Fruit Durian – Sweetness or Nasty?

Durian – King of Thai Fruits. Very contradictory king. Smelly fruit, – you say the first association with Durian. And remember the cheeses, the most expensive and delicious cheeses are stinking by not flowers, but with something completely inedible, like socks. Or imagine the smell of dried fish, thais sometimes compare it with an eye from homeless. To taste Durian looks like rotten onions, – disgusting you, first time trying Durian. Then remember how the first time you took the olives or maslines, you also said that they seek machine oil to taste, and now no new year is done without canapes with olives. He is very spyful, heavy or expensive – excitement can be invented forever. Enough one desire is purposefully and thoughtfully tasted what for several centuries has been crazy asiates, whose smell and taste does not allow them to sleep peacefully and comes in visions.

First time to try Durian better under the guidance of more experienced comrades or Thai. But I will teach you to do on your own in this difficult task, so that it was not painfully painful for aimlessly thrown on the wind and spoiled by the unpleasant feelings.

How to choose a delicious durian?

To approach the correct use of Durian, it is necessary at the stage of the fruit itself. Neppetizing at first glance white slices, similar to the small sleeping animal, which are sold in the markets, do not differ in freshness and magical taste. Agree that any purified fruit is inferior on the aroma and saturation of taste from just torn. Therefore, the perfect place for tasting is Durian gardens. The problem is that the abundant harvest of these fruits falls on the Summer Months – July and August. At this time, pickups that sell wonderful Durians are literally for Satangs appear on the roads, and the air is filled with his smell. By the way, the average price for Durian 80-100 baht per kilogram. Other months, the path to Durian’s getting into the stomach lies through the local market where grown fruits from all provinces of Thailand are brought.

In any fruit shop you will see huge green balls with spines, similar to heroes. You should not choose Durian yourself, it is better to trust the seller. Durian’s ripeness can not be unequivocally evaluated by smell, there are fruit that smells, when ripened, and there are those that emasculate the fragrance only overwhelmed. Sellers of Durians, choosing, knocking on the fetus stick and listen to the sound. If the sound is ringing, similar to tapping on the tree trunk, then Durian is not ripe. Deaf, outgoing inside sound, speaks about ripeness. Do not forget to buy a mangosteins kilogram in the market to protect the rear. These burgundy-purple fruits with a white pulp, similar to garlic slices, are very well combined with Durian.

What smells of Durian?

Now begins your short life with Durian. Each fruit hipper will try to exhibit a magic aroma, like a garbage vegetable bag with an admixture of a vigorous week of socks. In fact, not everything is so scary. The smell of Durian, like exquisite perfume water, is divided into several notes: the main intertwined with shy splashes of creamy and caramel flavors. For me, the smell of Durian is not unpleasant, but it is very strong. Imagine that very saturated strawberry smell you would not be able to take a couple of days. Where to decide to taste Durian? Not only in your room! In any hotel Thailand Duriana is strictly prohibited, like mangostes. The latter is not welcome in the room because of the juice of the skins, which instantly stains everything that drips. If there is no other choice, you can arrange a buffet on the balcony. Mangostes before serving on the table you need to put in the water for a while to get rid of unwanted insects.

As is Durian?

For Durian need a knife, with which you can cut the armor hedgehog-mutant. Do not forget that all manipulations for the safety of dwellings need to be carried out in the open air, having previously closed the possible smell inputs inside the room. And in front of you on a plate lie big slices of color of condensed milk. There is a fruit need immediately, trying not to sniff out, but all your feeling move to the papillary area. Each slot on the consistency resembles a soft butter or children’s cottage cheese, so better Durian is a spoon. For me, the perfect option to enjoy the cooled fruit, but, unfortunately, it is not always possible to pre-freeze it, avoiding fragrant traces in the refrigerator. Surchase the next spoon with a gentle elastic pulp, every time more and more penetrate the mysterious Thai soul, which is Durian calls the king of Thai fruits.

What is he taste?

Durian - Exotic Fruit, Photo, Smell, Taste, Use, Reviews Travel Guide via Phuket

The taste of the fruit is impossible to pass, it needs to try. Such a sophisticated combination of banana seals, whipped cream, vanilla with sour strawberry and pickled bow. With each spoon, the disgusting smell becomes less and when you go with tasting mangostes and disappears at all. Only a blown barbed ball resembles pleasant moments, sad lying near the table. And since then you are starting to dream about when your lips touch this fruit, your teeth will cry in a juicy flesh, and your language will feel an unforgettable magical taste. Do not believe? Try!

Durian, in addition to the wonderful taste, has a property of effective aphrodisiac. Malaysia residents are even joking: "When Durian falls from a tree, sarong men rises". After all, the content of various minerals and vitamins Durian is really a king.

Useful properties of Duriana

Content (per 100 grams of meat without seeds): Water 64.99 g, caloric content 147 calories, proteins 1.47 g, fats 5.33 g, carbohydrates 27.09 g, food fibers 3.8 g, calcium 6 mg, iron 0,430 mg, magnesium 30 mg, phosphor 38 mg , potassium 436 mg, sodium carbonate 1 mg, zinc 0.28 mg, copper 0.207 mg, manganese 0.324 mg, vitamin C 19.7 mg, vitamin B1 0.374 mg, nicotinic acid 1,074 mg, vitamin B3 0.23 mg, vitamin B6 0.316 mg, vitamin A 5 mg.

Now you understand why Asians so appreciate Durian. It is eating not only fresh, but also dried, marinate, make chips, jelly, ice cream and pies. With the word "Durian" Everyone Tapet Tomno rolls eyes, recalling momity minutes. In honor of this fruit, companies and ships are called, architects in Singapore erected the Esplanade Theater, which locals nicknamed "Durian" Due to the form of the building, and Jakarta chooses a modest nickname "Big Durian".

Only one warning: do not mix Durian with alcohol. Fruit increases the temperature and pressure, and in combination with alcoholic beverages may be unpleasant consequences. Of course, not all people are possible incompatibility, some Thaisy pieces of Durian drink beer. The body’s reaction is individual, but it is better not to risk on vacation.

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