Foreigners are increasingly going to Turkey to treat teeth

One of the most sought-after directions is Turkey. Thousands of foreign patients from EU and the CIS countries arrive here for dental care.

Benefits of dentistry in Turkey

Currently, medicine in Turkey is at a very worthy level. Turkey for the quality of medical care, including dental, successfully competes with Western European countries. Leading Turkish clinics — Winners of prestigious JCI certificates. The presence of a certificate suggests that the clinic works strictly in accordance with international quality standards.

The main advantages of dentistry in Turkey:

  1. High qualifications of dentists. Doctors are long-term training in medical universities, and then internship in leading foreign clinics.
  2. Treatment of teeth in Turkey is carried out using modern techniques and high-quality dental materials.
  3. Affordable cost of treatment. In Turkey, prices for dental services are lower than in Western European countries and major cities of the CIS.
  4. Treatment of teeth is carried out in the shortest possible time, which will save time and money.
  5. Ability to combine treatment of teeth with rest at the seaside resort.

Popular dental services

Foreigners are increasingly going to Turkey to treat teeth

In recent years, teeth treatment in Turkey enjoys in great demand among foreigners. People of all ages with different requests come here for dental care. Turkish dentists are ready to provide all types of services: from the installation of a banal seal to a complex implantation of teeth. What services in the dental clinics of Turkey are most in demand?

Therapeutic dentistry

Therapeutic dentistry — This section of dentistry engaged in the conservative treatment of oral diseases. Most often, patients with carious dental damage are treated for dentologists-therapists. The launched caries can lead to the development of pulpitis and periodontitis and even the destruction of the tooth. Turkish dentists are successfully treated caries at any stage.

Treatment involves the removal of tissues affected by caries, followed by a seal installation. In the tooth filling, Turkish dentists use modern high-quality materials. Such a seal will serve as a patient for a very long time.

Dental therapists are also engaged in restoration of teeth. The need for restoration occurs when cracks and chips of the front teeth. The restoration of the shape of the tooth is carried out using a composite material or by installing veneers (lumines).

Orthopedic stomatology

A visit to the dentist-orthopedic is necessary in case of loss of teeth. Turkish dentists-orthopedists are ready to offer patients the most modern types of teeth prosthetics:

  • Tooth prosthetics using crown. This type of prosthetics is used while maintaining a part of the tooth. The base of the tooth is calculated and covered with a crown.
  • Prosthetics with a bridge. This type of prosthetics is relevant with a loss of several nearby teeth. Mostle-shaped construction is a few crowns, motionless interconnected. It is fixed on supporting healthy teeth.
  • Prosthetics using implant. The technique involves fixing in the jaw of the implant, to which the crown is then put on. With the complete absence of teeth on the jaw, Implantia using All-ON-4 technology or technology All-on-6.

Orthodontic dentistry

Children and adults are also addressed to the Turkish dentists-orthodontics. Orthodontics are engaged in the correction of improper bite and alignment of teeth. Treatment of these diseases is carried out with the help of special bracket systems.

There are several types of braces: metal, sapphire, ceramic. Metal braces are most affordable. Sapphire and ceramic braces are more expensive, but they are not noticeable on the teeth. Turkish dentists will select the bracket system depending on the wishes and financial capabilities of the client.

How to organize treatment in Turkey?

Dentistry in Turkey — This is the perfect price-quality ratio. Medical tourism operator Booking Health will help to organize dental treatment in Turkey . Managers of the company will select for you the most competent dental clinic in Turkey and will be recorded for treatment. Then they will agree with you a schedule for diagnostic and medical procedures. Booking Health will also help with the decision of domestic issues: buying tickets, hotel reservations, airport transfer organization.

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