For that hotels hate guests

We recently told about what tourists are usually unhappy in hotels. Today we provide the word employees of hotels. It turned out that they have a huge number of stories about the strange behavior of guests, their impossible requests and unreasonable claims.

Hoteliers have many stories about tourists.

The strangest requests guests of hotels

In a good hotel, try to satisfy any guest requests, however, for the performance of some of your requests, employees are unlikely to take, if, of course, you are not a star and it is not indicated in your Rider.

Quite often, guests are asked to change the pillows, bring an extra blanket or rearbed underwear, but some exhibit an excessive scrupulousness: for example, they require that the bedspreads were exclusively from the environmental sheep wool the size of exactly 145 per 145 cm, and the bed should stand in the room along the Fenchee – not opposite Doors, not near the window or mirror, without touching the bearing wall, in accordance with the parties of the world and the personal number of GUA guests.

Another headache of hotel employees – food. In the middle of the night, the guest may need not only a glass of milk, but also "Well roasted bifstex from marble beef with blood", and a cocktail from the freshly squeezed juice of Guava with a tequila special brand, and then some kind of intricate national dish that guest is used to eat in his homeland.

It happens that people are booking the room and believe that they have the right to accommodate at their own guests, and then they are offended when the double room is not allowed to make her husband with his wife, three children and a couple of grandmothers.

Employees of hotels recalled other strange requests: to invite a fitness trainer to the dog, fill the bath with milk, champagne, olive oil, install the pole in the room for striptease.

The strangest deeds of hotel guests

The behavior of some guests can greatly pose even those who have seen in their century a lot of hotel business bison. Of course, there are no one for long jumping from the balcony to the pool for a long time, and shouts "Tagiiiil!", Fortunately, already out of fashion, but the fantasy of guests is limitless.

Contrary to self-critical statements that Russian tourists are the wildest and uncompatible, employees of hotels usually no longer love the British who know how to get drunk and then entertain so that after them in the room sometimes have to do. And the British, accepting on the chest, often completely forget about their young children and constantly leave them by the pool, then in the bar. The problem has gained such a scope that in hotels in some Spanish resorts has already begun to even give the minors special bracelets indicating the name of the hotel and the numbers to at least facilitate the work of the police forced to later search for and return to unprofitable parents.

In many hotels allowed to settle with animals, but not with all. However, guests do not want to part with any domestic pets, and Wallians recalled cases when people with removes, ants, skunsy were trying to sit down to them and even wanted to hide in the room caught in the Wood.

And, of course, among the most unpleasant deeds of guests, hotels very often mention theft.

What are the hotel guests steal

For that hotels hate guests

It seems that many ordinary people, settling in the hotel, become victims of the Kleptomania virus. As otherwise, you can explain that the guests are often not considered to be sealed to grab from the room as a souvenir towel or bathrobe, a glass or a ashtray? But sometimes guests show great ingenuity. So, there are cases when the curtains, pillows, large mirrors and pictures from the walls disappeared after the departure of tourists from the room in the hotel, and in one of the baths one day, even the whole toilet – as the clients neatly and imperceptibly dismantled it from the floor still remains mystery.

The strangest claims of guests

No one can predict what exactly the tourist will not like the hotel and that he will write back in the hotel’s revocation. Employees of seaside hotels regularly hear from the guests who paid for SEA-View that the noise of waves prevents them. But in hotels, located quite far from the coast, travelers happens to outlines the lack of sight on the sea.

The difference of cultures affects the difference: after visiting hotels in the south of Europe, ladies complain about too sexy maids, all day cruising by the corridor, invasive thighs during cleaning, indecently leaning to wipe dust and, apparently, thus trying to pester to husbands of travelers.

Employees of Turkish hotels are sometimes listened to frustrated tourists who forgot to offer in spa centers "Additional services" – Why did they then recorded the session to a man?! Another strange, but quite common complaints after visiting Turkey – "Because of the buffet, I strongly added in weight!" Some tourists are asked to balance the diet and do not put so many seductive baking on the table, others – pay a visit to the fitness center and the course of slimming procedures in the homeland.

Very often, the weather causes. Here are just a few quote: "In your advertisement, you promised us with my wife’s romantic evenings under the starry sky, and it is tightened with clouds!", "You have not allowed me to swim in the sea because of the storm!" And finally, "You have to pay me a few days of living, because I sit on the third day at the hotel because of the rain and have not yet seen the city!".

There are also claims characteristic of Russian guests – as a rule, that the maids abroad do not understand their requests in Russian.

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