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Recently, quite often in news reports appear messages about the debaches in aircraft. In 2013, only on sides of Russian airlines registered about 14 thousand offenses, the tenth of which falls on drunk robs.

Passengers who adopted on the chest before or during the flight, begin to behave inadequately in the cabin of the aircraft, provoke other passengers, flight attendants. Often these conflicts will grow into a fight. There are cases when especially violent passengers are threatened to blow up the aircraft, try to open an emergency output, break the porthole or penetrate the pilot cockpit. All the passengers of the aircraft flying at a height of several thousand meters become hostages in such a situation.

What measures are being taken to prevent airbones

Airlines and airport security services do everything possible to prevent passengers into the state of alcoholic intoxication. But in the legislation, it is still not written anywhere that a drunk passenger cannot be allowed to fly. If the passenger, being in a state of intoxicated, does not violate the public order at the airport, does not bring prohibited items with him, then the employees simply do not have legal grounds so as not to miss it in the aircraft salon. In order to remove the airport police or airport security service from the passenger flight.

On May 4th, at the airport "Domodedovo" for two hours was detained by the flight of a plane to Phuket because of a drunk passenger, who settled a fight on a bus that transports passengers from the terminal to the aircraft. That is, if the rowdy did not start a fight before landing on a plane, then nothing would prevent him from arrange a row in the air.

Currently, the rule prohibiting fluids in hand baggage, in the capacity of over 100 ml. The liquids that the passenger can carry with them to the cabin of the aircraft must be packed in a transparent fastening plastic bag, which should remain sealed throughout the flight. Liquids purchased in Duty Free must also be sealed in the package until the end of the flight. In reality, these rules are practically not respected.

On a number of directions there is a practice when passengers receive alcohol acquired in duty-free shops, only after the flight is completed. But not all airplanes have additional compartments that could be used to transport alcohol. Therefore, often, taking your place in the plane, passengers begin to celebrate the beginning of the long-awaited vacation. Keep track of every uniolation flight attendants are not able.

In addition, passengers can absolutely on legal grounds to purchase alcoholic beverages directly in the plane. On the flights of some airlines, together with soft drinks, passengers are offered wines. If smoking cigarettes, even electronic, there is a legislative ban, then drinking alcohol on board the law does not take place.

What to do if on the plane next door to you is a row

In no case should not succumb to the provocations of a rowdy. If there is still a situation when a neighbor is waving and you are threatened with real danger – call the flight attendant.

According to the provisions of the Air Code, the roshire first shall be made an oral warning. If he does not calm down, continues to drink and behave violently, the flight attendant must give him a written warning signed by the ship commander. Unfortunately, this is all that the law can make a flight attendant.

Flights from foreign airlines pass when accompanied by a security officer who can neutralize a rowdy. To do this, there are special soft handcuffs in the arsenal, allowing you to fix the lunge passenger in the chair. This practice is also valid in Russia in directions where debations arise especially often. But, unfortunately, not all airlines can afford the presence on board the security officers.

For debaches answer

At the same time, only the aircraft commander can be applied to the deboschir. But the legal conflict arises here – the crew commander in no pretext has the right to leave the cabin. Therefore, the maximum that he can do is to make a decision on a forced landing to convey the violator by ground law enforcement services. If the landing is performed in Russia and the deboschir falls into the hands of domestic police. If the roshir is planted on the territory of another country, then it will not be able to arrest it, since it is formally in this country he did not commit any offenses. He will only overtake him on returning to his homeland.

Here it is worth remembering the story of Sergei Kabalov, who at January 11, 2013 made a row on board an aircraft flying to Hurghada. Kabalov had to be announced to the international wanted list, t.To. From Egypt, the debosshire did not return to his homeland, but preferred to hide from justice in Belarus, where it was detained. Kabalov was convicted on the item "v" Part 2 of Article 211 (attempt on the hijacking of the vessel of air transport using violence life-threatening or health) and item "a" Part 2 of Article 115 (intentional causing easy harm to health from hooligan motivations) of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. The court appointed Kabalov Punishment in the form of 3.5 years of colony of strict regime and a fine of 400 thousand rubles to compensation for moral damage. However, on April 15, 2014, the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation partially satisfied the protection complaint against Sergey Kabalov’s sentence, mitigating the punishment from 3.5 years to a year and eight months. With Kabalov, he was charged with an airplane hijacking, leaving only "causing easy harm to the health of the flight attendant".

What punishment threatens for airline

The severity of the punishment will depend on how he behaved, what did and what the debosshire threatened, from the amount of damage caused. If it was just a fight with a neighbor, the crime can be classified as hooliganism. If the debosshire threatened to blow up a plane or make any other action that threatens the lives of other passengers and crew members, a serious article can be applied to terrorism. And if a drunk passenger is trying to penetrate into the cockpit of pilots, then he may have a crime to classify and as an attempt to hijack an aircraft.

If there was a need for a forced landing of an aircraft, a passenger who broke the order will be able to compensate for the court to compensate and these expenses of the airline. Passengers affected by the actions of the deboshir or late for his fault to the connection flight have the right to submit a collective suit to the air carrier on the return of funds and compensation for moral damage.

In order to prevent such incidents, last year, the State Duma introduced a bill on the tightening of administrative responsibility for an offenses on board the aircraft. The authors of the bill propose to form uniform "black lists" of violators who can be able to refuse transportation. Such lists already exist with air carriers, but in the absence of relevant laws, the airline can not refuse the debachir in the purchase of tickets. Maximum, which can be done in such a situation, more closely follow the behavior of a potential deboschir during flight.

It is also proposed to increase fines for the debaches on the plane and to endow members of the crews to apply the measure of physical impact measures to the debachir in order to neutralize the threat coming from it. Air transporters are achieved by the speedy certification of funds for the assimilation of rowers – handcuffs and electric strokes. In the meantime, anyone who suffered someone else from the action of Deboshirov is invited to go to court.

For debaches answer

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