Forbidden City in Beijing

Many tourists visit China in order to evaluate the ancient culture of this country, to see the sights. In this cycle of articles we will tell about the most interesting of them.

Forbidden city was built 600 years ago during the Ming dynasty as the residence of China’s emperors. Up to this point, there was another residence of emperors on this place, but the first emperor of the Ming dynasty named Hongwa burned her and moved the capital of China from Beijing to the city of Nanjing. The second emperor of the Ming dynasty named Ji Di transferred the capital back and began the construction of a palace complex, which was subsequently called a forbidden city. Construction lasted 14 years in a row.

Since then, he has become the official place of residence to all emperors of Ming and Qin dynasties. In detail about the dynasty, we told in our article about the Great Wall of China.

There are several different versions of the name of this palace complex. It is more correct to call it exactly that, since this is not one big palace, as we have, but a complex of 980 buildings. In Russian, we call it either the "Forbidden City", or the "Forbidden Palace", the English version is completely similar.

But the Chinese version is different. Chinese name sounds like Zinzha Cheng.

The first word of zi – has several values, the first is "purple", On the other hand, this word denotes a polar star, which is a symbol of Chinese emperors.

The second word of the bed – denotes "Forbidden", but not a little in the sense as we. This means that no one can neither enter, nor get out of this place without the permission of the emperor.

The third word Cheng – means literally "City, surrounded by a wall".

As you noticed, the present name is slightly different from our. It is difficult to precisely translate from Chinese, the system of concepts from the Chinese differs from our. But in our materials on JJ-Tours.Ru we are trying to do it.

Now the Chinese call this place "former palace".

The complex has a rectangular shape, in length 960, in a width of 750 meters. The complex consists of 980 buildings of various purposes. Divided into "the inner city" and "external city". The outside city was intended for the state cases of the emperor. In the domestic city, the emperor himself lived and his approximate.

The complex is surrounded by a wall with a height of 8 meters and a molar width of 50 meters. The emperor was well protected from possible uprisings that happened in China quite often.

There is a four goal, the main entrance is southern, it goes straight to Tiananmyn Square, the one, on which on June 4, 1989, nothing interesting (I know that this joke is plagiarism from Simpsons, but I really like it).

In the Forbidden City you need to walk, watch the emperor lived. There are a lot of buildings, each has its purpose.

Part of residential buildings, part – economic, some have a special purpose, for example, for classes of poetry, calligraphy or just for contemplation. Immediately count that walking for a long time, if you want to get around everything, you will have to spend a whole day. Put on comfortable shoes, since, first, walking for a long time, and secondly, the roads in the complex are clearly not adapted to hairpins or heels, in some cracks you can leave a thin heel.

It is especially pleasant to walk around the parks, broken in the territory. Parks inside the complex four. There are fountains in the parks.

This place was not only a residence, but also the place of permanent residence of the emperor.

Entering the southern gate, you will fall into a large area. Pass to the gate of the highest harmony. Already at these gates, they will fall on the square, which is called the area of ​​the Higher Harmony hall, everything wears such in the Forbidden City "Loud" Names. And see a large building, which is called the hall of the Higher Harmony. It was here that the emperor took the guests, the court spoke on the most important affairs. This hall was very loved by the emperors of the Ming dynasty, the emperors of the same Qin used this place only in the most important occasion, such as coronation or wedding.

Forbidden City in Beijing

In the outer city, many other buildings intended for meetings with ministers, military meetings, there is even a printing house.

In the domestic city, in the center there are imperial chambers, which are called the Palace of the Heavenly Court. It is not clear what the court, but the translation from English is accurate, although possible our Chinese colleagues who did a book-guide, incorrectly transferred the name from Chinese into English. Behind him there are still buildings, and then there is an imperial garden, the most pleasant place to stroll.

On the territory of the Forbidden City is the "Palace Museum". It does not have a specific place, the exhibits are presented in different buildings. A huge collection of paintings, bronze products, ceramics and historical documents contained, prepared!, 1,800,000 exhibits. Of course, not all of them you can see the victim, but the most beautiful and interesting of them are exhibited. Now imagine how the inventory of this collection looks like. But she was held for 6 years, finished the last time in 2010.

The collection of the museum is very diverse, but in it we did not find some kind "Pearls", As it was, for example, in the Hubei Museum, which you can read a separate article.

If you want to look at the forbidden city "in the dynamics", that is, several artistic filmmakers. On the territory of the palace, only 3 works were filmed:

1. Film "Last Emperor", 1987 release.

2. Mini-series "Marco Polo" of the 80s.

3. Music Clip Group 30 Seconds to Mars called "From Yesterday". As an American group allowed to shoot a clip – a mystery.

Look at these works, you can look at the Forbidden City. But, of course, it is better to visit this place and see all with your own eyes. No review nor JJ-Tours.Either another site will not give the whole gamma of the impressions that you get, looking at the sights personally.

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Forbidden City in Beijing

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