For winter holidays in Slovenia

When we plan our winter holidays in Europe, most often we think about the elegant festive capitals and ski resorts.

Let’s turn your eyes on a cozy Slovenia, and we’ll figure it out why it is here to come this winter.

Fires of the Universe

In December, a lot of interesting things happen in the capital of the country – Ljubljana. The city has been famous for the unusual beauty of his Christmas lighting for several years. The most interesting part decorates the historic center of the city. The lights transfer the idea of ​​the Universe, where there are huge uncharted galaxies, planets, constellations. And then – Microparticles of our Genesis: DNA helix, atom model. Lower the eye, and at the bottom there is a Christmas team with Maria and the baby, merry residents and guests are poured under the sounds of an old scarmer, and the aromas of goodies are hidden in the air. And the Will-Neils are thinking about how holistic is our world: it has a place and science, and legend about the Savior. And we, residents of the city and the tourists who arrived from everywhere, feel so relatives in this atmosphere of good and fun.

Let’s finally leave philosophical reflections and return to goodies.

One day at Christmas

Festive Ljubljana Fair becomes the center of urban life.

Neat wooden houses line up along the central street and offer treats and souvenirs.

Hot sausages, pies, honey gingerbread – all these are traditional treats.

Catholic countries accepted a lot of sweets for Christmas: Struggles, Mock and Queen of all pies Hibanitsa (puff cortishes, cinnamon, poppy, vanilla, cottage cheese, nuts, honey, raisins).

If you get cold, you can always warm up a cup of mulled wine or fragrant tea in the nearest christmas stall.

And as a souvenir we advise you to purchase goods of local handmade masters. Kitchen utensils made of wood, for example, a solid cutting board and neatly entrusted to her with a ring of crash sausage, will be the original souvenir to your test. Be sure to buy a couple of ceramic angels on the Christmas tree and a warm knitted hat with mittens.

In Ljubljana December is considered a month of events. Despite the cold, the city streets come to life. Music concerts, performances of street theaters, master classes for the whole family pass on most areas in the city center.

Such events organize the municipality and they are absolutely free. In the tourist info, the Bureau will tell you where and when concerts of popular music, performances of folk musicians, rock bands, kindergarten, striding, arrival of Santa Claus and Grand Fireworks over the Ljubljana Grad on New Year’s Eve.

Not in the capital

Christmas Spirit – omnipresent. He penetrated even under the ground in the post byh, the pit is a whole chain of underground caves, tunnels and halls with a total length of 27 km.

Dress up warmer and forth on a sightseeing train, which will be tiered underground to one of the most amazing productions of Christmas history.

On the way you will meet the shepherds, lambs, angels and exceptional beauty natural sculptures. Thousands of tiny stars will be lit over your head.

And so, you were in the biggest grotto, another minute and the presentation will begin.

16 biblical scenes, 150 participants every day, and all this in the unique interior of the majestic cave among magnificent stalactites and stalagmites. You will be remembered.

Such christmas performances – Vertpes – are an integral part of the holiday. They are shown in all cities of Slovenia. A mandatory attribute of festive decoration, Slovenians consider Christmas nursery. Not far from Lake Bled, in the town of Brezene there is a Museum of Christmas Vertilites, where you can see 400 varieties of Nursery of Christ, collected around the world. You are amazed fantasy and the art with which they are made: there are even a mini-penetration, which is placed in a walnut shell.

"Better the mountains can only be the mountains on which there has not been. "

Winter sports are very popular in Slovenia, and ski-shins are considered one of the best in the world. Mountain Skiing Championships, Snowboarding and Spring Skiing Championships.

The tracks and infrastructure of the resorts are derived to the highest level. For beginners, including the smallest, there are excellent school training. But the big plus riding here is a low cost and the opportunity to combine sports vacation with treatment in thermal resorts.

For winter holidays in Slovenia

And if you do not like the high-speed descent from the Alpine peaks, then the smooth slide on the tracks for the plain skis will be pleasure. Want more adrenaline? Please – rafting on snow and paragliding. The most famous resorts of the country is Kranjska Mountain, Bohin, Bovets, Maribor Prokhorier.

Ski Resort of Kranjska Mountain is ideal for novice skiers and amateurs skiers. Trails here are different levels of complexity, as well as a very convenient location in relation to the lifts – all hotels are at the foot of the mountains.

Kranjska Mountain is the most "Tusovochny" from all ski resorts Slovenia and is suitable for both youth and family couples wishing to enjoy nature and frosty alpine air.

In the town of Planfe, close to the resort, is one of the world’s largest ski jumps. There is a regular stage of the World Cup in jumping from springboard.

The resort Maribor Poorbye – the most famous ski center in Slovenia. The developed resort infrastructure gives tourists to find a lesson in the shower. In the evening, tourists can visit numerous restaurants, cafes, discos and other entertainment centers or go to the vintage city Maribor.

City can be reached by bus in 10 minutes. The peculiarity of the resort is proximity to the best thermal sources. You can combine an active sports vacation with bathing in medicinal terms. Every year the stage of the World Cup is held every year.

Resort "Bovets" Located on the border of Italy, Austria and Slovenia, so you can ride in three countries at the same time. This is the only ski center in Slovenia, whose objects are located at an altitude of more than 2000 meters, the season here lasts from December to May Day holidays.

Bovets ski resort is optimal for "Advanced" Gorn skiers. Highway "Crinquet", For example, it is recommended to pass only accompanied by an instructor. In Bovets and in the entire Valley of the Okama River there are opportunities for winter rafting. Mountaineering in frozen waterfalls is very popular among tourists extremals.

Winter "Bohin" By truth is beautiful. The resort is located on the shores of the same lake in the territory of the National Reserve, in close proximity to the highest peak of the Julian Alps Mountain Triglav.

After skiing, you can go to the Savita waterfall with a poet, and inspect the colorful National Towns of Bakhinskaya Bystrica and the average VAZ. In addition, there are other centers of winter sports – Pokhlochka, Kobla, Sarishka Planina and Vegel, where a separate park for snowboarders is opened. These resorts can also be enjoyed ice skating and riding in the sleigh on the frozen lake.

During the entire territory there is a single Skipass. This allows you to easily move from the resort to the resort.

Slovenia is beautiful at any time of the year, but in winter it becomes fabulous. Lake Bled and its surroundings turn into a snowy picture of a souvenir card. The mirrored water surface reflects the smallest details of the cold landscape – this is a frozen forest, clean transparent air, sparkling snow, and heavenly blue, which lies on the mountain peaks. Without its green robes, the Julian Alps become the majestic guards of order and silence.

It is not necessary to be a fan of ski descents, to come to Slovenia in winter just like that – this is a great idea, because her beauty – self-valley.

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