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For a long time we were waiting for an air message with Egypt, did not wait, and decided to organize everything themselves.

. as if by the Russian Federation no one against it.

This winter, 2016 was looking for a way to get to Hurghada, and found, it is possible to buy tickets to sell tickets through the sales sites, their huge set, found out that the shortest flight flight from two airlines is Turkish Airlines http: // www.Turkishairlines.COM / EN-RU and PEGASUS AIRLINES HTTPS: // www.Flypgs.COM / RU / – Flights with a transfer to Turkey, the waiting time between flights from one and a half hours, in a different company’s different waiting time, have chosen the cheapest (without food on board) Pegasus Airlines – spent on the flight one of 140 dollars from the passenger.

Thought what is the hotel to learn? But familiar suggested that there is one unique in Hurghada "Esplanade" – Where you can rent apartments, as they said: The best in all Egypt – there is no such thing! They fly there for several years with a child and absolutely satisfied. Familiar told us the address of the site http: // Esplanada1.RU / – They booked apartments for their stay, we did the same, went to the site, clicked the link "Communication with us" and wrote that we wish to rent apartments and for how long, we were answered, told how to choose apartments for photos (on the same site), we chose and booked – the cost of the apartment per day cost 30 dollars.

We flew to the Hurghada without problems, at the airport, visa brands were bought at $ 25 to each passport at the checkout, left the airport, took a taxi, called the cherished word "Esplanade" and after 10 minutes. already in place – for 10 dollars. We were met by the Russians (they turn out to be there constantly live), took us to our apartments, explained how you can rest well, left our keys, wished a good rest. We stayed in our apartments, in which it turned out to have everything you need for life, in the kitchen various utensils for cooking, dishes, in the bedroom there were bed linen, towels (everyone got already in three pieces), the Russian channels show on TV – in It turned out the impression that we came to my home.

Since we arrived in the evening, and in Egypt, it darkens early, so it was not possible to inspect the territory, only palm trees and low lights were visible from the balcony, which did not brightly illuminated paths leaving in the dark.

Woke up in the morning, the long-awaited sun was already shining (we were missing on him), got to drink tea on the balcony, the view was gorgeous from the balcony, we expected that it would be good (our acquaintances were talking about it), but did not think so well! From the balcony, a panoramic view of the sea was opened, the impression was created that we were sitting right on the beach, as it was not more than fifty meters to the water line, there was no one on the beach. I sat for a long time and admired this beauty, then decided everything to go down and walk to the beach, and they did, they took the beach towels from the closet and went to the beach. The beach went past the palms who saw in the evening from the balcony, on the beach put towels on the sun beds – they were almost all free, looked around, the sandy beach was a long more three hundred meters! We saw such beaches only in the hotels of five stars (only there they were full of people, there was a tropical garden between the beach and a complex, the tropical garden was growing, in the center of the complex before the beach there were two pools, at the end of the beach there was a playground with swings. Everything seen left the feeling of pleasure, everything was clean and well maintained, not in vain about it spoke our acquaintances.

Forbidden; Egypt - Hurghada, Egypt Blogs and travel notes of tourists on Hurghada on the turmprom

Right and bothering decided to go to eat, those Russians who settled us, told us where you can eat well here, it was possible in a nearby building with the inscription "Ramstor", To the building was a meter thirty, there were many restaurants inside this building, we chose one, ordered food in it, asked that we would packed for a removal, in minutes twenty we got a packaged in aluminum boxes, carried our food to the apartments and used to sit on the balcony. Looking on the gentle warm sea.

In the evening they decided to buy products that every day do not run into the restaurant, bought in the supermarket "UNDERGROUND" – reached him on foot – meters seven hundred to him. Bought products, packed them at the box office, there they paid delivery at the checkout (less than the dollar!), and in an hour we all delivered to the door of our apartments.

All subsequent days were similar to the day of Groundhog, we experienced two states, or we were good or very good! (Families talked truth).

Now we, as well as our friends, will often fly into this wonderful place, which is located in Egypt, Hurghada – Esplanade.

Forbidden; Egypt - Hurghada, Egypt Blogs and travel notes of tourists on Hurghada on the turmprom

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