Dubai Metro – Prices and Scheme

Metro Dubai city is extremely popular with tourists. It allows you to quickly and cheap to get to the main attractions, shopping centers or popular public beaches of the city.

Important news of May 4, 2021

From May 4, 2021, RTA (Dubai Transportation Management) fully refused to use paper receipts for fines. Now, if you are fined in the subway, then the receipt will come to the email address you specified. There are no more paper penalties and no longer.

But better read this article carefully not to violate the rules and do not fall under the fines.

And more important information

Now the month of Ramadan. Metro schedule in the current Ramadan is the same as usual. The detailed schedule is below in this article.

Changes in 2021

From 10-00 January 1, 2021, the first 4 stations of the new branch of The Route 2020 earned. On our map below, this new branch is depicted with purple color. Stations: Jebel Ali, The Gardens, Discovery Gardens, Al Furjan. The remaining 3 stations will open later in 2021. Travel on a new branch at a standard price. Interval of movement – 10 minutes. Opening hours of a new branch: from 5-00 to midnight all days except Friday. Friday from 10-00 to 01-00 (Saturdays).


On November 25, 2020, 5 stations of Dubai metro were renamed. Work on renaming (change of signs, changing schemes and the like) started 25.eleven.20, will continue for several months. Changes are as follows: Al Fahidi -> Sharaf DG; First ABU Dhabi Bank -> Umm Al Sheef; Noor Bank -> Al Safa; Damac -> Dubai Marina; Nakheel -> Al Khail.

Metro Map Below in this article takes into account these renaming, as well as renaming three stations in May 2020. Unfortunately, now almost all Metro Metro Cards on the Internet are old, be careful, use only the current card.

Metro vs taxi

If you compare with a taxi, the metro often takes faster, as traffic jams on the roads constantly happen in Dubai. The metro greatly wins the price of travel prices on the subway, we will tell you in this article, read the prices of travel in a taxi in our article "Taxi prices in the UAE".

However, in Dubai Metro Tourists, there are many difficulties – confusing tariffs, confusion with the names of stations, problems with the choice of tickets, as well as special cars. Talk about all this in detail.

Dubai Metro Scheme

Dubai’s entire city is divided into 7 zones, the metro station is only 4 of these zones – 1, 2, 5, 6. Separation to zones is used to calculate the cost of travel, let it talk about in detail below in this article.

Now in the subway dubai three branches – red (first), green (second) and Route 2020. Red and green branches intersect at Union Stations (Union) and Burjuman (Burzhaman). Route 2020 branch goes from the Jebel Ali station to Expocentre.

Route 2020 branch has already been built. On July 8, it was officially opened by the ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed Ibn-Rashid Al-Mackum. Sheikh Mohammed and officials even rolled by train. But so far only 4 stations out of 7 are open for the general public. January 1, 2021 earned the first 4 stations Jebel Ali, The Gardens, Discovery Gardens, Al Furjan. The remaining three stations Jumeirah Golf Estates, Dubai Investment Park, 2020 Expo later (so far without accurate time).

Next to the names of the stations in English, we indicated transcription in Russian.

We also indicated the scheme 18 of the main attractions of the city of Dubai. See the bottom table of their names and numbers, and on the diagram itself they are shown near the nearest metro stations in blue circles with numbers.

Below is the diagram of lines and metro stations Dubai, click to enlarge. Owners of smartphones and tablets, we recommend turning the device into a horizontal state.

If any inscriptions look too small, then use the approach – with two fingers on smartphones and tablets, mouse wheel with a pinch key Ctrl (Control) on landlocked computers.

Rename stations

In some old stations name schemes, there may be different. In total, over the period of the dubai metro station, 17 stations were renamed.

– The Jebel Ali station is renamed to UAE Exchange;

– Jebel Ali Industrial station is renamed Danube;

– Dubai Marina station is renamed Damac;

– Burj Khalifa station is renamed Burj Khalifa / Dubai Mall;

– Station Al Karama is renamed ADBC;

– Station Khalid Bin Al Waleed is renamed Burjuman;

– SAEEDIYA station is renamed Al Fahidi;

– FIRST GULF BANK station is renamed to First Abu Dhabi Bank;

– Station Jumeirah Lakes Towers is renamed DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Center);

In May 2020, 3 stations were renamed at once:

– Sharaf DG station is renamed to Mashreq;

– Palm Deira station is renamed Gold Souq;


In November 2020, 5 stations were renamed at once:

– Station Al Fahidi is renamed to Sharaf DG;

– Station First ABU Dhabi Bank is renamed Umm Al Sheef;

– NOOR Bank station is renamed Al Safa;

– Damac station is renamed Dubai Marina;

– Nakheel is renamed Al Khail;

But a little know the names and location of the stations, each subway has its own features that it is important to talk in detail.

Work time and traffic intervals

The metro in Dubai is working:

– Thursday: Red branch from 5-00 to 1-00 Friday, green branch from 5-30 to 1-00 Friday;

– Friday: Red branch from 10-00 to 1-00 Saturday, Green branch from 10-00 to 1-00 Saturday;

– Other days: Red branch from 5-00 to 24-00, Green branch from 5-30 to 24-00.

Important moment! The end time is indicated on the arrival of the last trains to the end stations. That is, in 01-00 or 24-00 the final closes, and not final stations close even earlier when the latest trains are departed from them.

Train intervals do not exceed 3.5 minutes. There are a delay of movement when you have to wait 5 minutes and more.

Need to choose the right car!

In the subway, Dubai not all cars are the same. Their three types: ordinary (silver), gold and female.

In the usual (silver) car can drive anyone for the standard tariff.

In the women’s car (or female half of the car) only women and children under 12 years old may be. Men in such a car can finf by fines we will talk in detail below in this article. Tariff Standard, levels of convenience does not differ from the usual (silver) wagon. Each train has one female wagon (or half of the car).

Female wagon can be easily recognized by signs with silhouettes of a woman and child over the entrances and pink warning signs (on the photo next, click on the photo to enlarge). If you still got into such a car, you will immediately understand this clearly disapproving looks of women around.

In the gold carriage just paid the tariff "Gold", these are the wagons "first class". Here are leather seats of large size, armrests, the distance between the seats is more – more place. These cars are freer, even in the peak hours there is no push. You can buy a trip at the tariff "Gold" any person, you only need to pay a double price tag. About the tariffs will talk further.

Internet access via WiFi is available in all cars and free.

Types of tickets

In the subway, Dubai for payment uses contactless cards, they are called "NOL Card" or "NOL Ticket". This card can be paid not only by the subway, but also buses, tram, water buses, ferries and parking in Dubai.

Use the NOL ticket to the subway just. At the entrance and exit you need to lean it to the turnstile. When you exit the display will reflect information about the money balance on the account account (in the case of gold and silver cards). However, NOL card has several important features of the work that you need to know the tourist. Read our article "Map NOL".

NOL cards can be bought at office at any metro station and at 7 bus stations in Dubai: Al Gubaiba Bus Station, Jebel Ali Bus Station, Gold Souq Bus Station, Sabkha Bus Station, Airport Terminal 1, Airport Terminal 2, Airport Terminal 3. Cassians take only Dirhams, change the money in advance, read our article "Currency exchange in the UAE".

There are 4 types of tickets: Red (NOL RED), Silver (NOL Silver), Golden (NOL GOLD) and Blue (NOL BLUE). About each type Let’s tell you in detail below.

Prices and tariffs

Tariffs in Dubai Metro complex. We will try to tell about them as simple as possible and omit some tariffs that are not available for tourists.

– T1 – a disposable trip within one zone;

– T2 – a disposable trip to the adjacent zone;

– T3 – a disposable trip through the zone or on;

– 1day – unlimited use of the subway for one day;

– 7daySt1 – Unlimited trip within the same zone for 7 days;

– 7dayst2 – unlimited trips within the same zone and in the neighboring for 7 days;

– 7dayst3 – Unlimited trips within 7 days;

– All these tariffs are available in the form of "Gold" – travel in a gold car, the price is always 2 times higher.

There are travels for 30, 90 and 365 days, but they are only available on the NOL BLUE card, which only residents of the UAE can be issued.

Red ticket (NOL RED Ticket)

Best suited for tourists. You buy this ticket for 2 dirhams and immediately pay for a trip (or a few). You can pay a trip at T1, T2 or T3 tariff. Actual course of Dirhama, see our article "Money in the UAE".

Features NOL RED:

– After the first use, do not throw away the ticket, you can write up to 9 more trips;

– Do not attempt to use NOL RED ticket for several people, it will not work. Everyone needs his own ticket, otherwise the system will not release through the turnstile;

– Ticket is valid 90 days;

– Only in NOL RED is available 1day rate (1 day) – unlimited use of the metro during the day;

– Tariffs 7days (7 days) in NOL RED are not available;

– On the NOL RED ticket you can record "Gold" trip. For tourists, it is very convenient, because I want to ride in a gold car at least once, and there is no sense to buy a golden ticket (NOL GOLD);

– Tariff 1day (1 day) can be bought in the form of "GOLD";

– You can buy NOL RED and you can only replenish it in automata that is at each metro station;

– When you use a ticket 10 times, it will become invalid, you can pick up with me as a souvenir from the UAE.

Below the price table for NOL RED:

Rate T1 T2 T3 T1 (GOLD) T2 (GOLD) T3 (Gold) 1day 1day (Gold)
Price, Dirhamov 4 6 8.5 eight 12 17 twenty 40

For tourists this ticket is convenient if you want to go to watch a couple of times. View Attractions. If you plan more often, for example, on the beach or shopping centers, it is more profitable and more convenient to buy NOL SILVER CARD.

Silver Card (NOL Silver Card)

This is a card with an electronic wallet. You buy a NOL SILVER card for 25 dirhams, 19 of them "fall" to the account. The automatic system remembers the input and output station and detects the desired amount from the electronic wallet (selects the tariff T1, T2 or T3 itself).

Features NOL SILVER:

– NOL SILVER card can be bought and replenished at the box office and automata (in the photo on the right, click on the photo to increase);

– 7days (7 days) are available on this map – unlimited trips within 7 days;

– The rate of 1day (1 day) is not available;

– Tariffs 30days, 90days and 365days are not available;

– "GOLD" tariffs are not available in any form;

– NOL SILVER card is valid 5 years. The account can be replenished up to 1000 dirhams;

– You can check the balance on any station near the cashier. Attach a map to a special red device;

– If you do not lean the card at the end of the trip, the trip is counted at the maximum rate;

– When leaving the LCD display on the turnstile will show the balance on the account on the map.

Rate T1 T2 T3 7Dayst1 7Dayst2 7Dayst3
Price, Dirhamov 3 5 7.5 50 80 110

Attentive readers noticed lower prices for travel in case of using NOL SILVER Card. Consider that the ticket itself costs 6 Dirhams (against 2 dirhams for red), and on the 5th trip he pays for itself.

Gold ticket (NOL GOLD CARD)

According to the principles of work and the rules of use, no different from NOL Silver Card. Difference only in the passage in Golden Vagon.

Features NOL GOLD:

– Allows you to drive in a gold car in the subway or tram;

– If you are going in transport, where there is no Gold class (for example, in buses), the fee is charged from the standard (Silver) tariff (Silver).

Rate T1 (GOLD) T2 (GOLD) T3 (Gold) 7Dayst1 (Gold) 7DayST2 (Gold) 7Dayst3 (Gold)
Price, Dirhamov 6 ten 15 100 160 220

If you want more comfortable trips, take NOL GOLD Card, but do not forget to take into account the high prices in the recreation budget. Read our article "How much money to take in the UAE".

Blue (NOL BLUE CARD) and personal tickets

Only residents of the UAE are available. Blue card with photo owner is issued on request on the RTA website, when registering, you need to specify your UAE ID. All travels for 30 days and more accessible only by NOL Blue Card. On this map you can get a discount (50%) for students, elderly and disabled.

NOL BLUE Map Personalified. That is, when you lose it, you can restore, money from the account will not disappear. Residents of the UAE can personify their NOL SILVER and NOL GOLD cards. A loyalty program is available.

What is prohibited and fines

The most common unpleasant situation among tourists is when mistaken and inattention goes to the "Golden" car. Second common oversight – when men enter a female car. Penalty in both cases – 100 dirhams.

Dubai Metro - Prices and Scheme

Attention! The controller is in every train. Controllers annually discharge about 10,000 fines for travel in an incorrect car.

Most often for these two violations of tourists are not fine, but are limited to the warning and transplant the passenger to the desired car. We do not recommend relying on it and try to drive in the "Gold" car for free. The measure of punishment will determine the controller, will be in the poor arrangement of the Spirit, will finish.

Some tourists are trying to pay for a silver ticket and take gold with them to make control. Such a "Fint ears" Dubai Metro Administration found back in 2012, and from that time the controllers check tickets not only externally, but also read from the ticket information about the paid trip. Do not do it, fine – 200 Dirhams.

In the photo near the salon "Golden" car, click to enlarge. Decide ourselves – whether there is a passage here risk to get such a fine?

Cannot sleep at stations. Penalty – 300 Dirhams.

In the subway, Dubai can not eat, drink, smoke and even chew chewing gum. Fine – 100 Dirhams.

It is impossible to carry alcohol even in a closed form even in bags. Fine – 100 Dirhams. This rule acts despite the liberal amendments on November 8, 2020.

Moreover, it is impossible to drain and be drunk in the subway, as in any public place in the UAE, as we talked about in the article "Alcohol in the Arab Emirates".

Do not sit on the seats for disabled and pregnant women. Even if there are no such people near such people, it is impossible to sit on these places. Fine – 100 Dirhams.

Be careful with emergency buttons and emergency connections (on the photo next, click to enlarge). For their use without the need fine 2000 Dirhams.

You can not put your feet on the seat, spoil and pack cars and stations, throwing trash, transport animals, noise and interfere with other passengers. For all this, penalties from 100 dirhams are provided.

And now the penalty joke from the Dubai Metro administration: you can not distract the driver! Recall that the Metro Dubai is fully automatic, the driver is not here at all. How can it be distracted if it is not? Naturally, this item of the Rules implies drivers of buses, but this is not specified in the rules. We hope, by the time you read this article, they will remove this item from information booklets or at least add the word "buses".

And, of course, in the subway there are all the general prohibitions and the laws of the Arab Emirates, we talked about them in detail in the article "What is impossible in the Arab Emirates".

Interesting Facts

– Metro Dubai is still the only one in the Arab Emirates. Perhaps the metro will appear in Abu Dhabi, but while the project is frozen, which is not surprising with oil prices 40-45 dollars per barrel;

– Duma Dubai Metro use 500,000 people;

– RTA declares that the punctuality of the work of trains is 99%. If so, then this is a world record;

– Total Line Length: 74.6 kilometers. Dubai metro – this is the world’s largest automatic public transport system. In the tense struggle for this title, Dubai metro won Vancouver Skytrain in Canada;

– Power supply voltage – 750 volts. Fortunately, falling on the rails and touch the contact rail is impossible here, since the paths from the perrone are separated by a glass fence, and passengers pass through the glass gates, which are open only after stopping the train (on the photo on the left, click on the photo to increase);

– The total cost of construction of the metro system in Dubai was supposed to be 15.5 billion dirhams (4.2 billion US dollars). In fact, 28 billion dirhams were spent (7.8 billion US dollars);

– Construction work began 05.05.2005, and ended 09.09.2009. The red line was solemnly open 09.09.2009, green 09.09.2011. In both cases, the ceremony was spent by Sheikh Mohammed Ibn-Rashid Al-Maktum (Ruler Dubai);

– Metro Dubai One of the most eco-friendly in the world. Even water that washed trains is used again by 80%;

– About 4,000 video surveillance cameras have been installed in the Dubai Metro. "Big brother looks at you!";

– The total length of the red branch is 52.1 km, green – 22.5 km;

– The design of each of the stations is made on one of five topics: heritage, land, air, water or fire. Close to design and interior at stations, you will notice this;

– All wagons and stations are equipped with air conditioning, inside comfortable and in the summer in a 40-degree heat, and cold evenings in winter. About the weather in Dubai Read our article "Weather and the Beach season in the UAE".

Plans for the future

In 2011, Dubai authorities stated that they were going to actively develop the subway. They planned to build another blue, purple, pink and yellow branches, extend the red branch of 15.5 kilometers and green another 11 kilometers. I even walked rumors about the construction of the subway in Sharjju and Ajman.

But then in 2014 the prices of oil fell, and about these "Napoleonic" plans had to forget. The money was only enough to open all planned stations on the laid ways.

One new metro branch was still built – this is Route 2020. It starts from the Jabel Ali station (former Nakheel Harbor and Tower) and goes about 15 kilometers to the place of World Expo. New stations are located in the districts of Dubai Investment Park, Green Community and Discovery Gardens. But because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the World Expo 2020 exhibition has become World EXPO 2021, and the opening time (fully) for general access of the new branch was postponed by 2021.

And an important point

On the Metro Dubai Allowed to ride with a large luggage from the airport and to the airport. Details in our article "How to get from Dubai to the city".

Successful and rapid movement in Dubai, and read our useful articles for tourists about the Arab Emirates (Links below).

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Is it possible to go threesome on one Silver?

Alexander – Glavred site

Everyone needs his own ticket. Sign in you can, then you can not go out.

good day! Thanks for the excellent information. Easy and accessible, but the metro tickets are some kind of a puzzle for tourists. If I buy a red ticket, I must block some quota on it or you can pay for travel every time. If I know what moves in the first zone. thanks for the answer.

Alexander – Glavred site

Valentina. There is no balance on the red card as such. Need to pay a trip in the machine and make this trip. In your case, pay the T1 trip in the machine and go.

(November 2018) Women’s Wagon is not a separate car, but a part of a large car, separated by a red stripe on the floor and having its separate door to the entrance. We went into the wagon through "Male" Door, but did not pay attention to the lane on the floor and accidentally got into the female part. But then they noticed that in this part of the car is suspiciously free, and then notice the markup on the floor – and switched to "Male" Part of the wagon. be careful!

Thank you so much for the article. This is the most understandable explanation for the Metro of the UAE throughout the Internet.

So I did not find info, I can get from the airport with a suitcase. Or so impossible?

Alexander – Glavred site

Can be with suitcases, not not any size. I added a link to an article where it says in detail.

Article mega useful! Gratitude to the author and respect))

Tell me please, such a question; I have 7Dayst2 card. I drove 2 zones on the subway, and then I need to go by bus on the Global Village, then the card pays the trip by bus? thanks!

Alexander – Glavred site

Does not pay. All bus trips to Global Village, Miracle Garder, Dubai Parks and Resorts are paid separately.

Tell me, please, if I need to sit down at the station on the green branch and get to the station of the Red Thick, but within the same area (6), how much will the passage cost?

Alexander – Glavred site

Transplants are not taken into account. Only zones are taken into account. 4 with red card, 3 with silver.

Hello. Have seen the answer above, but please add. We have a silver card, we want to use the rate of 7dayst2. I lie on the card 80 dirham and they are written off immediately or after the end of the period? Or I need to control the availability of money (80) for 7 days, if I pay the bus or the third zone.

Alexander – Glavred site

Go to the box office. Replenish your account up to 80. Speak the cashier that you need a 7-day travel, the cashier activates. Next, the wallet will not be operated on the map, but will be just a pass. Probably, you can activate in the machine, I’m even sure that you can, but I did not try.

In Ramadan Metro closes at 23.thirty. Alas, learned about it, just when it just closed. I had to go by taxi.

Alexander – Glavred site

Yuliya. It’s not about Ramadan. The metro closes at 00-00, and this is the time upon arrival of the last train on the horse. Not to depart the last train. Therefore, from the central stations, the last trains are sent at 23-20 – 23-40, and the stations are closed after that.

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