Foreigners about self-insulation in Russia

Not only European countries began to leave quarantine, but also Russia. Despite the fact that many restrictions still remain, a single period of non-working days ended and people on the streets are becoming more and more. About how this period is worried about this period, who decided not to return to their homeland, read in the article.

Grocery basket on the rope

Russia closed the border on March 30. Arriving from other countries Russians self-injected home. Go to the store, take the garbage, walk with the dog? No, no and NO! Foreigners twisted as they could.

Charles Maine, USA:

I flew from Washington the day before Russia closed the borders for most transport streams. It seemed dramatic. At first it was dramatic. Reaching an apartment in Moscow, where I live with a friend, called a hotline for coronavirus to announce my arrival from the USA. And I planted at home, but not on quarantine, but for self-insulation. Sounded well, but questions turned out more than answers.

– Someone will check my location? – I asked.
– Not sure, – answered the operator.
– What should I do if he feels bad? – My girl connected.
– Take care of him, – answered the answer.

During the two-week quarantine, when we did not go anywhere, they appreciated all the advantages of accommodation on the second floor. Every day we descended from the balcony to pick up gifts (read: food and beer) from friends and family. Lifting the same gear gear, for example, on the 17th floor it would be harder.

The Chinese got

Back in February, people with Asian appearance on the streets nervously mowed. And some of the hard measures went to Chinese students, although many of them were not at home for several months.

Dan Lee, Taiwan:

Mark Davis, United Kingdom:

When I refused to sore a hand, he said: "Oh yeah, you are a foreigner!"I replied that this is an ordinary precautionary measure. The virus is already in Russia, and anyone can get infected. And I did not go beyond Moscow since September, when there was no speech about the coronavirus.

Recalculate the grains in the package with rice

If you do not combine remote work with household and entertainment of a three-year-old child, then you just have a lot of free time to do anything: embroidery with a cross, cosplay paintings of famous artists or, for example, mathematics.

Danya Hannah, United Kingdom:

Ate about 20 chocolate candies only in two days. SOS.

Lin Van Galen, Netherlands:

I’m not very boring at home, but I would like to know why in the rice bag weighing 1 kg of one brand 2927 grains, and in another weight 1 kg – 3144? The same applies to buckwheat of different packages: in one package 1321 grain, and in the other – 1296. Funny! Now we work with 1 kg of salt!

User Instagram Sauleaym, France:

Who will raise you mood if you don’t yourself? Went over the wardrobe, and, of course, to remove everything, the day is necessary, probably. Yes, and the sun is not enough for filming, more precisely, it is not. Only I do not wear it all. And I didn’t wear a quarantine, and now my friends are pajamas and a bathrobe. After self-insulation regime I will try more often to wear dresses.

No, they also work!

Work on Freilance Some brought unexpected dividends. But for everything you need to pay – there are also cons. Who could not work remotely, tied the belt at most.

Foreigners about self-insulation in Russia

Stephen Legeg, Australia:

I’m a private tutor, so at the usual time I run around the city, trying to get to students. Now I spend on eight-nine hours a day at your home table, so the most obvious difference for me – the back of the rear. But there is another difference: I can get up at 12 o’clock in the afternoon, working with students to 9-10 in the evening, and go to bed – at 6 am. Previously, such a routine seemed to me with something from the field of fiction.

Big brother is watching you!

Introduction of the mask mode from March 12 foreigners in Russia met the following posts in social networks.

Anya lawlessness, Slovenia:

User Instagram Aphrodite164, Azerbaijan:

The city lives his life. Walked from Art. Metro "Admiralteyskaya" to Art. Metro "Gorkovskaya". Squares and parks, though fenced with ribbons, a lot of people walking with leisurely gaits. Young people, parents with children on strollers, and on bicycles a lot of citizens. Soon all this fear will definitely end.

For a long time stuck

Arrived for a week, stuck for a couple of months. For some foreigners, this is a real fact. The Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that visas and other documents allowing accommodation in the country will be automatically extended. But some are still worried.

Shivon Tenisssen, South Africa:

The validity period of my visa expires next week, and I’m not sure, it will last automatically or I need to go somewhere. The phone of the consulate does not respond, but I have so many questions! Maybe of course, the fact is that I remember the need to call there in the evening ..

Christina Male, USA:

I have a whole epic with documents. I was already in all offices of the Ministry of Internal Affairs – from the district to the city, but what should I do, never understood. From the last jokes: I was told to extend registration, but I can’t do it without extending a visa, and a visa, accordingly, I can not extend without extending registration. So I have surrendered.

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