For tourists former military base for Equator

Among the tiny Maldives, almost every of which is a diameter of no more than a kilometer, there is an atoll at local standards just huge sizes – Atoll Adddu. It is located on the longest tip of the Maldives Archipelago, even south of the equator. Recently, on the island of Gan, an addu from Atoll, a new hotel has opened and first at the Adddu Hotel – Ocean Reef Resort, attractive for lovers of palm trees, white sand and motley underwater world. Several Moscow travel agencies are ready to send our tourists there.

Atoll Addu consists of seven islands located in a semicircle around the lagoon, and its total length is about 40 kilometers. On two of the islands included in the atoll – Hitada and Gan – real roads were laid. This is for Maldives, excluding the island of Male, on which the capital of the Maldives of the Maldives of the Maldives is located is completely incredible. The area of ​​the overwhelming majority of the islands of the archipelago is so small that cars are not needed there. Mopeds and bicycles on which they drive through narrow asphalt tracks are most common from movement. But by Hitad and Ghana run Japanese "Honda" and "Suzuki".

Ocean Reef Resort – Little Hotel. It consists of one-story houses in which there are only 78 rooms, and all this is drowning in tropical gardens. Not far from the hotel Aerodrome built by British Military. In Ghana until March 1976, a rather large base of the Royal British Air Force, which served as a link between British bases in Hong Kong, Singapore, Brune and databases in the Persian Gulf countries, as well as in Cyprus and Gibraltar. With the conclusion of the British troops from most regions "East of Suez" The base on Ghana did not need. Now there are not fighters and bombers landing, but two-dimensional screw planes "Maldives Airlines", Visiting here holidays.

From Male International Airport to Gan Island – one and a half hours flight. From the portholes, tourists see wonderful beauty Maldives: ocean surf, breaking into dust about coral reefs, uninhabited attractors with two-three coconut palm trees and juicy tropical greens of islands bigger. At the bottom, it will surely fire a flider of fishing boats that came out on day fishing, and maybe in the distance Gray Whale will let the high fountain spray.

Leaving in 1976 from the island of Gan, the British left a lot of useful things on it. Part of the British heritage – these are bridges connecting all the island of Atoll’s Adddu, roads, a golf pier and a large golf course, which, however, has already been closed for repairs.

Ocean Reef Resort has one of the most spacious sea water pool in Maldives. It can be pool at least half a day, not afraid of fucking chlorine. The hotel has a cozy outdoor restaurant, which serves breakfast and dinner. From the tropical stuffing here saves permanent ocean breeze. Under the evening fresh so that the room can turn off the air conditioner.

Before entering each guest room, there is a private veranda with wicker chairs and a table for drinks. In the windows of the rooms look high blooming ficuses and curly lianen walls. It offers a tennis court, a volleyball court and a billiard room, a night disco near the beach.

The hotel has a club of divers, where beginners will teach to handle the scuba, and professionals will help to get to the deep sea gorge on the island of Hitada, rich in sea skates, horns-"cows", Sleepy marine stars and striped moray. Near Ghana, at the depth of twenty meters, lies the old sunken British frigate. In his leaky thumbs, across sea water, lives a couple of dozen species of marine living.

To admire underwater gardens, it is not necessary to have a PADI certificate and put on behalf of the scuba. Newbie, having bought or renting an ordinary phone and mask for rent in the hotel, can sink right on the hotel beach. It is not deep here, on the bottom of soft sand, and in the water belt in the water, it is possible to take the meters for a hundred from the shore.

For tourists former military base for Equator

Atoll Adddu is also interested in the fact that a small fresh fresh lake was splashing on one of his islets. Small red-orange parrots nest on this lake and rest from the flights brown drofs from the mainland. Before the lake from the hotel – Hour walk. Or fifteen minutes riding a bike. Bicycle rental point – children’s, sports, off-road – works at the hotel. On the bike it is most convenient to learn the surrounding islands and observe the life of fishing settlements.

On Ghana, near the fishing village, there are two decent restaurants, where they feed the gifts of the sea. Lobster and Tuna here fry on the spit on Indian recipes: richly sprinkled by the catch with fragrant tart spices. If you come in with local fishermen, they can capture you for free fishing in the lagoon.

The hotel organizes mackeli fishing and a sword fish in the ocean, ten kilometers of swimming from the atoll on a motor schooner. At the same time, the tourbocho at the hotel offers exciting excursions by addid and around it.

Tired of the atoll travel, you can have a snack in the hotel’s restaurant, drink a glass of juice from papaya and lie down on the shore in a hammock stretched between two palm trees. Swaying in a hammock, well listen to the rul of a long-range surf, consider the colorful sails of fishing boats flying into the ocean, and inhale iodide invigorating air.

Leaving the hotel by the local airline you will be late in the morning – such a schedule here, and therefore home from the international airport Hulula tourists fly the next day. First, you will be taken to the capital of Male, where you will settle for one night in a cozy hotel, next to the main mosque of the country. Therefore, you will have another time for an independent excursion at the main and only city of Maldives.

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