For lovers of comfort and history – Crete

The words "Holidays on the islands" For a Russian person always sound magically. Not that because the country is ours – a purely continuous (not counting microscopic pieces of sushi scattered along the coarse), not because of the creation of Stevenson, and the islands are associated with treasures.

Someone seeks to the islands in the hope of plunge into exotic. What is in vain – the majority of popular islands in Russian tourists (Seychelles, Mauritius, Jamaica) are affecting not abundant exotic, and comfort. Amateurs of antiquities there are nothing to do there – historical monuments with Gulkin Nose. Maybe a person there and lived from time immemorial, but for some reason no visible signs of their presence left.

Of course, not everyone needs to contemplate antiquity. But those who prefer their neighborhood as a sign that on Earth, where he was, people were happy hundreds, and even thousands of years (otherwise they would have to build palaces and temples in honor of their gods), it is better to go to the Mediterranean Islands. For example, in Greek Crete. Moreover, with comfort there, too, everything is in order. Fly there are much less than before the islands in the ocean. And prices times two or three below. At least if you go to Crete with the help of a company "Academservis".

As for History. One of the most famous ancient cultures – Minae – appeared on the island for 2.800 years before our era. Certificates for this can be observed today: the city of Amnissos, Arkhanes-Watipetro (house, temple and cemetery), Knossos (the ruins of the capital of the Minoan state and a pretty well-preserved Tsarist Palace), Malya and Festos (Palaces of that era), Gurnie (one of the most well preserved settlements of the Mina period), Aperache (preserved walls of the city of the VII century BC. NS.) and many other places. Arabs, in the twentieth years of the 9th century, our era who captured the island and who owned them a half century, also left their monuments. The main one is the fortress of Handakos, located on the territory of the current capital of the Island – Heraklion.

Naturally, the later buildings are preserved: koups (fortress built by Venetians), Spinalong and Forter (fortresses built by them), many Italian fountains and palaces. Well, by itself, in Crete many Christian churches (Christianity here extended from the IV century to our era).

As for comfort. Perfectly equipped sandy beaches. Pure water – merge production waste in the sea here is not accepted from the Mina times. Gorgeous five-star hotels with all the imaginable traveler of the 20th century filling of the rooms (i.e., air conditioning, minibars, hair dryers, satellite TV, local hotel cams, safes, baths with enclosing hair dryers, telephones with access to international automatic communication). Outside the room offers saunas, jacuzzi, gyms, cosmetic rooms. The hotels must accompany swimming pools – and with sea, and with fresh water, and for adults, and for children; tennis courts; Golf and volleyball playgrounds. Hotels – for every taste. There are super-modern, in several floors with numbers leaving the sea. And there are little bungalow lodges with all the attributes of a five star hotel.

Those whose budget does not yet stop in five star hotels, "Academservis" Offers four-star. Also with phones, air conditioning, minibars and other tennis courts. And even three-star. With a volleyball playground, but without a tennis court.

As for entertainment. First, entertain in the hotels themselves. Concerts, dinners with barbecue, special Greek evenings with national music, discos and bars (however, it is customary to entertain himself in the bar on its own). Secondly, the coast of Crete is famous for water entertainment – ranging from windsurfing and ending diving (that is, immersion on the bottom of the marine with aqualung).

As for the cultural program. Excursions B "Academservice" can be ordered right when buying a tour. And it is possible in place – the partner of the company. Since prices will be the same, "Academservis" advises to do it already in Crete – never define in advance how much you want to look at the detriment of time that you can spend on the beach. And, (you can check it in place) Excursion to the Russian-speaking guide at the partner "Academservisa" – FILOS TRAVEL SERVICES – cheaper than competing local agencies. Just because tourists "Academservis" brings a lot to the island, and therefore – "buys" Excursions in "Wholesale" Prices.

The first in the list, of course, is an excursion to the palace-labyrinth of Tsar Minosa, built four thousand years ago. The second is an excursion to the Greek Roman Capital of Gutina Island with a visit to the Festos, local villages and grape plantations. And whatever archaeological sights you go to Crete, you can not avoid natural beauties.

For lovers of comfort and history - Crete

But you can choose an excursion that does not imply any archeology. For example, go to the canyon of Samara. On foot (in a group and with a guide, naturally). It is necessary to go on stones and rocks along the stream 4-5 hours. Therefore, the best outfit on this day will be spacious lightweight clothing and sneakers. And it would be nice on the eve of not to indulge in a rapid inspection, which Greece, with its excellent wines, is very promoted. After the walk, you will be remedy, swim in the sea. And the reference will not do not on your two: first you will be lucky, and then – the bus is already before the hotel.

You can study Crete riding. And if you are riding in any way, then you can on the cart, hidden horses. Drive through grape fields and olive groves. Staying for dating local villages and their inhabitants. Home Stop – in the production point of the traditional Greek Moonshine Rakia. With tasting, naturally. You can make the same journey on the jeep. Without Rakia: you will sit behind the wheel yourself. Both excursions include ordinary Greek lunch. That is, very tasty and very abundant.

You can make a seabed to Santorini Island. While swimming – 4 hours, – you will entertain breakfast, dinner, music, greek dancing. Volcanic Island. His main volcano – acting. So on your own experience, make sure that it is to wander around the mountain, the time of extinguishing waste of the earth’s life.

"Academservis" can offer many other excursions – he has been working with Greece for 4 years. Therefore, in any of the hotels offered by the company, you can not only contact the representative of the company (naturally speaking in Russian), but also to find all the necessary information at the RECEPTION. Namely: what day and where the next excursion goes, as if necessary, contact your doctor, what time will the bus will be served by tourists to the airport.

By the way, all tourists "Academservisa" Go to Heraklion by direct flight "Aeroflot". So far – on Saturdays. And from June 17 will be departed also on Tuesdays. And airplanes are quite comfortable: Saturday flight on the A-310, on Tuesdays will fly Boeing 767. Yes, and to fly from Moscow to be without having a nervous. W "Academservisa" in the departure hall "Sheremetyeva-2" (and it is from here and fly airplanes that the company sends their tourists) has its own rack. And employees of the company not only give our customers tickets and vouchers, but also help to pass customs control. Among the tourists – a lot of came from the province (at "Academservisa" More than four hundred regional agencies throughout Russia). Many go abroad for the first time. And it is not always easy to cope with even the completion of the customs declaration. Of course, if someone gathered to carry over the border of illegally valuables, the company’s employees will not assist. But without a queue, hold your group to customs control.

By the way, if you have already at the airport there will be some questions regarding holiday in Crete, ask for employees "Academservisa". You are always ready to answer.

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