Dubai Marina – World of skyscrapers

Dubai Marina (Dubai Marina) is an area in the western city of Dubai. The area is considered an elite resort, and the prices of real estate here is inferior only by the Downtown district. Despite the high status, there are several hotels that are quite affordable for the average Russian tourist. In this article, let’s talk about the pros and cons relatives in Dubai Marina, beaches, hotels, entertainment.

Prices and other information in this article are relevant on February 4, 2021.

Latest news

On February 1, 2021, a new water park Jungle Bay opened in Dubai Marina. Water park is located on the territory of LE Meridien and Westin Mina Seyahi, which is in the east of the district, near the Mina Seyahi tram station.

The water park is small – only 6 slides for adults and a large children’s zone. Input price: 200 Dirhams on weekdays and 250 dirhams on weekends. Expensive, but not far from popular hotels. For guests Le Meridien and Westin Mina Seyahi Visit Included in the price.

Where is the Dubai Marina Area

Dubai Marina is located in the west of Dubai, along the coast, between the areas of Jebel Ali and Al-Sufuh, which is often ranked with Jumeyr. On the right, see the city map with the designation of areas, click on the map to enlarge.

Figures and facts

Dubai Marina – the second most small area of ​​the city of Dubai – only 4 square kilometers, less downtown (2 kV.KM.).

The area is built around a man-made harbor of a 3 kilometer long, the word "marina" is translated as "Harbor for Yachts".

The construction of the area began in 2003 and now almost ended. At the end of the construction of Dubai Marina should be the largest man-made harbor for yachts in the world, overtaking Marina del Rey in California, USA. All residential complexes will accommodate up to 120,000 inhabitants, for which all necessary infrastructure will be here – shopping centers, restaurants, shops, casual services.

The exact cost of the project is still unknown, it is still not considered, but the first phase of construction – the development of the first 10 hectares with the first six towers cost 1.2 billion US dollars. Make calculations will be difficult, as construction is carried out both in the money of the city and private companies, but there are estimates of experts about 15 billion US dollars.

Project Customer – Emaar Properties (controlled by the Government of Dubai Emirate), famous for many projects, including famous: Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Dubai Fountains, Dubai Opera. Now Emaar is embarking on the construction of the next highest building of the world – Tower Dubai Creek Tower.

Jumeirah Beach Quarter (Jumeirah Beach Residence or JBR) is a "heart" area. The JBR built 200 high-rise buildings, of which 40 skyscrapers height from 250 to 516 meters. The highest of them is a pentominium skyscraper with a height of 516 meters, but it is still under construction.

In different parts of the district there are more than 40 hotels of different categories. Many apartments and apartments for rent to tourists. The number of locations in the area of ​​Dubai Marina comes far over 1000 options. Recreation here have bright pros and cons, talk about them in detail.


First plus – Great choice of hotels. In Dubai, Marina has a dozen accommodation options for 60-80 dollars per night, which is quite accessible to the average Russian tourist. A selection of hotels 5 stars for gorgeous rest is the best in all Arab Emirates.

Second plus – This is the location of these hotels within walking distance from the beach and from Dubai metro. In Dubai, it is usually necessary to choose – or the hotel is inexpensive, but you need to go to a taxi or subway to the beach, or the hotel near the coast, but the prices are proceedable. In the Dubai Marina area there are affordable hotels in 15 minutes walk from the beach.

Third plus – Local JBB Beach is recognized as one of the best in the UAE. If he was in Europe, it would definitely deserve the "Blue Flag". Clean sea, locker rooms and toilets, everything is clean and removed, near a lot of cafes and bars.

Fourth plus – Magnificent transport accessibility. From any hotel or residence in Dubai Marina, you can reach the metro station for a maximum of 20 minutes. Further, quickly and cheap can be reached any attractions of the city.

Fifth plus – Developed infrastructure of the district. In Dubai, Marina has its own large shopping center, cinemas, hundreds of restaurants and snack bars, children’s playgrounds, shops – from cheap grocery to fashionable clothing boutiques.

About the beach, hotels, restaurants and entertainment We will talk in detail later.


The first minus – everything is expensive. Have you ever paid for the day rent of the lounge chaiseing the amount for which this chaise lounge can be bought? In Dubai Marina Rent a deck chair for a day costs 110 dirhams! Current course, see our article "UAE Currency". Prices in stores, cafes and services in hotels 1.5-2 times higher than in Deyre or Dr. Dubai.

The second minus – far from the airport. Go on the subway through the whole city, and even more so after the tedious flight – the pleasure of dubious. And not with any volume of baggage you can ride the subway, which we wrote in detail in the article "From Dubai Airport to the City".

At a taxi, the trip will cost 75-100 Dirhams, see the tariffs in our article "Taxi in the UAE". Riding a taxi will have about an hour (if the plugs, then and two hours), which is not very pleasant after the tedious flight.

Third minus – Weekend "thrown out of vacation". Weekends in the Arab Emirates are Friday and Saturday, what we talked in detail in the article "Friday and Weekend in the UAE". It is better to spend these days on the beach, as the shopping centers are overcrowded, there are a lot of people on the sights. But the beach of JBr on the weekend is going on something unimaginable, it is literally not to pour. What is the rest here?

Fourth minus – Politics Hotels. Every hotel in Dubai Marina has its ideas about how to sell their services to tourists. Some hotels work only with tour operators, to book them via the Internet is impossible. Some on the contrary – the tour operators do not work at all, that is, the tour can not be bought in such a hotel. Some work only with certain booking sites. Buying a tour or booking here is a real adventure, and not particularly pleasant.

In detail about these minuses we will be talked further in the course of our article.

Beach Dubai Marina

In Dubai Marina there are two objects that are so called. The first is the JBR Beach (JBR Beach), this is the beach in the usual understanding of this word – the sea, sand, on the sand of the sun bed, over beds toilets and locker rooms. Walk from any hotel in Dubai Marina to JBB Beach no more than 20 minutes.

All Public Beach. That is, if in some place did not like the water or too noisy, or there are some unpleasant neighbors next, then just go on the beach and bathe there.

The beach begins "The Beach" – this is an open-air shopping center, built by Meraas Holding, which belongs to Sheikh Mohammed Ibn-Rashid al-Maktumu, the ruler of Dubai, you can read about it in our article "Sheikh Arab Emirates ".

Why we tell about it? First, it is possible to walk in swimsuits only on the beach JBR, it is impossible to stop the "Beach". Secondly, if some plate contains the word "beach", it is not necessary to show on the beach, it is likely to the Beach shopping center.

JRB Beach about 2 kilometers long. Empty – sun beds, umbrellas, toilets, locker rooms, on duty Lyfgarts, there are special cranes with fresh water to wash off the sand from the beach. Territory clean, work cleaners.

Toilets and locker rooms for free, sun beds and umbrellas for a fee – 110 dirhams for one, 195 for two. However, no one forbids straight on the sand on his towel, it is still free.

Assortment of entertainment on the beach is higher than any estimates. About a dozen water sports centers sell rides on water bikes, "bananas", inflatable boats and water skiing on a tug, flights on a parachute over the sea. Speaking easier, full range of beach entertainment. There are several unique attractions that we will talk later in this article, in the "What to do".

Along the beach there are two hundred bars, cafes, restaurants, eaters and fast foods. In some sell beer, but have to search. We do not advise a lot of "take on the chest", with the smell it is quite possible to "fall" to a fine, what we spoke in the article "Alcohol in the UAE". Bring alcohol with you not recommend. Recall that the beach is a public place, and the drinking here is punishable in the Criminal Code, what we talked in the article "What is impossible to the UAE".

On weekdays here relatively free. However, local residents come to the weekend and holidays on the beach JBR, and here people relax "like sprats in a tin can". Friday and Saturday is better not to go to the beach JBR, but to do something else.

Hotels and prices

In the Dubai Marina area of ​​about 40 full-fledged hotels. Most – "Pyats", a little "fourth" and several "tricks". In addition to hotels, hundreds of apartments and apartments are offered for rent. Some hotels are actually apartments. The number of accommodation options exceeds a thousand – for every taste and wallet.

The cheapest option is the beds in common rooms. In the UAE there is no concept of "hostel", instead we will pass the beds in the rooms. The bed can be booked for 20-30 dollars. If we decided to such an option, then pay attention that the rooms are strictly or men’s, or women’s. See, do not make a mistake when booking.

Cheap hotels – price 60-90 dollars per night. They are located far from the beach. At first there is a beach area, then the line of buildings, then the harbor for yachts, and then the line of buildings in which low-cost hotels are. Get ready to go to the beach 15-20 minutes fast.

For 100 or more dollars per night you can rent a room in the hotel or apartments in the first place of buildings. Go to the beach 5-10 minutes.

The most expensive rooms in hotels directly on the beach, this is a real first beach line. Among them: The Ritz-Carlton Dubai – 300 dollars per night, Le Royal Meridien – $ 250 per night, Rixos Premium – 210 dollars per night, Hilton Dubai Jumeirah – $ 220 per night, DoubleTree by Hilton – 270 dollars per night, Sheraton Jumeirah – 130 dollars per night.

If you decide to relax in Dubai Marina by tourist, then get ready for a unpleasant surprise. The fact is that tours search systems do not distinguish different areas of Dubai. I want to press the Dubai Marina tick and see the list, but it will not work. Will have to search for hotels by name manual. In this case, it is even better to ask for search hotels in Turagent.

Reservations of hotels where "smarter", they distinguish areas. For example, in Booking.COM You can choose Dubai Marina and see the list.

However, there is a unpleasant surprise. Each hotel in Dubai Marina has its own booking policy. Some hotels are available only by ways and in open booking systems (Booking.Com, Hotellook.Com, Agoda.COM) there are no. Some do not cooperate with the tour operators and it is impossible to get into them on the way. Some work exclusively with some one booking system, for example, with Zenhotels.COM or AccorHotels.Com. Full confusion.

In such a situation, we sincerely wish all our readers to choose the most appropriate hotel and book it on the first attempt, and with a discount or by the promotion.


On the border of the Dubai Marina district there are two metro stations Dubai. These are the stations "DMCC" and "Dubai Marina" (up to 25.eleven.20 was called "Damac") on the first (red) branch. Look at the metro scheme in our article "Dubai Metro". From any hotel to the nearest station on foot no more than 20 minutes.

Dubai tram in the district passes through the district. Tram makes here a circle between hotels, JBR Beach, Dubai Marina Mall shopping center, metro stations. On the tram moving around the Dubai Marina area is very convenient and inexpensive. Read our detailed article "Dubai Tram". The tram is convenient to get to Palm Jumeirah station, where you can transfer to Monorails in AquaVenture Water Park and Oceanarium The Lost Chambers.

In the Dubai Marina area stops buses 8 and 84. By bus 84 you can get to the shopping center Mall of Emirates and the artificial ski slope Ski Dubai.

Bus route 8 one of the most useful for tourists. You can get to Wild Wadi Aquapark and Burj Al-Arab Hotel, Jumeira Mosque, Jumeira Museum, Commonwealth Museum, Madina Jumeira, and ends the route near the Gold Market.

Using buses in the UAE Our tourists are unusual, here is a complex train payment system and a lot of unusual rules. Read our detailed article "Buses to the UAE".

Things to do

TC Dubai Marina Mall

Small (in Dubai standards) shopping center. Trade area – 36,000 kV.M., 4 floors. TC is located on the far from the beach (near to the Sheikh Zaid’s highway) side of the harbor.

Opening hours: From Sunday, on Wednesday – from 10:00 to 22:00. On Thursday, Friday, Saturday – from 10:00 to 23:00.

Here are two dozen cafe, restaurants and fast foods. From familiar to Russian tourists: McDonalds, Cinnabon, Starbucks and Baskin-Robbins.

There is one institution that knows the geography of tourists to culture shock, the diner is called "Doner and Gyros from Berlin and Chicago".

On the floor P there is a boutique of Bateel, where you can buy dates of elite varieties, we spoke about them in the article "Date in the UAE". On the floor P is the only exchanger in the shopping center, read the currency exchange in our article "How to change money in the UAE". Alcohol Store African + Eastern.

Several dozen shops, from familiar Russians brands: Adidas, Ecco, Diesel, Guess, H&M, Levi`s, Mothercare. We note the relatively large store of LEGO, not indifferent to designers and games will enjoy.

Among the entertainment in Dubai Marina Mall there is a playground and a cinema of 6 halls. Shops and entertainment in Dubai Marina Mall tourists are enough for one evening. Avid shopping lovers for a couple of evenings.

Read our detailed review "Dubai Marina Mall".


Dubai Marina - World of skyscrapers

The world’s largest inflatable water park. What it looks like? Let’s try to explain. It is very similar to popular children’s inflatable trampolines in Russia, but on the water. Watch the photo near, click on the photo to enlarge.

Here you need to run, jump, clogged onto the slides, roll from them, tumbling, fall into the water and climb back.

The complex has dimensions of 77×35 meters. The entrance is limited – no more than 350 people at the same time. However, there are no many people here – the price "bites". Hour fun in Aquafun costs 150 dirhams. Rescue vest gave free. At the time of updating this article (February 4, 2021) there is a discount of up to 105 dirhams when buying a ticket through the site.

Aquafun is located in the center of JBR Beach, 30 meters from the shore. Find easy – complex can be seen almost from any point of the beach. Opening hours: from 9:00 to 19:00.

If you look from the height, the outlines of the Aquafun complex are evaporated the word "Dubai". The founder and owner of Aquafun – Ahmed Ben Chaiba now opened the second Park in the emirate Abu Dhabi, here the outlines form the phrase "I (heart) AD", decipher "I love Abu Dhabi".

Splash Pad

Large and interesting rossing park. This is an aquatic amusement park for children with springs. This format is now very popular in the UAE.

Splash Pad Park is designed for children from 1 to 12 years. Price – 75 Dirhams for 2 hours, 99 Dirhams for a whole day. Payment only for the child, adults along with children are free.

The park is well organized. Over the platforms there are awnings from the sun, on duty of life, water is heated in the winter months.

Children with age 1 and 2 years must be in the splash pad park in a special diaper. If the diaper did not take care in advance, you can buy at the entrance. Children older than 4 years accompany not necessarily, you can leave on the care of the litters, but you need to leave your phone number, for what you need to buy a local SIM card in advance. Read about it in our article "How to call from the UAE".

Splash Pad Park is located in the center of JBR Beach, opposite the Roxy Cinemas cinema, near the hotel Hilton. Opening hours: from 9:00 to 20:00.


The most extreme entertainment in the Dubai Marina. This is the so-called "zip-line" – a ride on a cable.

The cable is stretched between one of the steensions of Amwaj Towers and the roof of the Dubai Marina Mall shopping center. Cable length – 1 kilometer, angle of inclination – 16 degrees, a height difference – 170 meters, the slip speed is up to 80 kilometers per hour, for the first 2.5 seconds, the visitor accelerates to 60 kilometers per hour – like a powerful sports car! Here are two cable at once – you can ride a chance.

Restrictions are valid: age – from 12 to 65 years, height from 1.3 meters, weight – from 50 to 100 kilograms.

Pleasure was not like – 650 Dirhams per person, 1200 for two. Tickets need to be booked in advance through the site xDubai.Com

After booking, the visitor receives an email where the time is indicated. At this time, you need to arrive at the floor p shopping center Dubai Marina Mall, where to pass weighing and short medical examination. Attention! Need to have a passport. Next, the XLINE command holds on the AMWAJ Tower.

On the helmets installed Gopro cameras, after flying, get a video and photos, it will remember that.

Pier 7

This is the main place for gourmet – a large building with 7 floors and 7 restaurants on these floors.

On the seventh floor, the Atelier M restaurant is French cuisine adapted under the norms of Islam.

On the sixth floor, ASIA Asia Restaurant – Panasian cuisine.

On the fifth floor Restaurant ABD El Wahab – Oriental fish kitchen and seafood.

On the fourth floor Restaurant The Scene – British cuisine.

On the third floor, restaurant Cargo – Panasian cuisine, design in the style of Hong Kong 60s.

On the second floor Restaurant O Cacti – Mexican and Mediterranean cuisines.

On the first floor, the FUME restaurant is very diverse dishes, but all original and interesting.

If they gathered in dinner in one of the restaurants of Pier 7, then take with you 200 dirhams per person at least. Pier 7 complex is located on a small island in the harbor, next to the Dubai Mall Mall shopping center.

Good to know

– "Santa" tourists in Dubai manage to save on everything. Even in transport, you can safely save, if you use the rule "30 minutes" and select the optimal type of ticket. Read our article "NOL Dubai Map";

– Smokers to relax in Dubai Marina is difficult. Most of the rooms have no smoking rooms, there are no balconies, smoking need to go outside. If you smoke, you must specify this moment when choosing a hotel. About the rules of smoking, read in our article "Smoking and Cigarettes in the UAE";

– Most of the sights of Dubai are more convenient to watch on their own, good in the city there is a subway. But other Emirates are often more convenient to ride with excursions. Read our article "Excursions in Dubai".

We wish you a pleasant stay in Dubai Marina, and read our useful and interesting articles about the UAE (Links below).

Dubai Marina - World of skyscrapers

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