Residents of Croatia are called Dubrovnik Pearl of the country, because it is one of the most ancient and large cities. The city deservedly consists in the top three of the most interesting cities in Europe related to the era of the Renaissance.

The city is a major port in Adriatic, which carries important economic functions for the development of the country. And how many beaches stretching along the coast. Favorable climatic conditions, numerous attractions, clean sea create excellent opportunities for different types of rest. For cognitive tourism, it is best to go to the old part of the city, which is littered with architectural monuments. The winding coastline is littered with picturesque bays and bays, drowning in green thickets.

To date, Dubrovnik is a great place for fun day and night. Courts are tirelessly sailing to the harbor from all over the world, numerous suburban village names of tourists learn about the life of the local population, restaurants and taverns are invited to enjoy the best traditional dishes of Croatian cuisine, the discos collect crowds of a variety of people. A beautiful view of the city opens.

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What is interesting to see in Dubrovnik?

Top attractions of Dubrovnik

Old Town and Dubrovnik Fortress Walls

Cableway in Dubrovnik

Gate Pile

Fortress Loverenc

Cathedral of the Ascension of the Virgin Mary in ..

Lodge area

Tower of Minhet

Franciscan Monastery in Dubrovnik

Stradun Street in Dubrovnik

Princely Palace in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik: Excursions and events

For the inspection of the main attractions of the city, it is best to go on a sightseeing tour, which includes the most interesting architectural and historical monuments.

By the way, the easiest and cheapest option is to rent an audio guide and bypass Dubrovnik around right along the fortress wall. Russian language is in the set, and the excursion is compiled quite competently.

During the walk of the walk, you will be able to get acquainted with a picturesque embankment, from where the route will slowly flow into the old part of the city, where the spirit of the Middle Ages still hovers. On the main, old, pedestrian street Stradun (reminds Arbat) there are numerous souvenir benches offering as «Edible», so more serious souvenirs. From the fortress walls of Dubrovnik, overlooking the city surroundings and landscapes. Fort is the most well-preserved architectural monument. Old Dubrovnik is permeated by museums, gallery, theaters. Special pride represent fountains made by the project of the famous architect from Italy.

While traveling around the sea, look at the Elaphite Islands, take a walk on the promenade, admire the nature. For romantic impressions it is worth paying attention to the islands of lockers. On the excursion you can go alone, buying a ticket. Before this, it is necessary to prepare: take comfortable shoes and water stock.

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History of Dubrovnik

Climate in Dubrovnik

Thanks to the soft Mediterranean climate, during the year the sun is ready to shine almost 300 days a year. But in any case, the rest for hot beaches of Croatia is better to go to a high season, which lasts from the beginning of the spring and until October.

It is worth noting that in winter there is much more precipitation in the resort, rather than in summer. In general, for the year drops approximately 1000 – 1300 mm. The average annual temperature in Dubrovnik is held at 15 degrees, quite warm. Summer is characterized by heat, winter is also quite comfortable for cognitive tourism. The coldest month is January.

Dubrovnik: Entertainment and Activities

Despite numerous historical buildings, Dubrovnik is ready to offer tourists not only cognitive excursions, but also a variety of entertainment for every taste.

Of course, most tourists go here for unhurried, «lazy» rest, but there are also those who do not want to lose time. First of all, you can go into a gastronomic trip to restaurants and bars, where the cooks will be happy to prepare national dishes. The main entertainment of the resort town – the countless number of beaches stretching for tens of kilometers along the Adriatic Sea. Infrastructure is well developed and allows you to comfortably spend time on sandy shores. Catamarans, boats, water skiing and parachutes are rented. For tourists organize travel on yachts in the open sea, where in good weather you can dive into a blue thickness of water.

Mountains are also waiting for their conquers, the funicular will take you to the very top, overlooking the sea expanses and the surroundings of Dubrovnik. You can go down on winding paths. Forest expanses are worth riding a rented bike. Visits stands and amazing beauty sea aquarium, where you can get acquainted with the inhabitants of the depths.

Transport features of Dubrovnik

In Dubrovnik, the transport system is well developed, the city is literally permeated by routes. Public transport is mainly represented by buses that run both in the city and in its surroundings. You can find out the exact schedule of vehicles on the official website of the company. Tickets are purchased in special kiosks or directly and driver. The travel document can be used for an hour after the purchase, which is very easy to tourists.

For connoisseurs of time, you should take a taxi, parking are located in every part of Dubrovnik. Lovers of active lifestyle will be glad to rent a bike.

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