For ghost hunters

Travel – the best way to get new impressions and experience unusual for measured domestic life sensations. Fans of talking to themselves nerves are looking in the ancient cities of ominous places – dark shorts of history, in which the legends come to the dead heroes, sorcerers and wets, killed villains and beautiful ladies, the rebellious spirit of which still rushes skirts in the vintage walls of some castle. Germany is rich in terrible fairy tales from a wide variety of epochs – from the early Middle Ages to the Second World War. So take plane tickets and go to a meeting with the unknown.

Ghosts of Berlin Metro

Berlin Metro for more than a century, and, of course, sin there was not to start ghosts. One of the stories is associated with a segment between Alexanderplatz and WeinMeisterStra ß E railway stations on the U8 line that appeared in the 1920s. Passengers claimed to have seen in the tunnel of people without head. Legend This went from where. The site was built during the Total unemployment, and the head of construction labold used this, creating unbearable conditions for workers. Since then, according to mystics, the tunnel of Mstit. Despite the distance of the plot of just 300 m, the time here seems to be stretched and it seems that the train goes eternity – steep turns, a lot of slopes. Newcomers do not allow for this route.

And here is completely fresh news. At the end of February, the subway employees found in unused tunnel fully equipped room. It seems that no one has long slept on this bed and did not sit in this chair, but the flowers were poured quite recently. Underground dwelling furnished IKEA in the style of the 80s. The owner is still unknown.

How to get: From March 27, 2016, S7 Airlines will fly to the capital of Germany five days a week, and from May – every day. 2 hours 45 minutes in the sky and 25 minutes by bus and you in the city center.

Shadows in an abandoned hospital

It’s better not to fall here alone, especially after sunset. But at the beginning of the last century, Belitz-Hailstetten Hospital, erected by Dr. Koch, which opened a tuberculous wand, and specializing in the treatment and prevention of tuberculosis, looked drowning in greenery with a cozy little town – with his bakeries, stables, mail and even a restaurant and beer. Hospital Here, 40 km from Berlin, next door to the town of Belitz, is located during the First World War. In 1916, he was treated after injured by anyone who was not famous Adolf Hitler. After the victory, Belitz Hailstetten became the biggest Soviet hospital outside the USSR. Memories of our compatriots who came here for treatment, full of nostalgia: a huge balcony for sunbathing, delicious food, excellent medicine, measured, calm life. Now these are dilapidated hulls, crouched grass and shUSD Strange fascinating place. It is worth going inside, as Following the sounds of your steps, they are talking to other people’s steps, creak and moan the raid frames, at the top suddenly slaps the door, hears the whisper and sighs. And walking on the corridor as if accompanying their lives living. Despite such a fame (and rather thanks to her), the former hospital attracts tourists, photographers and cinemas. Among others, films "Pianist" and "Operation "Valkyrie"", As well as clip group Rammstein – Mein Herz Brennt.

How to get: Every hour from the Central Station, Berlin is trains to Belitz. The road takes 50 minutes.

Ghost Castle Tower

Dusseldorf – one of the oldest cities in Germany. The only preserved structure of 1288 is a closed tower, standing in the center of the Burgplas. Of course, the famous local ghost is found there.

Unfortunate Jacob Badenskaya was the wife of the Duke of John Wilhelm I. Husband slowly went crazy, there were no children. Despite the well-known mind and kindness allegedly, slanders managed to blame her in immorality and treasures and sharpen in the tower. Here she spent two years while once did not find her in the room dead. True causes of death are unknown. They said that she died from suffocation with a rope, but also walked terrible rumors that Jacob was beheaded.

Since then, the Duchess have met in the corridors of the castle, and later – in his only surviving tower. Argue that you can meet now. First hears the rust of heavy silk, sobbing, and then it appears – a high woman in white or black clothes, but always with a red ribbon around the neck. It goes restless, as if something is looking for, sighs and soon goes through the wall.

How to get: By plane from Moscow to Dusseldorf can be reached in three and a half hours. From March 27, 2016, S7 Airlines will perform flights Moscow – Dusseldorf three times a week, from April 27 – five times a week, and from June 9, flights will be daily. Departure from Domodedovo Airport – at 13:50, arrival in Dusseldorf – at 16:20 local time. Return flight departs at 17:10 and arrives in Moscow at 21:15.

Devil’s wind

In Munich, tourists certainly attend Frauenkirche – Cathedral of the Holy Virgin. Admiring his greatness, do not forget to mention and feature: the devilish wind walks around God’s temple. Munichs are not surprised: they know the legend.

For ghost hunters

When the construction approached the end, the news about the new church reached the Satan himself. He ripped and metal: another temple, and even so huge! This will certainly reduce the number of sinners among the local population. And he decided to join the fight. Agreed with the northern wind, which himself bursts into a unliar temple himself and starts to twist it from the inside, and the wind will face the facade.

The devil flew under the arches of the cathedral and froze in bewilderment: not a single window! Yes, who will walk here? On joy, he so fused his foot that a deep footprint remained on the stone floor, and went bang. But on the day of the opening of the cathedral, the people pushed crowds. The devil looked at Frauenkirhe from: windows were in place! But the cathedral was already consecrated, it was impossible to change anything. Satan, it seems, has come, but did not calm down the northern wind. How did it happen that the unclean did not notice the windows? All simple. Central Hall of the Cathedral of "Snorzan" with two rows of columns. If you get up in a certain place, the windows behind the columns are not visible.

And the place where the devil fused the foot, preserved. There is a belief that the one who comes in this trail will give an unclean soul. There is a more optimistic option: they say, then the devilish goats will not touch you. But just in case, visitors bypass "damn track" side.

How to get: With S7 Airlines D Orog to Munich does not take a lot of forces from the traveler. Three hours in the air – and you already at Franz Airport Josef Strauss.

Giant Windy Mountains

Why eat rumors when you can meet myself with a ghost face to face? True, for this you will have to drive away from Berlin by 200 km – to the Harz National Park. It is there that the famous Mount Broken is located, where Goethe and sent Mephistofel with Faust to take a look at the Walpurgiyev night every year (from April 30 to May 1) and lives the famous broken ghost. This is how our contemporary meeting describes with him: "You get back to the sun at sunset and look at the people who appear, palaces, at home … What a horror! We saw a witch flying on a broom. An hour later, everyone screamed from surprise: a huge magician was on top of the air and carried fire in his hand. ". True, at the end of the XVIII century, scientists have proven that fantastic figures that people see on the mountain – just the shadows of people standing on it, which are projected into heavenly screen.

Real magicians, witches and sorcerers, according to some eyewitnesses, are going under the mountain on the witch Polyana with a spring. There, in the silence of the nights, hidden from human eyes, spend their secret rituals, try drugs, observe ointment, fly … "There are wishes, they are charged there, the mascots are charged there, there is a lot of what is the magic.

How to get: On broken from the town of Vernigor, a narrow-chain railway leads. You can also climb on foot along the trail Goethe. From Berlin – with two transplants in Magdeburg and Halberstadt – the trip will be about three hours. On weekends, Garz Express is walking, allowing you to get there without transfers.

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