Dubai Dolphinarium

Dubai Dolphinarium Interesting, although not included in the list of main attractions of Dubai. Here you can see the show dolphins and sea cats inexpensively, even if we compare prices with Russian dolphinaria. Read More Details: Route, Prices and Discounts, Watching Show, Important Nuances.

From May 11, 2021, Dubai Dolphinarium works again as usual. The show of dolphins and maritime cats was temporarily suspended from April 13 to May 10 (at Ramadan), but now they are held again.

Important moment

Two dolphinariums in Dubai. The first is Dubai Dolphinarium, which will be discussed in this article. Here are suitable show dolphins. The second is Dolphin Bay, which is located with AquaVenture Water Park on the Artificial Island The Palm. There are no show here, but only communicating sessions with dolphins. Do not confuse these two dolphinariums. Read our detailed article "Dolphin Bay".

Short description

Dolphinarium in Dubai opened in 2008 in Creek Park City Park. Since then, he has become a real entertainment complex. There are not only arena and swimming pools for dolphins and sea cats, but also trampolines, 5D cinema and much more.

Dubai Dolphinarium Sizes Modest (by world standards) – Arena with a capacity of 1250 people, Pools with a volume of 600 cubic meters, the area of ​​the complex – 5000 square meters. For comparison, Moskvarum (Moscow) is twice as much more at the capacity of viewers. Dubai Dolphinarium was not particularly famous anywhere else, except for a large scandal in August 2019, we will talk about this scandal in detail at the end of our article.

The show of dolphins and cats in Dubai is quite standard: the dolphins jump out of the water, jump through the hoop, bring hoops and balls on the training team. Will be fun and interesting, but nothing extraordinary here will not see. It makes no sense to tell about the show, we will stop in detail at the technical points – transport, prices, discounts.

Where is and how to get

Dubai Dolphinarium is located inside the Creek Park Public Park, which is in the area of ​​the Bur Dubai. Public transport is not very convenient, as the park is far from the metro stations.

Option 1 – Metro + Bus. It is necessary to get to the metro station "OUD METHA" ("UD MEFA") on Green (second) line. Metro map in Russian Look in our article "Dubai Metro".

Under the metro station (do not be surprised, the station is above ground) there is a bus stop. The main thing is not to be mistaken – choose the right direction. You need a bus to the same side that your subway train was driving (south, from the coast).

At this stop, sit on the bus C07. It goes every 10-20 minutes, takes it right to the central entrance to the Creek Park for 10-15 minutes. If you have time to use the rule "30 minutes", then you will reach the bus for free. For details about this rule, read in our article "NOL cards in Dubai".

Option 2 – subway + on foot. You need to get to Dubai Healthcare City Metro Station (Dubai Halfkair City) on Green (second) line.

After reaching the station, you will find yourself on the big street (26th Street, 26th Street). Move through this street in the direction in which your subway train went. 600 meters across the road to see the park. Go the road and go to the left more 600 meters to the central entrance to the Creek Park.

The way is not bad for the winter season when not so hot. But in the summer months we do not recommend it. Read our article "Weather in Arab Emirates for months".

Option 3 – Metro + Taxi. Near the stations "Dubai Healthcare City" and "Oud Metha" (close to Creek Park) no parking lots. Catch here a taxi can be along the road by the usual "voting" hand. It is inconvenient – you can simultane at least half an hour. You can call a taxi by phone or application, but then the landing will cost no longer 5 dirhams, but 8 dirhams.

The trip will cost at least 12 dirhams (the minimum price of a taxi trip to Dubai), although it is only 1-1.5 kilometers to go to the park. Dirham’s current course, see our article "Money in the UAE". Not a very convenient way, and in addition expensive. Easier to sit on the bus C07.

Option 4 – Taxi. You can take a taxi directly from the hotel or from any other point Dubai. But to predict the cost of the trip in this case is difficult, because Dubai is a big city, in addition, it is strongly stretched along the coast. Maybe from 12 to 100 dirhams, depends on the distance. Taxi Tariffs Watch our article "Taxi in the Arab Emirates".

If you drive from Abu Dhabi, then first you need to get to Dubai. Read our article "How to ride between Abu Dhabi and Dubai".

If you are going from Sharjah, then again you need to get to Dubai. Read our article "How to ride between Chard and Dubai".

Opening hours

The schedule changed after the opening of the dolphinarium after pause in the spring of 2020.

Now the schedule of the show dolphins and sea cats is:

From Monday to Saturday: 11-00, 14-00, 18-00;

Sunday: Shows are not held.

From Monday to Saturday: 12-15, 15-15, 17-15. Sunday: Shows are not held.

Session of communication and swimming with dolphins: 12-15, 15-00, 16-00. Sunday: Not held.

Input price

Pay twice twice.

Payment of entering the park Creek

Dubai Dolphinarium Located on the territory of Dubai Creek Park, and the entrance is paid here – 5 Dirhams. And now the entrance to the park can be paid only by the NOL transport card, no cash.

NOL – This is the most card that pay for the subway travel. But not every NOL card is suitable. Red is not suitable. Silver and Golden fit. If there are no cards, then it usually can be bought from the main entrance to the park, the price is 25 dirhams, of which 19 are on the score.

Important moments! To ride on the subway and buses, each person needs its own card NOL. But in the park several people can pass on the same NOL card.

Dolphinarium entry payment

Tickets can be bought at the box office at the entrance or on the official website of Dubaidolphinarium.AE. Cash regulations now (April 2021) are open, and prices are the same in the box office and on the site. Promotional codes work only on the site.

In addition, buying tickets on the site guarantees a place. The capacity of the hall is limited, and now there is also an additional "Covered" restriction – no more than 50%. Therefore, at the checkout may simply do not be tour if the hall is already filled.

It is better to buy tickets on the site – with a discount and with a guarantee.

Ticket price for adult (12 years and older) – 105 Dirhams.

For a child from 3 to 11 years (inclusive) – 50 dirhams.

For a child up to 3 years old – free.

All tickets are not refundable, exchange, resale, transfer to other persons.

VIP tickets (Central Tribune) – 125 and 85 Dirhams.

Ticket to the bird show (Bird Show) – 50 and 30 dirhams.

Dubai Dolphinarium

Swim with Dolphins – 475 or 630 Dirhams.

Theoretically, tickets can be bought at the box office right in front of the show. But in practice it happens differently, there may be any tickets for any, only VIP can remain, may not be.

In order not to risk, buy tickets in advance through the official site of Tickets.Dubaidolphinarium.AE . Visa, MasterCard, JCB cards are accepted. Prices on the site and in the box office are the same. On the site you can choose the best places in advance. Standing in line at the cashier does not have to have, as you can just show the ticket on the screen of the smartphone.

Naturally, tickets can be purchased cheaper, even twice as cheaper. Use Klook, Entertainer, Smile and other ways, read the details about them in our article "How to buy tickets to Parks Dubai".

Show exotic birds

Short (20 minutes) Parrots, Tukanov, Sokolov. Birds show just a couple of tricks, and most of the time there is a chatter of the lead. He speaks only in English, so there is nothing to do without knowing the language here.

Other entertainment

Also in the Dolphinarium building you can visit: a mirror labyrinth (20 dirhams), 5D cinema (12 dirhams), trampolines (25 dirhams), virtual reality attraction. In the building there is a souvenir shop with thematic gifts and souvenirs.

Scandal 2019

In the summer of 2019, a short (10 seconds) video filmed by Dube Dolphinariums appeared in the Instagram Social School. On this video, one of the trainers sat on the dolphin, when he was in the air, a Russian speech was heard behind the scene. Dolphins are not adapted to air loads, any press may damage their internal organs.

Animal defenders immediately raised hype, once again accusing Dolphinarium in animal abuse. The news flew around all the media of the Arab Emirates and the Persian Gulf, and the media in Europe, the USA, Australia and New Zealand picked up.

Frame from this video, see Nearby, click to enlarge.

For Dubai, it was an unpleasant moment, because Expo 2020 is completely close. Despite the fact that Dubai Dolphinarium is a private enterprise, it is located in the Municipal Park Creek, and therefore investigating such incidents is in the jurisdiction of the municipality. The deed of the trainer falls under the Law No. 16 (2007) of the Emirate of Dubai.

International tour operator Virgin Holidays even declared the termination of cooperation with hotels and directions that are suspected of inetic handling of animals. But no hope – Dubai Dolphinarium is not at any hotel. What to do? Therefore, the Virgin Holidays operator stopped working with the hotel atlantis, in which the second dolphinarium in Dubai is located, who did not have any relation to the scandal at all. Funny.

Representatives of the municipality assured that they will understand everything. On this case, "jammed", more news on this topic did not go out. The emirate censorship of the media has already been joined here, so as not to spoil the reputation on the eve of EXPO 2020.

Important tips for visitors

– It is forbidden to carry food or drinks to the dolphinarium, although most often the protection at the entrance does not search. Child nutrition can always carry;

– If you sit down on the first rows, then risks a little bit from splashing water. Take care of photos and video equipment;

– Any purchases in Dolphinarium and Creek Park only for Dirhama. Read our article "Currency exchange in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah";

– in the park and dolphinarium there is a dress code, but not strict. You can come in shorts, and in a mini-skirt, and in T-shirt, but most importantly without explicit eroticism. About the dress code Read our article "What is impossible in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah";

– If you do not want to go and buy tickets yourself, you can order a tour. The main thing is to see the excursion to include transfer. Price – from $ 35 per person. Read our interesting review "Excursions in Dubai".

Have a good holiday in Dubai, and read our interesting articles about the UAE (List of articles below).

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