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TV shows «Eagle and Ruska» We all know and love, now she is very popular. I did not go around the leading party and our favorite Mexico, visiting Already two cities: Mexico and Cancun. I remember, being in Cancun, and Grisiks, we decide to see the issue of this resort town. During viewing did not leave the feeling that sometimes it was not about him.

I recently went to the blog to Ole and my wife. Guys live in Thailand and very cool write about him – Fun and informative. I got their article about 12 ridiculous things in the release of the transfer «Eagle and rush in Thailand». «But the truth, – I thought, – great idea – Become an exposure!» After all, we can also take and carry out an enlightened inspection of the transfer «Eagle and Ruska», Only not about Thailand (here Olya and Zhenya and without us perfectly coped), but about Cancun. Yes, yes, disassemble the whole release to pieces and show people that you do not need to trust anyone and anything 100%.

So today I speak in the role of an evil critic, who plays the game «I do not believe» with Andrey Bednikov and Jeanne Badooye.

To begin with, those who did not look and wish to see – here Release release «Eagle and Ruska», Dedicated to the most famous Mexican resort Cancun:

And now we will proceed to refutations, additions, looking for nonsense and absurdities!

So, Joan got 100 dollars, and Andrei – Golden Card.

Zhanna about Cancun: Dear villas, snow-white yachts – This place is created exclusively for the rich. Today Cancun – The most famous resort on the entire Caribbean coast and one of the most expensive.

Well, yes, we are with Andrews those still rich! Only very, very budget)) That’s how a person she listens with the Middle earnings leading and never goes to Cancun, because he «exclusively for the rich». In fact, you can relax in this city for little money, even 100 dollars will be more than two days enough. Only now the guys were non-dome, that in addition to a really expensive coastal zone, there are 10-15 minutes by bus ride the usual city of Cancun, where housing can be found less than 1000 rubles, eat for 150 rubles and get to the beaches for 30 rubles.

Andrey: Cancun – This is a city of millionaires, it is not customary to walk on foot, there are almost no people on sidewalks, and there are practically no sidewalks.

So I took Andrei and stunned all the cancun to the area of ​​hotels, where, in addition to tourists, no one else can be found (and even on foot it is even actively go!). Well, yes, there are no sidewalks along the highway running behind the expensive hotels. And what is there to go, asks? At the hotel or on the beach you have to calute))

«City of Millionaires» – also a very dubious statement. If he came out of the car and walked around the neighborhood, found a whole city of such «Millionaires».

Zhanna about hotels: The average cost on the spit 150-200 dollars.

Look at curiosity on Booking.COM, there are dozens of hotels on this very spit cheaper $ 130, and even cheaper than 100! And in the most «Hot» Months – December – January. As they say, fear eyes are great. Andrei said at the beginning of the program that it «City of Millionaires».

Andrei rides in the jungle and declares: Mexico – This is the country where dangers wait for you already in a pair of kilometers from the city.

Well, staying in Cancune a few hours you can draw conclusions about the country! After such applications, tourists really begin to be afraid to go to Mexico. By the way, a request for danger in Mexico is one of the most popular thanks to such applications. We, for example, for six months have not collided with any real danger, and we were and much further than «Couple kilometers from the city».

Andrei continues to go and tells a terrible voice: If you come to such a snake, you will have a leg (show a close-up snake). If you bite this insect (show some kind of shaggy caterpillar) – You have a tongue. If you touch the leaf on this tree – you will die.

With all this, it goes into these terrible and dangerous jungle in short shorts and a short sleeved t-shirt. I would know about all possible meetings, the jade is put on))

Zhanna: She has only 100 dollars, it seems to be saved, but at the same time it goes on the most expensive buses of ADO.

Friends if you are really going to save, use second-class bus buses, sometimes you are twice as cheaper! If Joan was on the bus station, it could notice this and really behave like «Poor tourist», Well, or at least pretend.

Jeanne about Tortilia (Mexican cornpings): Absolutely tasteless!

Here is the main thing! Tortilians very even have a taste, only a non-controversial Europeans, and the Slavomine first it seems nasty, well, or at best unusual. Generally, almost all Mexican food is very tasty!

Jeanne, languishing from the heat: I must say that 40 degrees in the shade – Habitual for Mexico Temperature.

Not very, I would say and familiar, in any case, certainly not for all Mexico and especially, not all year round. I do not cease to be surprised how deftly the leads make their sparkle conclusions about the whole country! It is like in that story: «You are hungry, like a wolf, I was nailed from the nesting, on average we have a little snack».

We found Mexico and winter, and in the spring, and in summer, and in the fall. Yes, there were cities where there was unbearable heat, but were also where we really frown and went in several warm jackets and jackets. Take, at least San Cristobal de Las Casas. It was a feeling that the ice age began in Mexico)) I would be my namesque to send to cool!

Andrei had only two days on Cancun, and for the whole first day he never reached the Caribbean to swim.

And you would have been able to? Patient, however lead! I thought the Caribbean Sea – it is that, for which the people go to Cancun, and not a pool in a cool hotel. But it is so, lyrical retreat))

Andrei about a bottle of 100 dollars: For this time we left a bottle in the house right in the middle of the jungle.

Please look at the map! And this is a jungle, in which the Great Shaman who spent the ritual of purification over Andrei? Some kind of stone jungle are obtained. Somehow very much like scam, do not consider?

By the way, this very shaman also does not cause any confidence – Standard tourist attraction. To find a real shaman, you need to try and he thinks will not live in the city trait of Cancun. However, as an entertainment ritual comes down, but it’s really really mystical and deep to wait for something.

Zhanna: With its $ 100, I would not live in Cancun Nihi Day!

Eagle and rush

And yet somehow managed to live as much as two))

In fact, as I have already written above, this money is quite enough for two days and even more, if not to bother, of course. I emphasize that we ourselves are budget travelers and look at all financial questions from our bell tower. But the fact that 100 bucks is enough (it is enough), this is a fact!

Andrey: Remember, friends, there is nothing to do in cancune without money!

Well, if you reason so, then there is nothing to do without money in any city, and even more so, in the resort.

More seriously, even with a limited budget in Cancune, it is possible for a long time to swim in the magnificent Caribbean, get acquainted with Mexican cuisine in low-cost cafes, ride to the famous Mexican Pyramids Tulum and Chichen Itsi, meet the sunsets and accompany the sunsets on chic beaches, buy souvenirs in local markets, swim in unusual sensations and much more. Well, is it boring and uninteresting? Show a little imagination, do not be lazy, and you will be happy! And the rich, as you know, also cry))

Friends, you generally remember, about that release «Eagle and Rushki»? That’s right, about Cancun, the most famous resort! People go there behind the sea and entertainment! At the same time, fifteen seconds were given the beaches in the transmission, and about clubs and all sorts of shows – In general, hill!

To be honest, after viewing the release, the impression was that the most interesting thing is that can be found in Cancun and its surroundings – Pseudoshan, jumping from Tarzanka, huge lobster in a restaurant, zoo, amphibian bus and bathing with sharks. Doubtful set.

Thank you, Jeanne at least to the village to the Indians jumped and peadmed on the pyramids of Tulum.

Watch this issue, and it seems that in Mexico fathers. In fact, Mexico – Very interesting, distinctive and cheerful country with bright cities, wonderful pyramids, magic beaches and good people. I understand that in two days it does not cover all this, but it is quite possible to put priorities correctly. In my opinion, «Eagle and Ruska» somehow one-sidedly showed cancun, and the atmosphere of Mexico in general.

Okay, I go out of the regime of a picky bore 🙂

In spite of everything, we still love this cheerful cognitive program. We always liked she and we looked regularly. Leading – good, funny guys, and also our diseases! And wrong – Normal human condition))

P.S. What do you think, make a similar analysis of flights «Eagle and Rushki» about Mexico City?

Trust, but check, dear readers!

Sheboldasik and Andrews

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