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I recently, I was lucky enough to visit my favorite me in Finland. Every time I admire this "thousands of lakes". In fact, in Finland there are about 190 thousand. Lakes occupying 9% of its area.

Finnov has no oil and gas, and therefore they do not exploit nature as we, but adapt to it – they feel themselves among nature away.

Finland ranks first in Europe by the number of green plants per person.

Finns take care of nature, build underground labyrinths to promote frogs in the marriage period. In general, it seems to me that the Finns relate to wild beasts better than we treat people.

We must admit, in Finland and the snow whiter, and the air is fresh.

Water can be drunk from under the tap, it is mineralized.

Finns live well.

Yes, there are no passionate in Finns. But why do they need?

Finns live then to live. And we – … ?

Travel firms offer trips to Finland primarily for purchases. But we must admit that our shops are no longer worse than abroad. Therefore, I advise you to go to Finland for dating life and life of the Finns, who have a lot of things to learn.

All that is sold in Suomy, thanks to "Shuttokam", you can buy in St. Petersburg. True, they say, the quality is different. But, despite stubbornly circulating rumors, I can not imagine that on honest Finnish firms Valio, Ingman and T.NS. There may be special lines for the production of second grade for Russia.

In Finland, 87% of the population adheres to Lutheran religion. The main distinguishing feature of Lutheranism is that a person is justified before God’s faith. It is faith characterizes a person before God. And so the trust is a distinctive feature of the Mentality of Finns.

Mentality forms social norms of behavior in society, which, in turn, arise from religious representations and beliefs. I dare to assume that Russian mutual mistrust is due to the nature of our faith. We estimate a person not by faith, like Lutherans, and not even on business, like Catholics, but by intentions: when it is not important what a person did or did not, but what did you want to do.

Protestantism is also natural for harsh and gentle Finland, as for Russians a mixture of paganism with Orthodoxy.

In every Finnish city, where I am, I definitely visit the temple – either Orthodox, or Lutheran. Recently in Lappeenranta visited Lutheran Temple. There are several toilets in the temple, there are many benches for seating, the Hall for Sunday School. And no trade! Candles can be taken free. And as a gift, I received the text of the Bible and a video about Jesus Christ. We will not meet such a relationship.

The first thing that meets at the entrance to the Orthodox Church is trade to candles and other church attributes, including the Sacred Scriptures. For each service offered to pay. It is only about ignorance to be somewhat differently, you will immediately indicate the wrong behavior. In Lutheran temples, gilding is almost no, but everything for people: and benches, and toilets. For many, to defend two hours of service in Orthodox churches, this is a serious test, and not everyone is capable of.

The first thing that rushes into the eyes in Finland is purity and almost complete absence of guards.

Finland can be called a society of mutual confidence! Apparently, Protestantism did his job. In Helsinki in the pizzeria hall at a hundred people serving two girls: one prepares pizza, the other at the checkout. And no bounced, no surveillance cameras. In a huge universem, you can freely touch any product, and no one will require a check, show the contents of the bag. We will meet the guards almost in every pharmacy.

What determines the greatness of the country? If the social comfort and life expectancy of citizens, then Finland – the Great Power. In Little Finland, the standard of living is one of the highest in the world!

The average life expectancy in Finland for men is 78 years old, and in women – 82 years.

Who can explain why the standard of living in the same Finland is higher than in Russia? Just do not say that the Russians do not like to work. Just "there" it is more profitable to work fairly, but to deceive yourself at a loss. We are stealing not because of poverty, but because it is not beneficial to be honest.

In my opinion, in Finland a more fair social system. Thanks to the tax system, the standard of living of the majority of the population is about the same. Finnish citizens pay the highest taxes in the world. And rich people pay large taxes, and in case of violation of the rules of the road, incomparably large fines.

In Finland, one of the lowest Ginny coefficient in the world is a difference in income between the richest and most poor. Probably, therefore, crime in Finland is relatively small.

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In Finland, there are more mobile phones per capita than in any other country of the world. Finland also leads to the development of the Internet system. Each citizen has guaranteed right to ensure broadband access to world web.

Prices in Europe are about the same everywhere. Only the level of salaries and benefits differs. The unemployed in Finland receives the minimum allowance of 400 euros. We have such a "manual" do not even receive decently working people.

In Russia today, the amount of monetary compensation for the damage increased to 1 million. rubles (25 thousand euros). Under the same conditions, Western insurance companies will pay 150 thousand euros in Finland! This means that the price of human life in Russia is lower than in Europe 6 times!

In Finland, 18 expert commissions for the quality of products, we have only 4. If we have the shelf life of Valio products on average 4 months (and write that a product without preservatives), then in Finland – 14 days. In Finnish schools, children yogurt are distributed free of charge, and yogurt’s shelf life of up to 10 days.

Every summer I come to rest at Karelian stake. There are still granite foundations of Finnish houses, reminding of their former owners. Once I happened to observe how the Finns arrived, to the "Unknown War" 1939 who lived here. They installed a memorable stone. The old women and old mans were crying, kissed the stones, took the earth with me in the bags. My heart fluttered, looking at them.

When I travel across Vuoks, it is sad to see me, as in just half a century, a unique edge. Lakes, centuries persisted with Finns in pristine purity, shame to say, now stained to the limit. But earlier, Karelian shells were a resident for all Finland, and also the southernmost resort. They say Boroviki grew right at the house.

Finns have something to learn. And above all the laundry and accuracy. "Lying Policeman" – invention of Finns, like a separate path for pedestrians and cyclists. Finnish sauna has become the same part of our culture as the products of the company "Valio".

For Petersburgers, rest in Finland, which from St. Petersburg three hours drive by car, has become familiar. Thanks to Finnish Multivise, I travel through Schengen Europe and often spends a weekend in the border Finnish cities.

They say Finns Most of all in the world ********** Coffee. Coffeeman for many Finns is the same addiction as alcoholism. Yes, the Finns can drink a lot, but they drink at all as Russian. At one time, I as a sociologist and a specialist in deviating behavior observed in a country camp on the Karelian Isthmus of the treated Finnish and Russian alcoholics. Difference, I will tell you, huge. I think that the culture of peetting and social justice we will not be ashamed to learn from the northern neighbors.

Of course, the Finns deserve respect. Although we have something to be proud.

Traveling around the world, I noticed that the sense of patriotism varies depending on the permanent residence permissions). Love for homeland persists, but the attitude to it changes. In some countries, I feel a sense of pride in Russia, and in other countries I am ashamed for Russia.

When I invited one of my friend on the trip to Finland, she refused, explaining his refusal by the fact that it was afraid to remain in this wonderful country forever.

For which Finland - Helsinki, Finland Blogs and travel notes of tourists in Helsinki on

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