Dubai – The capital of the eponymous Emirate, the largest city in the country. Dubai accommodated on the spacious banks of the Persian Gulf, in the south-east of the Arabian Peninsula.

Dubai – One of the most popular cities among Russian tourists in the UAE. Interestingly, Dubai was the first city of the country, where in the distant 90s Russian tour operators set the first charters. At first, Dubai was associated with tourists exclusively with shopping, however, by the beginning of the XXI century Dubai became a popularly beloved place of Russian recreation.

However, shop tours to Dubai to this day are popular among tourists from Russia, in particular, the gripping tickets go to the trading festival in Dubai, which is held every year in February or in March.

Interesting and architecture of Dubai – Modern, in the style of high-tech, as well as her amazing harmony with the nature of the UAE and the old mosques. Attract tourists and colorful oriental bazaars Dubai.

Dubai can be divided into 3 major areas: This is a Bar Dubai on the left bank of the Bay called Creek, where the ancient Arabic buildings are concentrated, the Deira area on the right bank of the same bay with markets and many shops, as well as the Jumeirah area – Dubai Resort. By the way, it is in the area that the magnificent villas and premium hotels are located.

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What is interesting to see in Dubai?

Top attractions of Dubai

Burj Khalifa

Paruj El Arab Hotel

Dubai shopping festival

Water Park Wild Wadi

Aquarium in Dubai

AquaVenture water park

Golden market Dubai

Palma Jumeira

Ethnodevna Hatta

Park Country Wonderland

Dubai: excursions and events

Excursions in Dubai – A variety of breathtaking programs designed for both adults and young tourists. Note that the cost of excursions in Dubai for children is usually lower by about $ 25-30 from the specified value.

So, such excursions in Dubai are most popular, as a sightseeing tour of Dubai and a visit to Burj Khalifa, a sightseeing excursion to Sharjah, a visit to the famous Abu Dhabi mosque and lunch in oriental style.

We recommend tourists and such excursions in Dubai, like a sea cruise in the Indian Ocean, visiting 5 Emirates of the country, jeep safari in the desert, a trip to the AIA water parks.

Travelers will be interested to go on an excursion to Al-Ain in Dubai, where tourists will be able to visit the zoo and visit the mountain source, hunt for crabs and swim in the company Dolphins.

Also interesting excursions in Dubai, as a balloon flying, an excursion to the famous hotel-«sail», Diving in Dubai, boating and helicopter, as well as an underwater tour in Dubai in the Indian Ocean.

History Dubai

Climate in Dubai

Dubai, UAE Rest, Reviews, Hotels of Dubai Travel Guide

Climate Dubai refers to tropical type. Almost all the time is very hot and sunny, and Dubai himself can be called the most hot megalopolis on the planet. August – The hottest month a year in Dubai, at this time the air in the city warms up to +35°C, and sometimes the air temperature at this time can reach and marks +50°WITH.

Weather in Dubai for months, see by passing the highlighted link to the appropriate section of the touropey.

Dubai: Entertainment and Active Rest

Activities in Dubai – These are a lot of entertainment for tourists of any degree of sports training.

So, Dubai is famous for a large number of sports fields, several tennis courts are also open here, a golf club works, and a yacht club. Several football fields are open in Dubai, you can also play bowling and diving (Dive centers work during hotels). It should be noted the most famous golf clubs in Dubai – Dubai Creek and Emirates Golf Club.

Types of outdoor activities in Dubai, as a flight on Seawings hydroplane (40 minutes), start from the Jumeirai Beach hotel, as well as water sports – Diving, Scuba Diving, Water Motorcycle Skating, Immersion and Swimming with Sea Residents, Shark Feeding (Dubai Aquarium). Popular and fishing in Dubai.

Young tourists will be interested in visiting Dubai Zoo, which is called the best in the East. Click on the excursion to the amusement park «Wonderland», Aquaparka «Splashland», «Wild Wadi» and «Aquaventure». Most popular attractions – jump from the tower ziggurite straightforwards in the lagoon in which the tourists are waiting for sharks.

In a hotel «Jumeira Beach» You can play tennis on the 7 courts of the hotel, as well as in Squash, swim in 4 pools and relax on the hotel beach.

Transport features of Dubai

Best for tourists Transport Dubai – This is a taxi, however, it concerns the whole country. In Dubai, the subway works, but, alas, it is rather a sightseeing object, rather than a useful type of transport.

There is in Dubai and the only monorail road to Palm Jumeiraira Monorail, connecting the mainland of the city with the island Palm Jumeira.

Urban areas of Bar-Dubai and Deira binds a boat message with each other. These boats are called «Ayras». Also here are water taxis for 11 tourists, and tourists can cause water taxis in Dubai can.

Take Car rental in Dubai It is not difficult: at each hotel in the city there are car rental points, also they are open at hotels and Dubai shopping center. In order to rent a car in Dubai, the tourist should be from 21 years old, he must own a driver’s international certificate, and also have a passport and credit card. Cost of car rental – from $ 30 per day + pledge $ 300.

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