Forced swimming in the foothills of Jarabaco

The island of Haiti, on which the Dominican Republic is located, the first of all the antillest islands, open by Christofore Columbus. Columbus called Haiti Island "The fertile edge, where only one thing happens from all time of the year – Warm Spring". Also, hundreds of thousands of tourists, annually arriving in the Dominican Republic.

The Dominican Republic in advertising prospects is not for nothing in vain "one of the largest resorts in the world". All the coast of this Caribbean – from Puerta Plato to Playa Dorado – a solid beach with hotels, parks, restaurants, casinos and all other joys implied by the concept "Luxurious rest". And yet, if desired and there, you can find deaf, untouched jungle, sheer rocks, stormy mountain rivers – in short, what attracts sports lovers.

Almost all beach hotels in Playa Bavaro and Playa Dorado offer their guests to experience themselves in alloy on kayaks on high mountain rivers. From these resorts to the mountain massif Jarabaco, from where dozens of small and large rivers, suitable for rafting, hand to file – an hour of riding a mountain serpentine.

Tour in the foothills of Jarabako must be ordered in the hotels of the day for two to the intended journey. Two days are needed by the hotel’s administration or to cooperate with her a turbule in order to assemble a group of seven-twelve people (then the alloy on the river and rental equipment will cost a third cheaper). And also in order to choose tourists helmets, special waterproof suits, cork vests. There is a one-day alloy with rent of kayaks and other equipment (plus lunch, cooked on the fire) for professionals $$ 65-130, for beginners – $$ 45-85.

All this uniforms, and at the same time both plastic kayaks (one, two and quad kinds – at the request of tourists), loads on a pickup, owned by the hotel. Alloy lovers themselves are sitting in a minibus or in a jeep, depending on which river – violent or relatively calm – they want to go. Asphalted roads lead to flat rivers. Mountain rivers can only be reached on the jeep. Then you have to walk on the foot of another hundred meters and attribute your gear and kayak to the place where the alloy route begins.

Stormy streams are only suitable for experienced athletes who know how to keep equilibrium on steep turns, can overcome the waterways and rich boulders. Tourists who wish to experience themselves in the present sports rafting should not only have an international certificate that testifies that they have the appropriate experience, but also to demonstrate their instructor to behave professionally if the kayak will turn over. Once in cold water down your head, a professional must in five seconds in one movement of the oars to straighten the overgrown kayak and return it to its original position.

When the accompanying group instructor make sure that all participants in the alloy are experienced people, he will give them a route map and explain the features of the selected river tourists. He will also tell where it is necessary to keep the right to where to the left, where to move the paddle in the bottom, and where to push off from the stone sting.

To ease the orientation, the most difficult areas of alloy and cunning boulders, around which water spiral is twisted, marked with signal flags. In particularly dangerous places in the stones are made metal chains. For them, if necessary, you can grasp that the flow does not cover the kayodnik by stones and did not drag off far downstream.

Forced swimming in the foothills of Jarabaco

If the route will seem to tourists too unusual and complicated, the instructor will sneeze into the head kayak. Further all depends on the athletes themselves. Overcoming thresholds and waterways, seven or twelve kilometers (routes offered by professional athletes usually have a length of seven, twelve and a special chic – twenty-five kilometers) they will be able to stop and pulling the kayaks ashore. There they will already wait for the car and hot lunch in the fresh air.

Recreation, who were previously not fascinated by the alloy, but wanted to try themselves in this form or sports, or entertainment, for rafting are offered very simple routes. These are rivers with a calm current located mainly in the nearfoils of Yarabakoa. They can comfortably get to the ordinary car.

Highways for beginners have the same length as for professionals, but the rivers for which it will have to sail beginners, flow along the canopy valley. There are wondrous tropical trees and shrubs growing along the shutters, and a local trout type is found in cool transparent water. Almost there are almost no river. Even in the heat – one pleasure.

But also on such rivers to relax travelers is not recommended. Kayak – ship light and unstable. With any embarrassing movement, you can quickly lose the balance. Of course, next to beginners will always swim on the canoe experienced trainer. But suddenly plunge into the head in very cold water – in any case, the pleasure is not the most pleasant.

Although it is necessary to get used to the fact that with all, albeit the most quiet robust, the forced bathing is almost inevitable, newcomers still need. Rafting without a collision with the shore, stone, another kayak, without waste clothes and splashes in the face and not rafting at all, and so – children’s fun. Instructors are so talking to beginners, clarifying for some reason on the island’s discoverer: "The right was Columbus, when he said: Love to melted – love and mock!"

Forced swimming in the foothills of Jarabaco

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