Dubai lives on the covenants of Mayakovsky

It is believed that the Russians who arrive in Dubai are divided into two groups. This is either just vacationers – lovers of the warm sea, bright sun, sports and discos. Or people business – from solid businessmen to "Chelnotokov". I got the impression that a significant part of those and others form a third group – people concerned about: "If even in the desert with oil, you can create such a life, then why in a native country where oil is no less, it fails?" In addition, except the rest, the emirate makes it possible to think. That even on vacation is sometimes not harmful.

It is unlikely that the Arab sheikhs are familiar with Mayakovsky verses about "Country – Teenager", which he called: "Create, invent, try!". Meanwhile, the recommendations of the Soviet poet of Sheikh actually took the basis after the creation in 1971. States named by the United Arab Emirates. Union of seven principalities of the Arabian Peninsula, populated by Bedouins, fishermen, merchants and pearl catchers, took the course for rapid entry into the circle of highly developed countries. Economic base for this was – powerful proven oil reserves. But how was my new acquaintance from Dubai, not without a debris, noticed: "Oil is not yet sun. I need my head". Apparently, making the conclusions from the experience of the country, which sold the oil, which bought the grain, the rapened cattle, from which the sausage was made and eaten, the rulers of the Emirates went otherwise. This is especially seen by the example of one of the Emirates – Dubai.

Perfectly realizing that stocks "Black gold" Not impossible, the rulers for the first petrodollars created the basis of a very dynamic economy, which was an important part of which was a tourist infrastructure. As for us, one of the most informed people in these issues – Manager of the Tourism and Commercial Marketing Department of the Government of Dubai Avad Alsegaire, today oil gives only 14% of revenues to the Emirate budget. 65% are income from commerce and up to 20% – from tourism. Trade takeoff is provided by the fact that our interlocutor called "Cashless paradise", Created in Dubai. Stability in all areas of life, progressive development of the economy, the highest standard of living, care for cleanliness, practical absence of crime – all this allows you to call these edges "Middle East Switzerland". However, the Swiss remains only to dream of such tax policies, as well as a lot of other. For example, a young mother received 20 thousand for the birth of a child. Dollars and plot of land, or that the state pays for the training of its citizen in any university of the world. And in terms of modern architectural entourage Dubai can give a hundred points ahead at least someone – there are no such funeral skyscrapers and in Manhattan.

Is it surprising that to see all this, relax, and at the same time buy something, more and more tourists come here. Moreover, last year, the Russians amounted to the second after guests from the countries of the Persian Gulf group – 205.5 thousand. Man – ahead of tourists from all other combined Arab countries and British, traditionally eligible for visa-free entry into the former protectorate.

Surprise for a surprise

The area of ​​tourism, according to al-Sgayer, is based on three whales – security, perfect infrastructure and saturation of fascinating events. As for the first, safety is provided not only by the perfectly functioning police, but in general, extremely low crime in the country. Network of upscale hotels, smooth water supply (this is anhydrous desert). air conditioners in any closed space – from the car to the hall of the hotels, highways with not "melting" Under the sewing sun asphalt, hollow personnel in hotels Plus widespread cleanliness (for the paper abandoned to the sidewalk can be firmly fined, and in the store the seller cuts cheese in surgical gloves) – this is the components of the second "whale".

Speaking about the third "Kite", al-sgayer constantly used the word "surprise". It is for something unusual betting local tourism organizers. For example, in July, the competitions of skating, skaters and hockey players on artificial skating rinks took place during the week, the competitions of ice sculptures were held. And for those who prefer the role of the viewer in the sports competition, organized a competition for the speeding eating ice cream. In the same month, the week was assigned to demonstrations of art culinary professionals and lovers.

Another week passed under the sign "Flower surprises". Over 600 thousand were reduced to Dubai. The best florists showed their most beautiful colors from all over the world, the competition was held for the most intricate hairstyle decorated with flowers. In conclusion – Ball of colors, carnival procession. under rain. Naturally, floral, since the usual here will not wait. Then – a two-week cycle of exhibitions of the traditional life of Bedouins, performances of folklore groups. His, already in August, changed the week "Water surprises": Picturesque contests of colorful yachts with swollen sails, no less brightly colored waters, swimming tournaments and water polo. And still fishing. And surprise that can become burdensome for family budget – pearl exhibition. White is relatively inexpensive, but a small black thread can pull thousands of four dollars.

But back to a pleasant. In mid-August, a new weekly portion – "Techno surprises". Space costume contests, solid fiction, aliens and flying plates. And there is a week "World Surprises", during which the rigor of the heroes of the most popular animated series. In November, another surprise – the appearance of the coast of Dubai elegant snow-white 74-meter yacht "Lily Marlene" With 25 suites, ready to make four-day. and more brief cruises along the coast of the Emirate.

Isn’t a surprise – to see in the midst of the desert similar to the building of the MSU building, the entrance of which is decorated with two cyclopic size guitars? This cafe "Hard rock", Included in the world chain of restaurants born in the homeland "Beatles". Cafe is an extra evidence that such different cultures are encouraged on the Earth and peacefully coexist. Tourist can only choose. Let’s say, on the evening to schedule the way out "Hard rock", And the beginning of the day spend on camel runs.

Dubai lives on the covenants of Mayakovsky

I must say that dromaders compete with Eastovo. Dumbfounded by crochemides – kids up to eight years old, and customized with their fans carrying in jeeps on a parallel road and desperately by signing and screaming, camels laid out to the end. After the finish, when they are trying to hippodrome employees, they are long moved by subtle strong legs, they give up the sides, throw militant views on their recent rivals and powerfully foam foam, which is unsafe for those who are trying to take pictures of them from close range.

Calculations are built on the sand

Dubai organizers of tourism took into account that among the visits come across the fans of the mountain skiing, simply not thinking without them. By providing such guests with special mono skiing with sticks, they will be dismissed on the highway, which runs on the slopes of high vehicles. Among visitors it is almost as popular as a camel riding – an unnecessary evidence that the calculations are not built here in the sand, although. on the sand.

Organizers of our journey Moscow company "INTERTUR" and their local partners from "Desert Adventures Tourism" Invented for us, something no less exciting – Safari on jeeps on the high and steep vegans. Immersed with those who are thrown into one car, our driver Cader took on the management of the entire ten-haired cavalcade. With a monstrous speed of soaring on the ridge of a cool vegan, he gave orders to the rest of the cell phone with a military challenge, how and who to make another jerk to journalists, at this point the jumped out of the car and the positions in the slopes were more interesting to shoot. After that, already with us, after a time he demonstrated, as such an exercise should make a true speaker – such as he. It is CATER, raising the clouds of grains, the first rushed to cut off his colleagues, from time to time felt in the sand.

I think we all deserved that that day with the sunset was able to translate the spirit under the awake of Bedouin Tents. behind kebabs and drinks, with a full moon watching belly dance performed by a plastic dancer. No matter how cauting the effect made, in conclusion she also demonstrated a purely circus room – devouring of fire. However, against the background of all the rest, it is no longer too and impressed.

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