Dychmarkka became still unique

In Germany, on August 1, new sample bills were issued: the advantage of 100 and 200 stamps. Bundesbank announced that in the next year an updated banknote in 50 German brands will appear. New money at first glance is practically no different from those used now, but equipped with super-modern elements of protection against fakes.

Qualitatively fake a German banknote and used to be a difficult task. Judging by the number of policemen intercepted and bankers "self-defense" Dochmarok, the interest of counterfeiters to this very attractive currency is not growing over time, but decreases.

Some statistics. Last year through the hands of the Bundesbank experts passed 25.769 Fake Banknotes totaling 3.8 million brands. It is less than in 1995 (31.148 fakes with a total value of almost 5 million DM), and much less than in 1993. Then a surge of employment enthusiasm has happened on the underground coin courts. Record of the five decar: 41.838 pieces of 5.7 million brands. Since then, the activity of the villains is steadily declining.

Legally printed on request Bundesbank banknotes incomparably more. By December 31, 1996, they were in circulation of 260.4 billion Doichmok. From the ratio of the number of real and "just like real" Paper money implies that for the Middle German Burger, the statistical chance to detect a fake in its wallet equals only 0.015 percent.

However, Bundesbank worries two circumstances. First, publishing progress and multiple equipment, which every year allows you to make copies with banknotes, more and more similar to the originals. And secondly, the fact that 85 percent of the fakes intercepted in Germany falls on the share of large – 100- and 200-vintage bills. They were decided "strengthen" first of all.

The design of new banknotes has not undergone radical changes compared to the old. By the way, I "old" Money is not so old: they were put into appeal only in 1990 – 1992. But now they, according to the masters of the German Printing Court, are not in their field the last word of technology.

In the new bills there are one not very noticeable, but important improvement. Relief text (words "Deutsche Bundesbank" and denominations "Zweihundert / Hundert / Funfzig Deutsche Mark"), as well as badges for visually impaired priteled more clearly than before. It helps to distinguish real money from false to the touch.

But the main innovation, which is introduced into all three bills (although "50 marks" They will appear only in 1998, their description has already been published) – this is a hologram. Until now, this super-modern way to protect money from fakes was resorted throughout the world literally two or three countries.

Dychmarkka became still unique

Under different angles of view, various images are attracted on a hand, which is also transfused with different colors. On the copying technique to reproduce such an effect, of course, it is impossible. Cut this element from this banknote and transfer it to a larger counterfeit does not make sense, since for each nominal nominal bank-gram – its own. On "200 brands" It has the shape of two hexagons. They can see either a figure of 200, or the inscription DM and the state coat of arms. In Germany, it is called Bundesadler ("Federal eagle"). On a 100-marked banknote, which is decorated with a portrait of the pianist Clara Schumann, the hologram is made in the form of a lira. In the left half of this lira, a figure of 100 – gray, blue or red, depending on the angle of view, and in the right – another LIR or the letter Dm. The overflowing quadrangle on 50 brands shows the number 50 or "Federal Eagle".

Holograms are located on the front side of the banknote, to the left of the portrait.

And to the right of it, on the very edge, another new element of protection is launched – a rainbar with a hidden image. The principle of his action is similar to holographic. If the banknote turns before the eyes, the band changes the color (for example, on 100 stamps – with gold on gray) and denote the nominal (200 DM, 100 DM or 50 DM), which is not visible at right angles.

Bundesbank in an official statement about the commissioning of the 1997 Coverage in circulation stressed that the seizures of previously released marks will not. They remain a legitimate payment facility and are mandatory for receiving on a par with new. Unfortunately, in our country, where bankers traditionally feed deep hostility to everyone anyway "Outdated" Foreign banknotes, there is no guarantee that the owners of Doychmock 1990 – 92 sometimes will sometimes face obstacles when trying to exchange them.

But it is possible that brands with bare grams simply do not have time to reach Russia in any noticeable amount. If the plans of the European Union on the introduction of a single currency from January 1, 1999 will really be implemented at this time, then the German innovation will very soon become the heritage of collectors. The life of 50-marked banknotes in this case will be simply fleeting. They will be released in 1998, and in circulation they will remain from the strength of 12 months.

Dychmarkka became still unique

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