Dzhubga – the nearest resort of Krasnodar Territory

Cheap vacation in Dzhubga is suitable for family couples with children, club life and nature lovers. Officially, the holiday season continues with the last numbers of May until the end of the summer, but actually resting do not leave Jubgu from the beginning of the spring until the middle of the autumn.

Jubga enters the Tuapse region.

This is the nearest resort village from Krasnodar. Jubga consists of several settlements – Dzhubga in the coastal zone, as well as Defanovka, Moldavanovka, Gorso and Bzhid.

The word "Jubga" happened from the Adygei language.

His literal translation – "Valley of the Winds". Such a name wears not only the resort village, but also the river. The village was founded in 1864. The first holiday home in Dzhubga is open in 1935, and the status of the resort has received the settlement in 1966. The population of the village does not exceed six thousand people.

Peak of the holiday season in Jugbu falls on July-August.

Life in the village slows down, Dzhubga is becoming only an intermediate paragraph between Tuapse and Krasnodar.

Dzhubga on the map

Beach Jubgi

Most tourists come to Jubgu for a beach holiday. But rest here is not limited by marine entertainment.

Free beaches

Central Beach Jubgi The most crowded. Coast covered with shallow pebbles and sand. Bottom of the sea is smooth, so it’s convenient to come here with children.

The second free beach refers to Former Pension Jubga.

It is located near the central beach and the conditions here are similar. On the shore of the beach to the locker rooms and the edge of the water are concrete and wooden tracks. They make rest affordable for older and low-friendly people.

Beach infrastructure includes changing rooms and shower cabins, inflatable slides for children and adults, trained complexes, massage services, aerotatate, spleening of sprays, many shops and cafes.

At the rental you can take chaise lounges and beach umbrellas. It is worth it from 150 rubles. Rent for the whole day will be more profitable. There are rolled catamarans and scooters, marine excursions and fishing with bathing in the open sea.

About the cost of services on the beaches you can bargain. With the advantage of the offer you will go to meet. For example, if you wish to rent lounge chairs for several days or ride catamarans a big company. Take with you cash. Cashless payment here is distributed, but not everywhere.

Every year, something new appears on the beaches, so one vacation in Dzhubga will not look like another. New beach holiday has become diving. In order to make a dive, you do not need to have a diver skills. You will be instructed. An experienced instructor will dive with you.

About kilometer from Dzhubga in the direction of Krasnodar there Autocamping "Sea Wave" – Great place for inexpensive holidays. Camping’s own beach. About him often respond as about the wild nudist beach, but in the reality of people on it only a little less than on the central. This is the most ordinary beach with a more modest infrastructure.

Paid beaches

Hotels have their own beaches. There are fewer people. The cost of entry, on average – 200-400 rubles per person or 500 rubles With cars.

After a strong storm, the bank of any beach is covered with garbage and logs, but during the season, beach workers quickly lead their territory in order.

In the summer, a strong storm is a big rarity, but at the end of August-early September, the period of tornado begins.

After a tornado, the sea will be restless and dirty, sometimes – becomes cool. Recovery required from one to several days.

What to watch and where to go

Dzhubga – a small village. Attractions here not a lot. The main entertainment is the sea and restaurants. But something interesting, of course, is.

The list of attractions did not get Mount Hedgehog. She is on the outskirts of the village. About it everywhere they write, but in fact, it’s just a hill in which there is nothing special.

River tram

River tram is a vehicle and entertainment.

For tourists who wished to save and stopped far from the sea, it is a way to get to the central beach for 10-15 minutes instead of 20-30 minutes walk. For those who live by the sea, a river tram is an opportunity to explore the village and nice to spend time.

Tram runs on the jubga river.

The ticket is purchased when landing. Three stop route: Parallel to the Novorossiysk Highway, near the start of Plated Alley, not far from the Soviet Street and the State Administration, in the tourist center of the village, near the Central Beach.

Cost tram in one direction – 100 rubles.


Water Park "Dzhubga" is located in the heart of the village.

It has pools, slides for children and adults. Waterpark works under the open sky, so its work depends on the weather. The institution works exclusively during the season. Closing date depends on weather. Therefore, before visiting the water park in September, you need to contact the administrator and clarify whether they work today.

Rules prohibit take food with them.

On the territory there is a cafe with a bar. The average check per person without alcohol is 500 rubles. The cost of visiting the water park is published before the start of the season. It depends on the time of visiting. In the evenings, foam discos are held. Not far from the water park work Dolphinarium and Pingwinard, be sure to go here with children.

Website Water Park: akvaparkjubga.Ru


On the territory of the former Pension "Jubga", closer to the street cooperative, there is dolmen. Walking from the beach to Dolmen will take 10-15 minutes. This is not the biggest dolmen in the Tuapse region. Specialists suggest that he at least 5000 years.

Tourists go to Dolmen to touch eternity. Some even feel some sensations near him.

It is said that the stones of the balmy with any weather at least a few degrees are warmer than the environment.

Horseback riding and jipping in the vicinity of the village

For horseback walks involve calm horses. As a rule, these are animals aged. Even small children and adults who never sat in the saddle will be able to ride them.

Jiping – Entertainment for lovers of mountains and off-road. There are several routes of different duration and extreme.


In addition to walks on horseback and SUVs, there are sea walks, as well as walking routes, bus trips to Mountains and to waterfalls.

The most popular route for nature lovers and picturesque species is Gum gorge. He is considered one of the most beautiful places in Russia.

Consider that the road from Dzhubga to the gorge on the car takes at least three hours, the excursion bus is going longer.

The bus passes through the planned stops – honey aparts, tasting rooms, local foundations of food and non-food producers. This is done to earn money on sales, but many tourists such a program to taste.

If you relax the company and the goal – exclusively the Gum’s Gorge, it is better to agree with taxi drivers in private and rent a taxi for a whole day.

No less demand Route to Colonse Waterfalls. The road from the center of Jubgi by car will take no more than half an hour. The highest of nine waterfalls reaches 18 meters. Some of them are located cascades.

In order to evaluate the beauty of waterfalls to the full, you need to visit them until July or after August. The heat of the river becomes less complete. Before going to the waterfalls, you can ask the state of the rivers from local residents or ask a question in tourist groups of social networks.

Where to stay in Dzhubga

The pricing policy against hotels and catering establishments in Dzhubga is subject to the principle: the closer to the sea – the more expensive.

If you decide to save and settle down away from the sea, you can only get to it on foot or taxi. Perhaps not far from your home will be bike rental. When settling near the Jubga River to the beach can be reached on the river tram.

Rent houses in the private sector

If you know how to negotiate and bargain, you can upon arrival to rent housing from the local population. The cost begins from 250 rubles behind a bed or from 500 rubles per room. Owners can offer not only housing, but also food, and transport. For them, receiving vacationers is the main earnings.

Better to rent housing for at least three days. Daily payment is much more expensive.

Car campgrounds

Campgrounds come for the most unpretentious tourists. The daily cost of placement of the tent – from 150 rubles, autocadges – from 300 rubles from the car. Camping has toilets, summer shower, gazebos and mangals, their use is included in the price.

Guest Houses

The cost of accommodation in guest houses depends on demand.

Standard double room with one bed in a mini-hotel of this type will cost an average 1000 rubles per day.

Rest in Gelendzhik in summer 2020: prices, tourists, restrictions

The same double room in the hotel level will cost from 3000 rubles per day.

For recreation, a large company will be conveniently booking a chalet to a few bedrooms. The cost of such an accommodation will cost from 7000 rubles per day.

All three guest houses are located 5-10 minutes walk to the beach. The price difference is due to the level of comfort and number of services.

Accommodation in Dzhubga from Booking.Com

Food in Dzhubga

Catering establishments only work in the season.

Every year in the coastal zone, new cafes of different formats are open – from the canteens to club-style institutions.

On the main beaches in the evening, the dance floors under the open-air and karaoke bars begin to work. Here you can not only dine, but also a great time. Street Fast Food is widespread. You need to give preference to those places in which local residents feed.

Dzhubga - the nearest resort of Krasnodar Territory

If you wish, you can prepare food yourself, buying products in low-cost network stores "Magnit" and "Pyaterochka" or in the local markets that you will see right on the road to the beach.

Rest in Dzhubga with children

To accommodate with children it is best to choose guest houses near the beach.

The central beach and the former jubga boarding house are great for recreation with children of any age. If the institution does not provide nutrition, then fit Family tables.

The average cost of complex lunch per adult – 300-400 rubles. Going on an excursion with children, learn exact program and travel time. For vacationers with children are uncomfortable hour stops in the tasting halls.

What to bring from Jubgi

The closer to the beach is a gift shop – the higher the price. The difference in price for similar goods may differ several times.

In the shops sell a variety of sea souvenirs, the symbolism of the Tuapse region and Dzhubgi. The most valuable gifts for themselves and close of the Forn of the Caucasus will be fragrant spices, dried fruits, herbal fees.

Holidaymakers often attract alcoholic beverages of home production, but buy them in unverified places can be dangerous.

A person comes to rest, stops at the inn. The owner immediately begins to offer alcohol, which he does / brother / Swat / Kum. According to such a scheme, it is difficult to buy something good.

If you wish to bring a chance from Jubgi, wine or brandy of local production, you need to consult with disinterested locals, that is, at least the owner of the house where you stopped.

How to get

By car

Dzhubga is located right on the federal highway M-4 "Don" between Krasnodar and Tuapse.

The path from Krasnodar to Jubgi without taking into account traffic jams about one and a half hours. The route in the summer months is strongly loaded. Tubes in the daytime can increase the time of the path by double. Before you go to Dzhobga from Krasnodar, check the plugs in the navigator. It happens that, leaving an hour later, you can get to the place an hour earlier.

On Friday and Saturday, traffic jams are usually collected in the direction of Krasnodar in Dzhobga and Tuapse, in the evening of Sunday – in the opposite direction. On the road from Dzhubgi there is a transport junction between Krasnodar and Gelendzhik. For the convenience of guests of the district and edge, the junction was upgraded, the road became multi-level, but the plugs still remain.

On public transport

Nearest to Dzhubga Airport in Krasnodar.

There is no railway station, the nearest stations are located in Tuapse, hot wrench and Krasnodar. From them to Dzhubga leads the track M-4. Excluding traffic jams from Tuapse and hot key to go and a half, from Krasnodar – two or three hours.

The cost of the bus buses:

  • from Tuapse and Krasnodar to Jubgi – about 400 rubles,
  • From a hot key – 300 rubles,
  • Taxi – several times more expensive.

Bus schedule:

If you wish to get to the taxi, you should not contact private traders on railway or bus station. Their tariffs exceed the cost of calling the car in the company.

Reliable taxi services in Dzhubga (Applications):

Many hotels and holiday homes offer a shuttle service from the nearest large settlements. In most cases, this is convenient, but sometimes the cost of such a transfer is approaching the tariffs of private taxi drivers at the station.

Recreation in Dzhubga has one drawback – a large number of people. If this circumstance does not confuse you, then you will love to relax here. A small resort settlement with a developed infrastructure will provide each that he needs. In Dzhubga, you can relax with friends, relatives and with children of any age.

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Dzhubga - the nearest resort of Krasnodar Territory

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