Forest suffering

On Pier No. 39 in San Francisco, sea lions live a quarter of a century. If in 1989 there were about a dozen, then now the settlement has about 1,500 individuals. At first, they caused irritation from local yachtsmen, who interfered the smells and noise, but the city authorities stood on the side of animals: equipped their cozy rookers from wooden boards, and the yacht parking was moved to another place. As a result, lions and tourists are satisfied. Sometimes the lions leave the pier, but always return again, staying one of the most ill-felt attractions of the world. There were cases when they bouse swimsuchikov.

Zoosimol New York — Manual proteins, which only in five districts of the city there are about 40 million. Proteins live in America longer than most Americans, — Indigenous Indians worshiped them as sacred and untouchable animals. For close communication with animals, Battery Park is suitable on Manhattan Island: Squirrels eat nuts straight from the hands and, if you allow them, even climb on the head.

Belohal deer — Pennsylvania state symbol. In the news you can constantly meet the messages: Deer defeated the beer shop, three deer ran on the racetrack and rushed racing, wild deer flew through the windshield and «rolled» by bus.

«Deer in Pennsylvania So much that I, when food, always follows the Four. Let slowly. But deer wagons are knocked down without consequences. On the side of the roads in Pennsylvania, a deer was lied everywhere, at a distance of 300–400 m from each other».


Australia — kangaroo

In the country, the kangaroo of these animals can be seen in the mountains or on the beaches: for example, at Cape AT Me Now near Coffs Harbor. At night, the kangaroo becomes a big problem for drivers. Jumping on the road, they blind from headlights and freeze or bounce at the last moment, often bombarded windshield and even flying into a car salon. Local cars are usually equipped with steel lattices in case of a night collision with a kangaroo.

Thailand — monkey

Monkeys in Thailand — Revered animals. According to the legend, it was a monkey saved Buddha from famine when he went into the forest from quarreling students. Especially a lot of wild macaque near the temples, they can be found in Huahin on Mount Takiac and in the nearby towns of Khaa Takiab, Prachuap Khiri Khan, in Khao Wang Park in Phetchaburi. The behavior of monkeys is not always harmless: they extort food from tourists and even pull it out of the hands, can clutch her hair, to overeat the keys or even tear the mirror from the car. Despite the behavior, Thais Monkeys indulge and even arrange a banquet once a year: at the Festival in the city of Lopburi in honor of God Monkey Hanuman.

India — cows

Photo session with cows — Mandatory part of the tour program of all travelers in India. Cows — Sacred animals, revered in Hinduism as a mother and a symbol of abundance and purity, — use their advantages, choosing the best places on the beaches and embankments, blocking movement on narrow urban streets and just under the shadow where it wants. For murder or injury of cow in many Indian states can be in prison.

Forest suffering

Abkhazia — Cows and Mustanga

Abkhazia — Another country of nonpougly cows. They hips the grass on the side of the roads, they graze peacefully or even sleep on the roadway, looking for delicacies on garbage and gracefully climb on the slopes of mountains and hills. No religious background, just inhabitants so comfortable: the cow is grazing all day, and in the evening he comes home to the boil.

Another zoodicovinku of Abkhazia — Herd of wild horses, freely jumping throughout the country. They may appear suddenly on the road or suck on a light-headed beach of some village. In the summer, Mustanga will generally graze in highlands, but to the no-season come closer to the sea, where the climate is softer and grass green. From people they try to stay away.

Berlin — Boars, deer, foxes, hares, raccoons

In Berlin, in recent years, there has been an invasion of wild animals: boars, foxes, hares and deer move from forests closer to green city parks and bows. Residents are very loyal: trying to feed animals, stroke, take a picture. At first, the police were going to shoot kabanov, but the whole city got up on their defense, and also it turned out that the usual bullet does not take them, but only angry. As a result, the animals are calmly walking around the city, diverse feed on and uncontrollable, and, although such a neighborhood is not entirely safe, people learn to live with animals. The most innocuous animals — Hares and raccoons. Cassel is considered the capital of German rassels, the total population in the country has up to 500,000 individuals. According to scientists, 43% of raccotes populations «illegally» spend the night in houses, sheds or garages, what the owners do not even know. Zoologists are insistently asking not to feed and do not touch wild animals, and teachers teach drivers to go around deer on the roads.

The last time the flock of boars I saw on the street near my house two days ago, when I returned home at night. On the lawn in the middle of the road Passe the brood of wild pigs: two adults and five to six teenagers. That day it was already the third communication with wildlife in the city. At noon in the very center of Berlin between the Central Station and the building of the Administration of Chancellor Merkel, I met wild fox (the place corresponds to the Moscow metro «Kropotkinskaya» or «Arbat»), And one more fox has overwhelmed me the road at night when I drove home.

Sergey Beszynaya

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