For the treatment abroad

A few centuries ago, our compatriots appealed to foreign doctors, went to the water to fix health. Nowadays, almost nothing has changed when domestic doctors are bred by their hands, it remains hope for their foreign colleagues.

But, before talking about treatment abroad, you need to divide the concepts of wellness and medical tourism. Wellness tours are a full-fledged holiday in a resort, with the ability to combine it with therapeutic procedures directly at the hotel or in the nearest medical center.

Under "medical tourism" means traveling precisely in order to treat a specific disease in a foreign clinic. Medical tourism also includes foreign trips to pass a medical examination, get dental care, give birth to a child, carry out a plastic surgery and T.D.

Whether it is about banal time savings and money or the need to turn to a specialist who has the world’s best statistics for the treatment of rare and dangerous diseases, if you decide to go for treatment abroad – it is important to properly approach the organization of the trip.

Medical and health tours

The strained work schedule often does not allow us to fully engage in our health. Spend a vacation in hospital corridors – very dubious pleasure. In this case, the ability to combine wellness treatments and rest – priceless.

In many people popular with our tourists are offered health procedures, both on the basis of hotels and in specialized clinics. The procedures that you will be offered to pass are aimed at rehabilitation, cleansing and restoring the body after hard work. These can be all sorts of massages, SPA and cosmetology procedures.

Medical and wellness tour can be purchased in the travel agency. In essence, this is a regular tourist trip in which you combine recreation and preventive procedures that have a beneficial effect on your body. Holidays on the climatic, balneological, thermal or other medical resort will be favorable on your health if you do not have medical contraindications. The resort doctor will appoint you therapeutic procedures, given your health condition.

However, if you suffer from some chronic diseases – before planning a trip, ask for advice to the attending doctor. First, the doctor will be able to make recommendations on the selection of the most appropriate direction of the trip, and secondly, will say where you should not go anyway. A sharp climate change may adversely affect your health and cause aggravation of the disease. Usually, doctors recommend to go to the treatment in places where the climate is similar to where you are permanently residing, and there is no difference with the usual time for you. Then the treatment will give a positive effect that will continue after returning to the homeland.

More recently, people with kidney disease were forced to refuse long journeys, so as not to miss vital hemodialysis procedures. Today, tour operators offer special programs for this group of tourists. Even with such a serious illness, people can safely go abroad, rest on the seashore, and ride hemodialysis to the nearest clinic.

Abroad In parallel with rest you can go through Chek-Up Survey. It takes no more than one day. You will be taken to the clinic to the appointed time, will be provided with a Russian-speaking employee for accompanying when visiting doctors. You will not sit in a long queue, waiting for a reception at a specialist. You will be quickly examined using modern medical equipment, will take all necessary analyzes. The results of the examination and recommendations of the doctors you will receive in Russian. Perhaps you will recommend to undergo a course of treatment in the clinic. In the event of your consent, you will also be brought to the prescribed time to a doctor for treatment, and in your free time you can relax on the sea or ride on excursions.

Treatment abroad

It happens that a person has a rare disease, in the treatment of which domestic specialists cannot help. There is a challenging operation, to guarantee the successful outcome of which no one is taken. But at the same time, you are told that in other countries, doctors have long and successfully operate almost hopeless patients. Then you accept the only correct decision and in front of the choice, to search for a suitable clinic independently or to trust professionals.

The easiest option is to contact specialized companies engaged in sending people to foreign clinics treatment. Considering that such companies have a lot of troubled connections, they can advise not only a specific clinic that specializes in the treatment of your illness, but also a specialist who has succeeded in this area. This will save the mass of time and forces that are so necessary.

Medicine does not stand still, new methods of treating diseases appear, which have long been considered incurable. Therefore, for many people the opportunity to get to the best for the better in their field, specialist – the only opportunity to save lives. Companies for which the organization of such trips is the main activity is always aware of all recent medicine trends. In addition, they are aware of the promotions that conduct clinics for patients. Perhaps it is now carried out studies of new drugs, and the clinic is ready to take the free la treating patients with your disease, to test drug. If lucky, the cost of treatment may be significantly lower than expected. The company will take on all the troubles on the organization of your trip, removing with you a lot of worries, both before traveling and during your stay abroad.

For the treatment abroad

If you decide to engage in the organization of the trip on your own, collect all information about countries and clinics where you can contact your diagnosis. Send a request to the selected clinic and attach an extract from a medical card and analyzes. All materials must be translated into the country’s language where you send documents. Moreover, the quality of translation is of great importance here, the accuracy of the interpretation of medical terms. In the process of correspondence immediately, it should be found out that it will be included in the service of the clinic, and for which you can take an additional fee. The cost of the treatment may include a medical fee, payment of stay in the hospital, medicines and medical research, anesthesia. Sometimes clinics take on the transfer from the airport and to the airport, as well as the payment of the hotel.

Find out which legal guarantees gives a clinic in case after treatment you have complications. The risk of medical error is always. After you send a contract, show his qualified lawyer before signing. In the case when the contract is not lies, the evidence of your contractual relationship with the clinic will be a paid account, an invitation from the clinic, as well as correspondence, where the procedure and conditions of treatment are negotiated.

By concluding the contract and paying the bill, you need to immediately begin to prepare for the trip. If you need a visa, then you are submitting documents to the embassy along with the invitation from the clinic. If a relative is planned to accompany you on the trip, apply. Medical visa is executed operational, and cases of failures are extremely rare.

Do not forget to purchase tourist insurance, it will protect you from risks on the way to the clinic. If, after discharge from the clinic, you will need extraly on rehabilitation, book a hotel room nearby.

The total amount of the cost of treatment abroad will be from the following expenses:

  • costs for issuing visas and accompanying documents;
  • The cost of air or rail tickets;
  • fare;
  • hotel cost;
  • nutrition costs;
  • the cost of telephone and international roaming;
  • the cost of medical services;
  • Cost of medical insurance.

Engage in organizing a trip on their own or trust an intermediary – to solve you. But, come to this question with all seriousness. Collect information about the clinic, read articles in the press, patient reviews.

Turning to mediators, read the history of this company, ask the document confirming that the company is the official representative of the clinic in your country. Find out how long a company is engaged in sending people to treatment, with which foreign medical institutions it cooperates. So you will protect yourself from scammers who want to be accomplished on someone else’s trouble.

For the treatment abroad

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