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What is interesting and useful to tourists Monorails in Dubai? Where it can be reached? What are the prices for tickets, traffic intervals, opening hours? Read the answers and see the scheme in this article.

main news

On December 1, 2020, Monorail works again. The Pointe station never opened, prices changed and now depend on the distance. All the details below in this article.

Briefly general information

Monorail Palm Jumeirah (Palm Jumeirah Monorail) was created to maintain the artificial bulk island The Palm Jumeirah (Jumeira district). Trains go from the founding of the island to the extreme point where the hotel Atlantis The Palm is located.

Line length – 5.45 kilometers. On line 4 stations, and one more is still built. Trains fully automatic (no driver). Maximum speed – 75 km / h. Monorail opened on April 30, 2009, cost different estimates from 600 to 1100 million dollars. This is the first and so far the only monorail in the Middle East.

Monorail stations diagram

Below the scheme of stations. This is a preview, so done to save your money – your internet traffic. Click on the scheme to enlarge full screen.

If the smartphone is poorly visible on the smartphone, then use the approach – the gesture with two fingers, on our site it works fine.

In the scheme, we indicated all tourist places where you can get.

It is important to know!

Monorail is not part of the general public transport system of Dubai. These are private transport, belongs to Nakheel. Respectively:

1. Monorails can not be paid by the NOL card, which is paid by the metro and buses.

2. Dubai day and weekly tickets do not work on MONORELS.

3. The "30 minutes" rule does not work on MONORELS, which we talked about the article "NOL".

Montorels ticket must always be bought separately. You can buy a ticket in advance on the official website of Palmmonorail.COM or at office at stations.

Ticket price

After re-opening Monorail on December 1, 2020, prices changed. Now the price depends on the distance of the trip.

Disposable trip "There": 20 Dirhams between Palm Gateway and Atlantis stations (end), 10 dirhams between any other stations.

Ride "Round-back": 30 Dirhams between Palm Gateway and Atlantis (end), 15 dirhams between any other stations.

Dirham’s current course, see our article "Money in the UAE".

Opening hours and interval

Interval of movement – 15 minutes.

Opening hours from the Palm Gateway station: C 9-00 to 21-45 (Last Train Fits).

Work time from Atlantis station: C 9-15 to 22-00 (Last Train Fits).

Where can I get to Monorail?

Initially, we pay attention to how to go comfortably. On the photo near the interior of the wagons, click on the photo to increase.

Palm Gateway station (initial)

Located at the Palm Jumeirah Island. Artificial island is made in the form of a palm tree, which is perfectly visible on our map above and obviously from the name.

There are no attractions near this station. On it usually sit on monorails to go to the island. It is difficult to get to Palm Gateway station, we will tell you in detail below in this article.


Here is the Park Al Attihad, which, according to our standards and not the park at all, and just planted with palm trees. Watch the photo near, click on the photo to enlarge. But in Dubai there are very few green plantings, so in Dubai standards is a park.

Nearby is the beach West Beach. The beach is pleasant and free (sun beds and umbrellas for a fee), but getting far and expensive. So West Beach Beach is convenient only to those who are resting at the hotel nearby.

Nearby is the shopping complex Golden Mile Galleria (he also Galleria Mall). Here are mostly fashionable stores, there is a Spinneys supermarket, a few fast food institutions. Alcoholic store there is no. Let’s say more, on the island of The Palm Jumeirah there is no alcoholic shop at all.

Station Nakheel Mall

It has direct access to the Nakheel Mall shopping center – one of the largest shopping centers in Dubai. In addition, Nakheel Mall is the newest – opened on January 1, 2020.

In Nakheel Mall 350 stores, Waitrose supermarket, cinema, amusement park, Britobilandia playground, two dozen catering establishments, including McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut, Subway.

Nearby is the skyscraper The Palm Tower, which is now built. It is expected that in 2021 (accurate date of unknown) Here the viewing area The View will open at an altitude of 240 meters (52nd floor).

The Pointe station (built)

Open in 2021 (accurate date unknown). Here is the open-air shopping and entertainment center, where more than 80 restaurants, a couple of dozen shops and several entertainment objects.

But the main entertainment in The Pointe is the recently opened fixed fountains. Read in detail in the article "Palm Fountains".

Dubai Monorail

It was expected that the pointe station will open on December 1 together with the re-opening of Monorail. But not opened. Opening moved to 2021.

Atlantis Station (Ultimate)

Here is the famous Atlantis The Palm Hotel, in the photo nearby, click on the photo to enlarge. However, the hotel for most tourists is not available for the price, as the room is worth about $ 500 per night. Tourists go here first in the water park.

AquaVenture Water Park The most famous and big in Dubai. It is here that the slide is, when a congress with which the visitor rushes past the real sharks. All the details in our article "AquaVENTURE".

Oceanarium The Lost Chambers adjoins the water park, and you can buy a combo ticket with a big discount. Oceanarium is superbly stylized under the sunken Atlantis, and the composition of maritime residents is more than worthy. All the details in our article "The Lost Chambers".

Dolphin Bay Dolphinarium also adjoins the water park. Here do not suit the dolphins show, but only provide communication service in groups or individually. This pleasure is not like. All the details in our article "Dolphin Bay".

How to get to the initial station Palm Gateway?

This is in any case long. Now direct transfers between the metro and Monorass no. For many years, Nakheel has been declared for many years that it will build a continuation of the Monorail branch to Dubai Internet City metro station, but WHO and now there ".

Option 1 – through the tram. Need to get to DMCC or Dubai Marina metro stations (both on the Red Branch). Next, transfer to the tram and get to the station Palm Jumeirah. From here, go across the bridge and enter the Palm Gateway Monorail station, go 400 meters.

Look at the metro scheme in our article "Dubai Metro". Tram line diagram in the article "Tram in Dubai". The trip to the tram will be free if you have time to use the Rule "30 minutes", which we talked about the article "NOL Cards".

Option 2 – on foot from Al Khail station. It is necessary to drive to the metro station to Al Khail (until November 25, 2020 was called Nakheel) on the red branch. Next Go on foot towards the Persian Gulf. As soon as you see the tram paths, turn right. Get to the tram station Palm Jumeirah. From here, go across the bridge and enter the Palm Gateway Monorail station, go 400 meters. Total will have to go about 25 minutes.

Option 3 – on foot from Dubai Station Internet City. Need to get to the metro station to Dubai Internet City in the Red Branch. You need to go to the Sheikha Zaid highway and go beyond the skyscraper Dubai Jewel Tower, he is pink-red, it cannot be confused with anything. Behind him will be a wide street. Go forward along this street to the tram paths, and then forward to the tram station Palm Jumeirah. From here, go across the bridge and enter the Palm Gateway Monorail station, go 400 meters. Total will have to go about 40 minutes.

Lee useful to Monorails?

We will not hide, monorails are not very useful for tourists. First of all because of the price. If you drive to the water park, then for Monorails pay 20 dirhams, and for a taxi 25 dirhams. If you are going alone, then it turns out the "bash on the bash", and if two, then the taxi is more profitable.

In the case of three or four passengers a taxi is much more profitable. However, now according to the rules of COVID-security more than two passengers in a taxi carry prohibited. Details in our article "Taxi in Dubai".

Nakheel positions Monorails as a landmark. Thin hinting that the trip to it is already entertainment and unique experience. Is it so? Unlikely. Monorail slow – more than 75 km / h is not accelerated. In addition, in Moscow there is your monorail, and for Muscovites and guests of the capital, nothing amazing is not exactly.

It is important and useful to know

– Monorail always goes empty or semi-empty. Even on Friday and even on holidays. But do not forget that on Friday and the holidays are many people in parks and shopping centers, and it is better to transfer a visit here for another day. Calendar in our article "Holidays in the UAE";

– The rules of behavior in Monorail cars are the same as in any transport in Dubai. Details in our article "What is impossible in Dubai and the UAE";

– If they gather in the water park, then you know that the price of the ticket is included visiting the private beach Adventure Beach. Details in our article "The best beaches in Dubai".

Successful trips to The Palm Jumeirah Island, and read our useful tourists and interesting articles about Dubai and the UAE (List of articles below).

Dubai Monorail

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