For exceptional and outstanding

According to America’s immigration legislation, to persons with outstanding abilities include specialists in the field of science, art, education, business or sports that have reached such heights, which can safely charge themselves to a narrow circle of the elite – Extractable professionals. But, naturally, they will have to documely prove their exclusivity.

The most unconditional proof of outstanding abilities is the availability of higher international awards: the Nobel Prize, the AMMI or Grammy Prize, the Golden Olympic Medal and T. D. But even if you have not had time to become the Nobel laureate or Olympic champion, nothing terrible. Real challengers for the title "Persons with outstanding abilities" There may be specialists who have academic degrees and titles, scientific publications, patented inventions and racepences, participating in international exhibitions and conferences, in a word – professionals who have earned the name of a truly international scale.

As for the immigration program for persons with exceptional abilities, here the main thing is to prove that your professional activity in the future will benefit the national interests of America. Therefore, in this case, the area in which you are going to apply your knowledge and talents are of fundamental importance. For example, specialists of advanced branches of science and technology are fully able to prove that their work is of particular importance for US national interests. Requirements for the qualifications of the applicant for immigration in the Alien of Exseptional ability category are more loyal – it suffices to confirm the availability of higher education, professional experience and the impact of their own work on the development of scientific progress.

We emphasize once again that your claims to exclusively need to prove documented, submitting the United States to the Immigration and Naturalization Service (SIN) as many relevant certificates, diplomas, certificates and similar documents. In addition, you will have to convince the American side that you move to the USA in order to continue their professional activities. Therefore, materials or applications that outlines your plans for the future – the mandatory component of the package of immigration documents.

But, in contrast, for example, from applicants for visas of the N-1 visas, individuals with exceptional or outstanding abilities are exempt from the need to sign a contract with the employer and undergo certification process in the US Department of Labor. It is assumed that the degree of interest in them to American firms and corporations is very high, so there will be no special problems with the work of work of this class.

For exceptional and outstanding

In addition, in the case of a positive solution of Sin, such experts receive a non-temporary work visa, but immediately Green Card – with all the consequences arising from here.

However, let anyone do not deceive the visible simplicity of the process. Actually prove its extraordinary abilities not so easy. After all, there is no point system in the USA, as, let’s say, in Canada or Australia. Therefore, even despite the presence of formal selection criteria, the case of each applicant is considered by Sin individually. The immigration officer has the right to request any additional evidence of your exclusivity and make a negative decision if it does not consider these evidence convincing.

So the applicants for immigration on Alien of ExtraordInary ability and Alien of Exseptional ability and Alien of Exseptional ability are more often different if not more – always have to resort to professional lawyers. First, lawyers, carefully reading the materials of the case, can immediately choose the most promising category and develop an immigration strategy. And secondly, they will make everything as possible to file your business in the winning light. So that the Sin employee does not have any doubt: there is a truly outstanding specialist.

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