Dutch in breasts

Too calm in this Switzerland. We move from the city to the city with such accuracy in the schedule that the delay of trains on half a minute is already considered a crime. Breakfast at 8:45, and at 9:35, Carol is already waiting for us in the lobby of hotels. Well, boredom mortal, even the Schnaps in the evenings does not help as a digestive. In general, the mood today is on any extreme. Moreover, this topic here is pretty thorough. That is, you want a quiet life – there are no problems, but if you are neat and is not sitting calmly, it will be easy here than how to cheer.

Our almost native Carol, having heard the monologue about the monotolds of the fabulous beauty of the Alpine meadows and for a short time, briefly coins: paragliding. The American in horror standing next to us turned around and measured us with some hopelessly spoken look, concierge nervously swallowed, and Roma somehow cringe. Pleasant on rumor word causes a flurry of wild emotions. Of course, any person should shock the very thought of flying on a parachute against the wind. But this is exactly what lies for such an intricate name.

Here you need to make a lyrical retreat. Last year, we were already ready for paragliding in the camp when our accomplices said "it’s not meant to be", The wind is very tavern. We sighed with relief and decided that I carried. In this time, nothing will hurt us. Day clear, wind that is needed. It seems that we still fly. Already in the car I ask our warmed, did she ever fly. "No, I’m crazy, I have four children at home". The answer is not too acquiring.

Bypassing the Vilneune, we turn to the motorway and in five minutes it approach a small field, where we meet with our paragliga instructor. Quickly transplant to him in a minibus. Now the reverse path is no longer. Need to climb the mountain, and from there already on the paraglider go down to the valley. Top we are going, it seems, the whole eternity. Cows accompany us with a sad eye, and sheep somehow blew in a special melancholy. "Don’t rob and not panic", – encourages gi, why it becomes somehow very sad.

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After 40 minutes, we still get to the village of Sonsho (Sonchaux), from where we will fly. It turns out that today we have a whole queue of paragliding. Here, at an altitude of 1404 meters, we turn out to be over pines, and the clouds and in general it is absolutely necessary to all. Ki begins to put the wing. It is essentially a large oblong parachute, with a bunch of small cables that end with cable, special loops performing the function of the steering wheel. I look at this flip and confusing design and I want to return to the boring Swiss life down, in the valley. But, as gi assures, paragliding one of the safest flight types. True, as in any extreme sports, except fearlessness and strength, there are brains and collens. When complying with all security measures, your flight will pass, which is called, at height.

I will keep my first flight in tandem with an instructor. I do not know how it looks from the side, but in fact I stand in front, and gi from behind. Flight begins strictly against the wind. Waiting for the right moment, Gi commands: "running, running". It is important not to stop and quickly rearranged the legs, the wind praises the dome, raises it up and here we run away from the ground and fly over discought to the Christmas trees.

It is a feeling that we slowly lowered some huge crane. With me there is something strange. The entire pre-flight mandal passes sharply, giving way to confident calm. Flight It seems so organic, so, probably feel migratory birds. Under his feet, the Geneva Lake was missing, here’s a little more and seems to be Lausanna. Oh, you needed to take binoculars. Gi rotates the design to the right and the picture changes. Now in front of me Mountains and Road Serpentine.

The entire flight lasts 15 minutes and ends with a soft landing on a small field. If I told me a year ago, what kind of sensations, I would stay in the mountains and waited for a suitable wind. This gi perfectly formulate, why is there better than on earth. In the sky, everything is fair, you completely reveal for yourself. There is no reason to lie or pretend. This is what I call extreme psychotraining: I cheered up so that, I’m afraid, today it is not a weight.

Dutch in breasts

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