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Many Russians cannot explain their love for Scotland.

If in childhood I was asked what country in the world I want to go, I would not think answered – in Scotland! Why, I do not know.

I studied English at school, knew about Robert Burns, read Stevenson and Walter Scott.

For the first time I saw Scotland in the film "Fantômas against Scotland-Yard". I liked the movie "Highlander", but the strongest impression left the film "Brave Heart".

The freedom of the Scottles for many is surprising.

Why Scots Independence *******************? What is the metaphysical mystery of this ancient people?

Scotland – a country of my dreams and dreams. And recently my dream came true – I visited Scotland.

Scotland is located in the north of Britain. The first people there have appeared about 8 thousand years ago. Written history of Scotland begins with the Roman conquest of Britain – the territory of modern England and Wales. But the Romans could not conquer the lying north of Scottish lands – Caledonia, where the Pectic and Gael tribes lived.

Celts are considered ancestors of modern Scots. It is Celts Scotland owes mystical symbolism (Celtic Cross and Dragon), still often found and used as national heritage.

British Celts called Britt. Until the V-VI century, when the Britons conquered the Anglo-Sakian tribes, Celtic culture in Scotland actively developed. However, later this culture has largely declined, its residues managed to maintain only in the mountainous corners of Scotland.

In the Scottish ethnicity, you can, if you wish, find and echoes of Norman blood. The penetration of Normans (Vikings) in Scotland began in the middle of the XI century. They penetrated into Scotland from the already conquered by. The future king of Scotland Robert Bruce came out of *********** Knight.

Many Scots to the question "You live in England?»Reply:" No, I live in Scotland ".

England – "Women’s Country". Scotland – "Male".

If the Scots are descendants of the ancient Celts, the British are the descendants of the tribes of Anglo Saxons who won Britain.

Celts and Anglo-Saks are not just two different ethnos, these are two different cultures.

Scottish language (Galsky) One of the Celtic languages, whose carriers – Celtic State of Galy – traditionally lived in Mountain Scotland.

If the plain part of Scotland has been for Europe, the so-called clan system was formed in the mountain part.

The history of the independent Scottish kingdom (the old name "Alba" in Gaelsky) takes his beginning in 843, when Kennet Makalpine became the king of scott and pictites.

English King Richard I Lion Heart recognized Scotland independence, but for 10 thousand stamps that needed to organize a cross campaign.

But the English king Edward I applied to Scotland as a vassal territory. He placed English garrisons in the Scottish fortresses, restored the nobles "the right of the first night".

The mode established by the English authorities was so cruel that already in 1297 the Scots raised the uprising. He was headed by William Wallace. This was shot by a good film "Braveheart" with Mal Gibson starring.

After the defeat of the British army in the battle of Sterling Bridge, Scotland was released from the English troops, and William Wallace was elected the Keeper of Scotland. He is still considered a national hero!

The uprising was suppressed. The Scots has long been forbidden to wear the clan tartan, singing national songs, it was forbidden even a cheese as "war tool".

Some time, Scotland threatened to elect her own monarch-Protestant, but under the threat of gap of trade and transport links, the Scottish parliament together with English in 1707 adopted the "Act of Unia". As a result of the unification of the two parliaments (under the head of England) the Kingdom of Great Britain was formed.

Only in 1999 in Scotland his own parliament was restored.

Now Scotland – the most autonomous one of all countries of the United Kingdom. Scotland has not only his own parliament and legal system, but even prints money (English, but with its national symbols).

According to the 2010 census, the population of Scotland is 5.2 million people. Of these, the Scots – 88%, the British – 7%, Irish and Poles – 50 thousand. person., Pakistanis – 40 thousand. person., The Chinese and Indians are 20 thousand. person., Suites from Africa – 10 thousand. person.

Many indigenous Scots emigrated to North America. 9.2 million now lives in the USA. American Scottish Origin. And the total number of descendants is about 30 million. Also, the Scots live in Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Thanks to the warm Atlantic flow of Golf Stream, temperatures in Scotland are higher than in countries running on the same parallel. In January-February, the temperature is about 5-7 degrees C; In June-August – not higher than 16 degrees.

In the waters of Scottish rivers there are about 400 populations of Atlantic salmon.

The traditional symbol of Scotland is considered to be a flower of thistle and unicorn.

Scotland Flag – X-shaped White Cross on Blue Background. Images of the Apostle Andrei First-Called, as well as the X-shaped Cross, on which he, according to legend, was crucified, serve as symbols of Scotland.

November 30 – St. Andrew’s Day – Patron of Scotland.

Most Scots in their faith Protestants, adherents of the National Presbyterian Church of Scotland.

It was the Scots who came up with a game of golf and distributed it around the world.

The most famous Scottish clothing is considered a male national costume – Kilt. Kilt appeared as a raincoat. It was a warrior clothing, a piece of wool fabric that a man wrapped around his body.

Modern kilt resembles a skirt. Many women are interested in: Does anyone else have a "skirt" (kilt)? Real Scots do not dress anything! Because it is a tradition.

In the festers you can see the dagger: if on the right – then I am your friend, if left – then I am an enemy.

Kilt has many colors (tartanov). Tartan – fabric with ornament from horizontal and vertical stripes. The drawing of tartan is assigned to one or another clare or family, military unit or organization.

Multicolored woolen checkered tartan fabric – not only an identifying sign for all Scotch gods (each of them has its own unique), but also a centuries-old symbol of Scotland. Almost all Scottish sports clubs have their colors.

In Russia, fabric with such an ornament is called "Scotland".

In the capital of Scotland Edinburgh, I heard a touching story about a dog named "Bobby". His owner John Gray worked in the city police a night crowd. They lived inseparably for about two years. When John Gray died, the Bobby guarded the host’s grave for fourteen years.

When Bobby, like a dog without a host, hung the threat of destruction, director of the Scottish Society against animal abuse paid for the resumption of the Bobby license and took it under the responsibility of the municipality.

Bobby was buried not far from the grave of his master. In 1981, a red granite stone was installed on the grave of Bobby by the Society of Assistance to Dogs of Scotland. The inscription on it reads: "Greifranes Bobby – died on January 14, 1872 at the age of 16. Let his loyalty and devotion be a lesson for us to all ".

The faithful Bobby Edinburghs staged a monument and in his honor called cafes. About Bobby even removed several films. The last film "Adventures Greifran Players Bobby" came out in the UK in February 2006.

Scots love national folklore. Ancient legends and legends have become a table for creativity of many writers. One of the first collectors of Scottish epic was Walter Scott (1771-1832).

Walter Scott on education was also a lawyer. His first novel "Waverley" (1814) also appeared anonymously. The writer created twenty-eight novels, nine poems, many leaders, literary and critical articles, historical works.

Sir Walter Scott deservedly considered the founder of the genre of historical novel.

The modern term "Flylenser" is actually *********** used by Walter Scott in the novel "Ivango" to describe the medieval hired warrior.

The world’s first novel in verses ("Marmion") wrote in 1808 too Walter Scott.

Walter Scott rebuilt his estate, making a small medieval castle from it than formed the fashion and filed an example to many. Although the real castles of the Middle Ages were not so beautiful and elegant.

In his novels, Walter Scott showed that the people perform the driving force of history. He revived the historical memory of this people and opened Scotland for the rest of the world.

Therefore, the best monuments in Scottat are dedicated to Walter Scott.

Scottish literature is rich in famous names.

Robert Lewis Stevenson was born on November 13, 1850 in Edinburgh. His Peru owns such well-known works as "Treasure Island", "Dr. Jackiel and Mr. Heid" and others.

In the capital of Scotland on May 22, 1859, Arthur Conan Doyle was born – author of famous stories about Sherlock Holmes.

Scottish writer and doctor Archibald Joseph Cronin (1896 -1981) is known for his novels "Brody’s Castle", "Stars look down", "Citadel", "Young Years", "Shannon’s path", "Monument to the Crusader".

Famous Political Economist Adam Smith, too, Scot. He formulated the concept of "Economic Man" and "Natural Procedure". Adam Smith’s ideas about the surplus value used Karl Marx in labor "Capital".

Sean Connery – Scottish film actor and producer (Sir Thomas Sean Connery) was born in Edinburgh on August 25, 1930.

One of the most famous attractions of Scotland and the whole world is Loch-Ness Lake. The glory of the lake brought a legend about the monster, nicknamed "Nesssey". A wonderful view of the lake opens with the ruined castle Urgard.

Rising to the top of the castle, I looked at the surface of the lake for a long time, hoping to fall out Nesssey, but was not lucky.

Most zoologists are skeptical to the version of the monster, allegedly inhabitants in Loch Ness. One "hunter" from Germany swept the surface of the lake 10 tons of bread crumbs to attract an animal thus. Other – Johiro Kou – built even a mini-submarine with a gun shooting shipping charges.

In October 1987, hundreds of people arrived in the surroundings of Lake Loch Ness. Together with 300 journalists from different countries, they were looking forward to starting "hunting". As a result, at a depth of 74 meters (the depth of the lake itself in this place was 228 meters) were discovered indefinite outlines.

Presumably, Nesssey is ancient Pllesiosaur. It is noticed that it is shown approximately once in 45 years. The rest of the time, as you suggest, is in Anabiosis.

But if this monster really exists, then it must eat something?

Recently, at a depth of 200 meters, the shoals of the Atlantic Herring were found. Also revealed karst caves with access to the open sea.

But how this monster multiplies?

Some birds and fish can change the floor depending on the needs of the population. For example, chicken can turn into a rooster. In some species of fish, if the female of the couple is dying, her male changes the floor and becomes the breeding female himself, and the largest of youngest men’s individuals occupies his place.

So theoretically Nesssey can exist in this lake whose depth is more than 300 meters.

Almost all the adult population of Scotland leads an unhealthy lifestyle: many smoke, ************** alcohol, physically inactive, have extra weight or eat poorly.

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The most famous traditional dish of Scotland is "Haggis". This is a barrack scar started by oatmeal, calf need, onion, liver with interior lady and spices. Taste, I will tell you, specific.

This dish dedicated a poem outstanding Scottish poet Robert Burns (1759-1796).

The song on the words of Robert Burns "Auld Lang Syne" is known all over the world. This folk tune is often performed for Christmas. By tradition, this song finish the British feast.

Do you forget old love

And do not be sad about her?

Do you forget old love

And the friendship of the previous days?

For friendship old – to the bottom!

For the happiness of the previous days!

With you we will drink, old,

For the happiness of the previous days.

Drink in Scotland a lot. The use of strong drinks (whiskey) has become a tradition. If in 2000 per person accounted for 8.4 liters of pure alcohol a year, today this figure rose to 9.2 liters.

Scots love to sing and have fun. The most famous of folk instruments – like. It was used for a long time as a tool of Scottish militarized formations.

Scottish arrows covered themselves with glory in battle with Waterloo.

Every year, August 6-28, the walls of the Ancient Edinburgh Castle passes the parade of Scottish Cheriars – Bright Folklore Show – Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

Among the historical antiquities of Edinburgh, I was tormented by the question: what is the metaphysical meaning of the Scottish nation?

The desire for independence in the blood of each Scots. Finally, they achieved a referendum on Independence of Scotland.

On October 15, 2012, the United Kingdom Prime Minister David Cameron and the First Minister of the Regional Government of Scotland Alex ********* signed an agreement on which on September 18, 2014 in Scotland will be held a referendum on independence from England.

Voters will have to answer the only question: "Should Scotland be an independent country?"

A positive response to the referendum will allow Scotland to apply for huge energy resources and become a rich country. Scotland is the world’s most developed electricity market developed by waves and tides.

Opposition Parties, including Laborists, Conservative and Liberal Democrats, support Scotland’s preservation within the United Kingdom.

However, since the nationalists have most in the Scottish Parliament, the adoption of the draft law is guaranteed.

If the Scots will vote on the referendum for independence from England, it will be a precedent not only for Europe, but also for the whole world.

But here is the question: this plebiscite is the power-loving game elite or thirst for the people to preserve their originality, traditions and culture?

The desire for independence and the freedom of the Scots of many surprises.

But the wealth of the Scots prefers freedom!

Scotland’s motto: "No one will touch me with impunity".

We should learn how the Scots love their country as the traditions.

Loyalty to traditions is confidence in the future!

Russians are like the Scots: St. Andrew’s flag of Scotland is similar to the stale of our navy; We are also freedom *******************.

"They can pick up our lives, but will not be able to pick up our freedom," says William Wallace in the film "Braveheart".

"People need simple human happiness. But first of all freedom. And freedom is conquered by force. Therefore, you need to drive out of the country of alien conquerors and make the king of solid and volitional man. Only a strong ruler can provide order, create good and immediately.

Yes, the people need strong leaders who could take on all full responsibility and make people happy. People with difficulty understand *****************, and therefore they need to lead to happiness. And then they will say thank you for the fact that we have limited their freedom. After all, in order to achieve happiness, you need to donate something. However, no one wants to come in their well-being. People will rather agree to someone else’s blood sheds than decreased profits. They will rather refuse freedom than from their income!"

(from my novel "Alien strange incomprehensible extraordinary strangers" on the site New Russian literature

For the sake of high income, many have already abandoned freedom, from their homeland, from the history and culture of their ancestors. But not Scots.

"You think that people exist to support your privileges? – Asks William Wallace from representatives of the Elite Scotland. – And I think that you exist to maintain freedom of the people!"

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