Early booking 2020: how to get a discount for the summer up to 50%?

Such a phrase as an early booking, heard at least once in life, perhaps, each. From an advertising banner or TV screen, tour operators promise unprecedented discounts when booking a tour a few months before the trip. Let’s figure it out if it makes sense to plan a tourist trip in advance, and what advantages in early booking? You will also learn what discounts on the tours for the summer-2020 can be found from tour operators for current stocks «Early booking».

What means «early booking»

Booking in advance allows tourists to buy you like a tour with a fairly discount. As a rule, for 3-4 months, and sometimes for six months before the planned trip, it is possible to purchase a ticket very beneficially. Maximum discounts sometimes reach 60%. Most often, travelers prefer to acquire a tour by «Early booking» In winter and early spring for summer. Considering that the most peak season of vacations is for the summer, «early booking» – This is a great way to save on the upcoming trip.

Main advantages «early booking»

In addition to essential discounts when buying a tour, «early booking» Allows, especially adept tourists (with certain habits and criteria for the service), book exactly the direction, the hotel that is most popular in the season. In particular, this applies to expensive resorts and hotels class «lux». Usually, by the beginning of the season, in the best hotels of the most sought-after directions of numbers on sale no longer – Hotels get up on «stop». Such images Tourists are guaranteed can book the tour like them, without fear that there will be no free numbers for their dates.

Another indisputable plus «early booking» is the ability to pay the tour in installments. Most often, travelers pay at the time of booking a tour just 50% of the total cost. For the remaining amount of travel agencies provide installments, and the last payment has usually, as a rule, a month before the planned trip.

And also, given the fact that all the tours abroad are calculated at the exchange rate, then when installments, you can try to track the dynamics and pay the balance on the wave of the currency rate, thereby win on the euro or dollar. Trifle, but nice.

Popular destinations in «Early booking»

Early booking 2020 How to get a discount for the summer to 50% of the tourism article from the tourism

For many years since one of the most popular countries «Early booking» Tourists have European resorts – Turkey, Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria, Croatia and Montenegro. And it is correct, as it is quite difficult to find a good offer in the ratio of price and quality ratio, and sometimes it is absolutely impossible.

By the way, dear hotels in Turkey are especially advisable to acquire in advance. Despite the fact that you can fly to Turkey on a last minute trip a few days before departure, good hotels with high quality services should still be booked in advance so that expectations coincided with reality.

! Tip for tourists, who are going to take advantage of «Early booking». Before making a decision to acquire a tour in advance, you need to be firmly confident that it is in the planned dates that the trip will take place. It should be understood that in the event of the cancellation of the acquired tour, the fines can be several times to exceed the discount that you were offered when booking, and sometimes to be equal to the cost of vouchers. Therefore, if your life is filled with unexpected events, think very well before buying a tour in advance. If you firmly decided to purchase a tour «Early booking», Boldly plan a trip full of bright emotions and impressions, save your money and enjoy traveling!

By the way, it is the most convenient to choose the tours of the promotion «Early booking» The next summer – in this aggregator of tours from all leading tour operators of Russia. Everything is done online – and booking, and payment. It is reliably and convenient.

More expert details about updates in early booking promotions 2020 Read in this article.

Early booking 2020 How to get a discount for the summer to 50% of the tourism article from the tourism

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