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Hotels in Thailand may not like some categories of tourists. Especially those who are used to rest in Turkey. Even on top resorts can write bad reviews: the sand is not sifted on the beach, do not put when cleaning the chocolate number, do not give daily gifts. It seems even in the Network AMAN Resorts do not do. But it is not exactly.

For what thai hoteliers scold more or less earthly tourists without Barskas? Collected for you typical drawbacks of five-star hotels in Thailand.

"Monotonous breakfast"

After Turkish hotels – yes. In Thailand breakfasts without thematic days. From day to day not so much changes. Even in hotels 5 * at breakfasts do not serve fua-gras, rounds and soup of lobster. No plate with ten types of cheese. But there will always be fresh pastries, several types of hot dishes, salads. A variety of fruit is small: watermelon, pineapple, papaya, Cantalup, Pyahaya, Guava or tangerines. From day to day, dishes are almost never changed.

In hotels 3 * For breakfast, a common set of toasts, ham, bacon, sausages, scraps, beans in tomato sauce, flakes, chopped vegetables, fried potatoes or hash brown. From Asian hot dishes offered fried rice, noodles with vegetables, chicken in sour and sweet sauce and similar dishes. There are no fresh juices for breakfast, only from the package or divorced concentrate.

"There are also small disadvantages, for example, there is no lubshik for the toilet, even asked for a reception to give it, but they were not. at all"

In Thailand, only Maids use during cleaning. But each toilet has a hygienic soul with good water pressure. Tourists use it.

"There is a hotel restaurant – expensive and tasteless"

So we can say about a trip or weak well. In the tops of Thailand, chefs are invited from abroad. Either there are famous Thai chefs. Each five advertises its restaurants in magazines and other media.

Some restaurants in hotels in Phuket even entered the Michelin Guide. For example, Black Ginger at the hotel The Slate, La Sala at the Anantara Mai Khao. And the Trisara PRU’s restaurant is twice awarded the star Michelin.

Ingredients for cooking chef tops not for 3 kopecks buy. If you compare with Makashnitsi, how often tourists do, in hotels High quality products. Sauces, meat, spices – all different quality. And also an important nuance: the tops of the chef do not add glutamate sodium into dishes, as they do in street cuisine.

"A terrible hotel – you need to pay for the person who will find in the room"

For that Russian tourists scold hotels in Thailand - Minuses of Pyatdok, who will not like

Yes, if the guest brought a secret, it must be registered to the reception and pay a certain amount. Usually 500-2000 baht. The lower the level of the hotel, the less follow your guests. In the tricks sometimes you do not need to pay. It is better to learn such a nuance in advance before booking a hotel or tour.

"In the Restaurant, the present razing: Includes additional money"

Yes, in many hotel (and other) restaurants (not cafes) in the menu they write a net price without VAT and service. And this is 7 + 10% for the cost of any dish. Pay attention to the line at the bottom of the menu where it is indicated which taxes will be included in the final account. This is the rule of restaurants, as well as about others, I wrote in more detail in the article "20 ways to save on food in Thailand".

"Boring in the evenings, no animators-started, only live music in the evening, have to entertain yourself"

Thailand is not the country where animators entertain guests in hotels. In the evening you can see only live music or classic Thai dancing. Animators who arrange games and classes for young guests work in children’s hotels. Read more about children’s hotels in Phuket in this article. For adults offer lessons with yoga instructors, Thai boxing, aerobics and other sports.

As you can see, Thai hotels have enough features. If you’re ready for them, then your long-awaited stay will be perfect. Pleasant trip to Thailand!

For that Russian tourists scold hotels in Thailand - Minuses of Pyatdok, who will not like

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