subway, Dubai First and the last wagons are special. These wagons are divided into two parts. The first part for passengers with VIP access (golden cards). VIP access gives greater travel comfort, more comfortable seats. In the photo below the seat VIP (left) and ordinary (right).

The second important advantage of the Golden Card is the fact that the train in front and behind there are straight windows, and you can observe everything that happens during the movement.

The second part of the first and last wagons is intended only for women and children. Be careful, men there can not be, such here. Morals here are strict, recommend reading our article "Laws in Emire. What is impossible in the UAE".

At the station you will find glass walls between the paths and the platform, it is impossible to fall on the way here. In many metro, low glass fencing are used, and in the metro Dubai it is the wall.

Such a system is used everywhere where the trains are automatic.

The second important function of this wall is the holding of air-conditioned air inside the station. At all objects of the metro, air conditioners support a permanent temperature of 20 degrees on Celsius scale, and "conjure" air-conditioned air no one wants.

Doors open only when the train drives to the platform. After opening the doors often have to observe an unpleasant picture. In the UAE, many visitors workers who are not accustomed to the fact that people first come out of the car, and only then enter it. Many are trying to enter the car before the passengers will come out.

At the end of our article we publish a map with landmarks. Unfortunately, from this map I had to remove the Russian transcription of the names of the stations. The same map is available in resolution 1400×1056.

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Dubai City Metro Archive -

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