Formalities and rules of entry into Ireland: personal experience

Got a single guest visa Ireland with a corridor in 90 days. Did through a travel agency under a short excursion tour.

From the documents: – a passport with several Schengen visas, as well as stamps of Mexico, Cuba and Dominica; – Old passport with a pair of Schengen and the brand of Egypt; – Help from work, Middle revenue 21000 USD in Mes. – Extract from the account with the balance of $ 5300. – photocopy of documents about ownership of the apartment.

Visa did a very long time, waited somewhere 3 weeks.

Independent receipt of an Irish visa from the region of the Russian Federation

Ireland, passport control

Documents for a visa were submitted in Moscow. It was filled with a questionnaire on the site, certificates from work and an extract from the card. Passports after passing were ready after a half weeks. Quickly and simple. By arrival in Dublin airport, we went to passport control. The queue was small, but we stood up 40 minutes before you got to the border guard. Border guards are swaying to everything that is possible. Where it works, by whom you work, what do you do at work, why did you fly to Ireland, how long are you planning to stay in the country and so on.. Knowledge of English can play a keen joke with a traveler, the better you can explain the longer you will communicate. Communication with the border guard took about 10 minutes. People from African countries passed passport control very quickly, with special addictions were interrogated as we. We were standing in front of us with a Russian passport, they talked with him for a long time, then they took the phone, personal belongings, passport and took. As they say, the presence of a visa is not a guarantee of border crossing.

Visa to Ireland by mail

Visa to Ireland, the package of documents was filed 6.10 by mail from St. Petersburg, Pony Express delivered documents, as always, on time, 7.ten. Consular fee (2200 rubles), by agreement with the courier service, were invested in an envelope.

Document package:
1. Old and current zp
2. Photo (2 pcs), size 30 * 35 mm
3. Extract from bank card movements
4. Copies of passports of all leaving (one passport gr. USA, with another British multivisa, the third submits documents later)
5. A letter with the explanation of the trip, the plan of placement and confirmation that we all go together and undertake to leave the country before the expiration of the visa
6. Extract from bank cards of one of the participants of the trip, which assumes obligations to pay for my expenses in Ireland
7. Original insurance for travel time

All documents were translated by one of the participants of the trip personally, certified by the signature and with an affiliation of the date of translation of documents. Notarized were not. The readiness of the documents was tracked by calls to the embassy from 14-30 to 17-00 on weekdays. Visa was ready for 8 working days. Embassy staff are very friendly, everyone speaks English and Russian, although 2 – Irish and 3 – Citizens of the Russian Federation. In general, the embassy made a very pleasant impression.PS: Now a passport with a visa will go to receive by car to Moscow.

In Ireland with an open British visa

Ireland through the UK on student visa

In Ireland through UK

Features of obtaining Irish visas

After receiving all documents, the psychological moment has come to obtain a visa. Finding out that there are no queues to the embassy, ​​we came to place 15 minutes before the opening of the embassy. Each of us had a solid folder with the following documents:

1. Printout Questionnaire filled with HTTP: // Visas.INIS.GOV.IE (the questionnaire must be fill on the Ireland Foreign Ministry website and come to the embassy with a printout – no other way to fill in the questionnaire).

2. Copies of electronic tickets there – back.

3. Confirmation of hotel bookings. T.E. Actually paid accommodation throughout the route.

4. Help with work on post, work time in the specified location and wages level.

6. Old overseas passports who have they were.

7. Copy of Russian passport. All pages (in the end it was not needed, but better let it be – you never know what).

eight. A copy of the marriage conclusion certificate (if any).

nine. Copies of documents confirming the availability of property in Russia (we have passed contracts for the privatization of apartments and certificate of car registration).

ten. Photo. According to the specifications described on the site.

Despite a bunch of warnings on the site about the fact that all documented documents must be translated into English (and the translation should be notarized), nothing like that did not require anything like that, our entire package of documents (except for bookings) was in Russian.

The embassy was so impressed by the four of our folders, which we made a visa for 3 days 🙂 What the words experienced – very fast.

Visa to Ireland – easy and simple!

Visa to Ireland yourself

Prehistory is: I wanted to fly a week in Ireland to visit my friend, and to see the country, of course. The trip was planned as exceptionally budget, so the issue with the hotel was not considered. A small difficulty was that a girlfriend inviting me, no documents for permanent residence, and its invitation is formally invalid. But I decided in advance that I submit documents as it is, and if there is a refusal, I will not get upset. On my side there were several prosperous Schengen Cultivism and one visa-free transit through the UK.

Before submitting documents, I went to the embassy to collect the situation. There were no queues there at all, all the necessary information is presented on the stand. I talked to an employee, she assured me that I could with my situation with my situation, adding as many documents about the receiving party as possible: a copy of the passport, registration card, confirmations from work, studies, accommodation. I don’t need an extract from the bank, but a certificate confirming that I have a bill in the bank, I translated myself and did not assure anywhere – according to the employee, this is quite enough. Help with work initially prepared in English. Insurance did not do. Photo It took only one, the rest returned to me.

Documents filed a month before the planned trip. Accepted their other employee, and she warned me that it would be necessary to additionally send confirmation of hotel armor. I could not promptly do this issue. Ten days later I was called to ask questions about how long I was familiar with the inviting face and how we met, and also asked to send photos confirming our personal acquaintance. During the day I sent what was found, and, as it turned out later, the next day the visa was ready.

Whether a visa was set, clarified by calling 737-36-36. Called two or three times a day, the third day got through.

The embassy left a very favorable impression, employees are well-minded and willingly respond to questions. Was three times at different times, the queues did not find, but it may be necessary to wait for someone to suit the window. Fee for a visa take together with documents. In short, everything is very convenient.

Now the embassy goes to the electronic form of the application. I can’t tell about it – I myself printed and filled on paper.

For reference information Thanks to Travel Site.RU, LJ community RU_TRAVEL and search blogs "Yandex".

Visa to Ireland by invitation

The term of the visa is up to 3 weeks, I did in 11 days. At the embassy, ​​they are going to introduce a system for a visa over the Internet, but at the moment the documents are accepted, as before, in the consulate.

List of documents (please check if you specify it in the Consulate! everything is changing!):

– Passport, valid at least 6 months from the end of the planned trip

Formalities and regulations entry in Ireland Personal experience

– Standard color photo for documents (asks 3, but I seem to have taken only 1)

– Photocopy of the Passport Page with Personal Data

– Copies of all filled internal passport pages

– Confirmation of armor (not necessarily paid) hotel with printing (original or fax, Internet reservation does not roll) or invitation

– Help from work (the salary must be specified (better not less than 800-1000 dollars, as I understand it), the position and the fact that paid vacation is available during the trip, there should be a blue seal and the signature of the head)

– Help from the place of study (if you learn); If you do not work, you may have to carry a piece of paper from "man sponsoring a trip"

– If there is: Real estate ownership documents (if you are co-owner, it is also normal), car

– The questionnaire filled in English (you can fill in the consulate)

– In case you are married and / or you have children, you may want a copy of the marriage / birth certificate / birth

Tickets are not necessary, moreover, when I called to the consulate, they said they did not recommend buying them in advance. On the other hand, one of my acquaintances for some reason they were asked to present (she did a visa not at the invitation, but preventing a reservation).

If you have a medstrash of leaving abroad, bring it will be useful. Documents that you do not plan to leave, it is better to discharge. In case you can not leave them a passport for the entire period, make the xerox of all pages, even clean. Then in a couple of days, the passport can be taken from them.

If you make a visa at the invitation:

Invitation indicates inviting data – FULL NAME,, address, trip period, your data (name), the fact that you will live in the inviting you. You can also write that the inviting takes all the costs of ourselves, but then a certificate may be wanted about the availability of cash. Invitation should be sent by fax, you can on the fax embassy. In addition to inviting inviting you to send to the Fax Embassy:

– Confirm address of accommodation. They can serve any account (for example, for electricity / telephone), where the name of the inviting and the address mentioned in the invitation is indicated

– Skan Passport Page inviting (where photos and data)

– If inviting was in the Russian Federation, it is also required to send scans of all of its Russian visas

Your application assign numbers. The room will be written in the receipt that you will be issued by taking out you. Remember this number! When calling to the embassy it will need to be called, as well as point in the subject of the letter, if you write them. You will probably call and check the information specified in the questionnaire. Warn colleagues, remind them your name, surname and position. You will certainly ask, how do you know the inviting party. I was asked to send them a photo by mail, where I invite. If you need to clarify any information, you will be reported.

Student visa and problems on arrival

Decorated a two-week knock visa for about a month, while twice called from the embassy and asked various questions from life and in general biography. Also had to send a certificate of money on the bank account. As a result, I received a passport 2 days before departure.

Entered Ireland on a student short-term two-week visa. With the passage of the border-controlling, the visa officer has done to those soak such a short-term visa, checked personal belongings and wallet, and then he asked to wait. So I waited on a bench along with some kind of blacks, who also did not want to let, and past me were white people with European passports who looked at me like an empty place. Then the visa officer passed my passport to another visa officer and she began to ask any idiotic questions. Honestly, after such humiliation sincerely wanted to spit them both in the face and fly back. As a result, I for some reason photographed and warned that if I stay illegal, I will find me and deport.

Formalities and regulations entry in Ireland Personal experience

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