Foreigners tenants in Japan generies for gifts

After counting the votes in the parliamentary elections in Japan, Tuchi was thickened not only over the head of the government of this country, Ryutaro Hasimoto (which ultimately led to his resignation), but also above the Japanese yen. If the shocks on the currency and financial markets of the country will not end this, it is quite possible that the status of the most expensive country of the world shakes. God will give a foreigner with a solid dollar in his pocket to take root in this unique country will ever be much easier than now.

So far, to tie your life with Japan – at least a small segment – for a person who has not born on one of her islands, a real feat. First, the threat of earthquakes is constantly hanging over the citizens of this country – Homesilla’s lust. Secondly, a flight from Europe here and tormented, a ticket of roads, and no country in the world has not been able to serve with Japan for a long time. Finally, the housing and assimilation search process itself requires knowledge of such a number of nuances and such material and mental costs that only the fanatical fans of the Japanese lifestyle can be rooted in the country of the rising sun.

Long stay in Japan any guest of the country should justify the need to work on a contract in one of the local firms, marriage or local student ticket. Everyone who stays in Japan for more than 90 days must register at the city or regional authorities to be fingerprinted and have a relevant document, which replaces the alien’s passport. Of course, this so-called Gaijin Toroku will need if you have to rent an apartment, to connect the phone, communicate with local authorities and to enter into relations with companies providing utilities. If this document does not turn out to be when meeting with the police, the guest of the country is punished with a huge fine of up to 200.000 Japanese yen ($ 1 equal to about 140 yen).

Bright national characteristic of the local office is purely Oriental method of binding written agreements in general, and the signing of the transfer of ownership documents in particular. Although they will still be allowed to sign on the insignificant pieces of paper, a full-fledged autograph in Japan is considered to be a personal seal (it is called Inkan or Hanko), which every adult citizen has at least three. If without seals with the name and date of birth, the NiaPonets can be safe for some time, the print-free print by the authorities, imitating the signature of the owner to buy a car or enter into an agreement on hiring a housing, will certainly need. Register it for free, but for the manufacture I will have to pay at least 2.000 yen.

Even taking into account the earning immersion in the Japanese life will cost Japanese Nesh -. Having on the primary arrangement of his life less than $ 5.000, to the Japanese province it is better not to see. For the same to solve a similar problem in Tokyo or Osaka (90 percent of the country’s population concentrated in the area of ​​these two megacols), it will take no less $$ 8.000-10.000. Naturally, that buying a house or land it is not: in the expensive neighborhoods of the capital cost per square meter of land up to 1 1.500.000-2.300.000 Japanese yen.

Colleges and firms do not always meet their new students or employees ready for accommodation housing, and the guest often has to go to Fudosan himself (so here is called real estate agencies and rent agencies here). Some interesting options are usually printed in Japan Times, Tokyo Journal and Tokyo Classified. It should also explore the window of a residential building liked: if it has a free housing, an invitation for tenants sometimes glued to the windows facing the street.

Unlike the Americans, languishing on the need to translate the local unit of area in square meters, first, and then in the more usual for them feet, have less difficulty Europeans. Rooms in Japan are usually measured by the number of matte tatami (JO), which can be decomposed in it. Mat has 180 sizes to 90 centimeters. There was a typical Japanese room, which said 6-jo, has an area of ​​about 10 square meters.

Another terminological subtlety. Describing the living space, the Japanese are bias on words and instead of flowery descriptions of the type "Bright two-bedroom apartment with spacious kitchen" Modestly write 1LDK. It is literally deciphered as follows: one bedroom, one living room, one dining room, one kitchen. 1k is also a studio with a room-mentioned room in 6-jo and 1dk, where there are two suchmen. The total area of ​​such apartments is approximately 30-40 square meters.

Choosing housing, you need to weigh a lot "per" and "against". If the street is central and lively, prepare for the fact that at night your rumor will caress the sound of roaring motorcycles of local bikers-Bosozuku. House though old but cheap? With the arrival of summer days, so many cockroaches will appear on the kitchen table that hair will stand even in a resident of the Moscow commune. Calculate, in the evenings, tipping a layer of sake in the nearby bar? Get ready for the fact that the regulars of this so-called Sunaku at night will arrange a karaoke right under your windows. And so on and so forth.

However, the main headache of Europeans when searching for housing is not so much a painful choice of the area, how many attempts to prove their reliability. Many "Fudosans", Identifying a foreigner in the client, or refuses the services where the visitor who exhausted politeness does not leave their office itself. Blush from rage and rooting intermediaries in racial discrimination is meaningless – they are not guilty, and the landlords, about tastes and the wishes of which are not accepted.

But let’s say, one of the benevolent hosts fell apart (and there are a lot of such things too), the apartment approached, you have a guarantor from the locals, and the lease agreement is ready. It came to pay. People experienced argue that the amount of the first payment will block all your most bold expectations. First, the fee for renting a one-room apartment in Tokyo easily can reach $ 1.000 and above. Secondly, it will be necessary to pay with the agency that will require for mediation at least 100 percent of the monthly fee. Third, double the equivalent of the rental rates will have to give the host as a deposit (Shikikin) and even exactly as much as a gesture of goodwill and as a sign of your deep appreciation to this kind person. The need for an act of politeness (a kind of bribe) is not subject to discussion, and the pledge-shikikin, according to the rules, partially recoverable after your eviction, most likely will remain in the owner’s pocket. It is easy to calculate that a total of a housewear in someone else’s apartment will have to be one-time "Turn off" not less than 600 percent of the amount that originally appeared in the ad who visited you.

Housing Insurance Practice in Japan is also very different from European and American. Since the apartment is a potential culprit of the apartment, and not the owner of an apartment building, the insurance of all kinds of damage lies on the tenant. The level of crime even in Tokyo is extremely low, so they are insured mainly from the fire, flooding from the non-plane water tap, as well as from damage caused by third parties (for example, if another car from the street tall the wall of your house). On average, the ten bedroom apartment is enough for the policy worth 8.000 yen covering damage from 5.000.000 to 10.000.000 yen.

The following will have to do after a prosperous instill, this is the installation of the phone. If the line is already connected, then 2 is enough to connect.000 yen (not counting consumer tax). If not – take your identification document of the foreigner, 75.000 yen and go to the telephone company (international services are provided by KDD, ITJ, IDC and some others). For the specified amount, only the line will be submitted, the device will have to buy yourself. When you decide to leave the native country forever, you can either "return" Companies (then part of the amount will be commemmed), or sell the same in need by an advertisement in the newspaper for 55.000-70.000 yen. It should be noted that the second way and for the buyer, and for the seller is somewhat more profitable. A minute of conversation within the same area costs 10 yen in 3 minutes, with a neighboring area – 10 yen per minute and a half and so on, depending on the kilometer. Night calls cost a third cheaper.

Foreigners tenants in Japan generies for gifts

It should be borne in mind that last year there was a planned increase in the consumer tax rate from 3 to 5 percent of the cost of goods or service, so many numbers for calibration will be higher than the stated. Currently, in Japan, the policy of transmission of powers to places is held, in connection with which the amount of local taxes has somewhat increased.

Machines in human anthills Tokyo, Osaka and even Naguya have even worse than people. First, traffic jams. 40-50 kilometer congestion in Japan are not uncommon. Secondly, prices: the cheapness of personal transport is actually cruelly deceptive. Although a used car in excellent condition can be purchased for only $ 500, the costs associated with its purchase (taxes and insurance) and content will be expressed by four-digit numbers.

The more car, the more tax charged from the buyer. If about 10 is charged with an Asian small polyagge.000 yen, then the lucky owners of US cars are paid by the state to 72.000 yen.

Each car owner is obliged to submit to the police a document certifying that they are rented a place in a particular parking. Monthly rental rate varies from 2.000 yen on the outskirts up to 130.000 yen in business quarters of Tokyo. If it is not fortunate enough to find a parking lot for the car yourself, you will have to go again "Fudosan" and pay for its services at the full cost of rent.

With each year of Europeans, deciding forever to join the slender ranks of Japanese employees and spend the rest of the days on tatami with a Japanese wife or a Far Eastern husband, becomes more and more. Word "internationalization" in relation to the family and marriage here you can hear more and more. In addition to racial relatives – Koreans, Thais and Chinese – Brazilians prevail from foreigners in Japan, Philipins, Peruvians and citizens of the United States. But if Latin Americans, from which staff is everywhere "Blue collar", go here for the best fraction, then visitors from the US and rare immigrants from Europe often enthusiasts are intangible. For example, martial arts, charm by calligraphy-Iquebana or miniature gayish lugs.

It should be borne in mind that the registration of a marriage with a native inhabitant of one or another gender does not reduce the number of household problems, but rather even doubles them. If the spouse or spouse is a citizen of another state, enter the Japanese passport (it is called Bikouran) the fact of marriage in Japan has not yet been accepted. In some prefectures, inacted ingenic "Half" At the price of colossal efforts managed to ensure that their name is mentioned in the column "Notes" passports of their Japanese wife or husband. But even this achievement is the exception – although the taxes in the urban budget foreigners pay on the general grounds, the authorities in the field often sabotage even such a meager concession. Similar semi-faceted status of international marriages is able to break up even the most strong family boat. Difficulties to receive a loan in a bank, the stigma of adulterers when relocation to a new place, an indefinite status of children and so on – right up to the discharges when divorced and the section of jointly purchased housing. It is clear that the chances of being affected by a foreigner are much more. And whether a husband was generally?

On Hokkaido and Honshu, Sikoku and Hyushu just ended the rainy season, which comes from here on the first half of the summer. But testing aliens on strength weather will be long. In the remaining part of the season, the wet air will warm up to 38-40 degrees, and in August-September, Typhoon will begin here. Therefore, in connection with all the above is better to visit the country and cherry Kurosawa autumn and a little graveyard, take a hike.

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